Saneeswara Temple


Saneeswaran also called as

Kuchanur Suyambu Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple

Among ten most important shani (Saneeswara)temples in India, one resides in Tamilnadu which is famous because the temple was created on its own. So it got its name to be “SWAYAMBHU SANEESWARAN TEMPLE”. The temple is also called as “KUCHANUR SANEESWARAN TEMPLE” as it is located in kuchanur near Uthamapalayam, Theni district. Lord sani was born to lord suryan and chhaya. His siblings are lord yaman the god of death and his sister yami. Lord sani punishes people based on their good and bad deeds of their pervious life in present, while lord yaman punishes after their death.

Swayambu took the shape of linga hence to control its growth manjal kappu is applied. (suyambu/swayambu –  self-existing)


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Once King Thenakaran was ruling Western Ghats he was praying for a child as he has no child since married for a long time. He heard a voice (asariri) telling him that a small boy will come to his house, he should adopt him so that in few years a new child will be born. It happened the same way as the voice insisted, both the king and the queen adopted him and named the boy SANTHIRAVATHANAN. After few years a boy baby was born and they named him SATHAAGAN. Both the boys grew as youngsters; the throne was given to the most intelligent Santhiravathanan. After few years Thenakaran was suffering a lot due to yellarai shani (7 ½). Near surabi river thenakaran made an iron idol of lord shani (Saneeswara) and worshipped him.

 Santhiravathanan could not stand to see his father’s pain and asked shani (Saneeswara) to give him punishment instead of his father. Lord shani appeared to him and told each one suffers according to their last and present life karmas. Santhiravathanan said adopting me and giving the king title is a great accomplishment so leave my father. Lord shanishwar said only seven and a half minutes he will catch him. In that seven minutes he suffered a lot, lord shani (Saneeswara) punished him based on his last life mistakes. Lord shani (Saneeswara) leaves thenakaran in short span of penalty because of his heart towards needy people and disappears.

An idol grows on its own in that place; he used kuchi pull to decorate the idol. From then onwards shenbaganallur is renamed as kuchanur. Saturday is more auspicious to serve lord shani (Saneeswara). Lord shani (Saneeswara)  lost his Bramaahthi Dhosaham in this divine place, so people with shani Dhosham and sevvai Dhosaham come and worship to solve their sorrow. Family, business, professional wellbeing, mental and physical health is assured after the dharisanam for this reason people not only from south India but also north India visit the saneeshwaran temple. Yearly during aadi month (mid July – mid August) continuous five Saturdays are celebrated as a big festival. The devotees bath in the river suruby and light yell dheepam, offer food to crow, serve annadhanam to poor people. Kuchanur shanishwaran (shani) temple is located 26 km far from Theni.

Saneeswara Temple Pooja Timings

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Frequently asked questions

According to hindhu beliefs puja recitation is considered as a special important practise, here sastras and vedhas are says some special rules & regulations to worhip god. Also it has some beliefs like keeping idols in home means we need to practice certain strict policies. It is forbidden to keep the idols or photos of some such deities (God) at home and one of them is Shani Dev or Saneeswara Bhavan. The idol should never be kept at home

Shani dev represents Saturn. So elders say Saturday is the most auspicious day to get blessings from Shani. People with Shani dhosam will generally  visit navagraha temple because Shani is one of nine grahas. We can make Shani happy by offering him with sesame (ell) dheepam, black cloth, coconut and flower garland. Along with the offering chanting mantras during Shani puja is done.


           “Aum Sanaischaraya Vidmahe Sooryaputraya Dheemahi, Tanno Manda Prachodayat

  • Shani Shingnapur, Maharastra
  • Shani Dham Temple, New Delhi
  • Yerdanur Shani Temple, Telangana
  • Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple, Pondicherry
  • Mandapalli Mandeswara Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh
  • Sri Shani Temple, Titwala
  • Bannanje Shri Shani Kshetra, Karnataka
  • Shani Mandir, Indore
  • Kuchanur Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple, Tamilnadu
  • Shani Devaalayam, Deonar

Lord Shani dev has two wife’s namely Neelima and Dhamini . Tamil hindus came to know about only two sons Maandhi & Kuligan. They two are seen along with Shani and his wives at Nachiarkoil near kumbakonam district in the temple named Ramanathaswami temple. Maandhi’s birth is depicted in tamil version of Ramayana, Shani was forced by Raavana to be in eleventh house but Shani partially kept one of his leg in twelfth house. Raavana saw this and chopped Shani’s leg. The leg fell on the first house and there arose maadhi, so Ravanan son Indrajith was born with evil effect with short span of life.

Neelima is said to be Shani dev wife but it is not proved in any hindu puranas. Kulinga is born to Shani and neelima. She is the reason who increased the power of Lord Shani. She have the power of brahma’s fifth head. Sandhya suraya dev wife manipulated neelima to destroy Shani dev. Neelima try to kill Shani dev, Shani explained her how sandhya used her. She realized her mistake and freed Shani and decided to increase the power of Shani to make peace with him.

Hanuman / Anjaneyar is one god who is not affected by Lord Shani. Hanuman went searching  for Sita to Sri Lanka , where he saw Ravanan compelling nine graha’s to stand in 11th house in order to get his child immortality powers. But Shani refused to move, Ravanan attacked Shani at that time hanuman saved him.  As thankfulness Shani confessed that he won’t hurt him, hanuman request to not harm his devotees also. So if we chant hanuman chalisa and pray to him we can avoid Shani effects.

Shani dev is said to have eight wives namely Dhwajini, Dhamini, Kankali, Kalahpriya, Kantaki, Turangi, Mahishi and Aja.  It is said that chanting Shani’s wives name on Saturday can bring good. Dhamini is the reason behind the effect of Shani’s evil effect when sees any. Once Dhamini had desire to have a boy child, she went happily to Shani but he was meditating to lord Krishna. Dhamini got angry and cursed him to look down when he try to speak with her, if he tries to look negative effects will be produced. Eventhough he explained and convinced Dhamini she could not revert the curse.

Saturday is the best day to worship Lord Shani.

Procedures to please Lord Shani during Shani Mahadasha:

  • Light Gingelly oil / nalla yennai deepam (in Tamil) before Shani on Saturday
  • Make a small bag using sesame seed inside a black cloth, burn it in an earthen lamp
  • Hand over homemade curd rice to the poor and devotee who visit the temple on Saturdays
  • Can contribute black blouse pieces, blankets, leather chappals to needy
  • Those who are badly affected by Shani can wear an iron ring made of horse shoe / blue sapphire, which makes good effect in their life
  • Mantra to chant during Sade Sati
           “Konastha pingalobabhruh|
               Souri, shanaischaro mandah|
               Pippaladishu sansthitah||”
  • Mantra for Shani Panoti, Shani Mahadasha
“Surya Putro DeerghaDeho, Vishalakshaha Shivapriyaha |
Mandachaara Prasannathma peedam harthu mein Shanih ||”
  • Shani is the slowest planet among nine. Shani takes 30 years to come around sun, which is known as Ezlarai Shani in Tamil. So it is calculated Shani comes 3 to 4 times in a person’s life. The first phase is called mangu Shani, the second phase is called pongu Shani and the third phase is called as marano(pokku) Shani. When first cycle gets complete a person age will be 30 he/ she will be immature to handle things. The 2nd face of Shani is called PONGU SHANI, where people get mature. They start to absorb what Shani is trying to teach them, so that they start to correct themselves.
  • Shani does not harm anyone accidentally. He acts as a judge and punishes people according to their actions.
  • Very bad effect like mental disorder happens when Shani is in 8th house from moon.

Navagrahas (nine grahas) are mostly found in all temples in south India. Seven of nine grahas are connected with seven days of the week as per Hindu calendar and worshipped respectively.

  1. Sun / Suryan (Intelligence And Prosperty)
  2. Moon/Chandran (Mind And Emotion)
  3. Mercury /Budhan (Learning, Analytical And Communication Skills)
  4. Mars / Mangalan (Courage And Aggression)
  5. Venus / Sukran (Wealth, Beauty And Desire)
  6. Jupiter/ Guru (Wisdom And Knowledge)
  7. Saturn/Sani (Austerity And Discipline)
    1. Rahu – North Lunar Pole
    2. Ketu – South Lunar Pole

          Rahu and Ketu are “shadow planets”.

    Shani graha usually gives us hardship according to our karma. That makes people to thing all negative thought. But Shani gives us the ability to overcome the struggles. At the end of Ezlarai Shani, he blesses with immense love, strength, etc.

  • Shani Shingnapur is the village in Maharastra which is popular for Shani dev temple. This temple is top famous Shani temple among India. The Idol is Swayambu, in the form of Black stone which is kept in open space. The height of the Idol is five and a half feet long. The village around the temple has no doors; it is believed that anyone trying to theft will be punished by Lord Shani. Devotee visiting Shirdi will like to worship Shani, therefore they trip to Shani Shingnapur which is located at the distance of 72 km from Shirdi and 44 km from Ahmednagar.

Famous Saneeswara Temples in India

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