Saneeswara Temple

Sri Seganmaal Ranganatha Perumal Temple -Thiru Thetri Aambalam ,Seergazhi

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According to the legend , Demon Hiranyaksha took the earth and hid it into the padala loka (the world underneath). All the sages and devas reached Lord Vishnu for protection and to maintain the stability of the world at its original place. Hence Lord decided to take the varaha incarnation. As Goddess Mahalakshmi worried about what to do if he leaves her, Lord Vishnu said to the divine serpent who serves as the Lord’s bed , to go to the Palasavanam and meditate on him. He also said that Lord Shiva also would join them and promised that he would be back after destroying the demon. Hence, this place is named as Tiruthetri Ambalam in Kaliyuga. Lord Vishnu also said that, the staunch devotee Sri Bashyakara would bring 108 scholars initiated to Vaishnavism to this place and that he would take care and protect all beings.
After this, Lord Vishnu left for the padalaloka and destroyed the demon Hiranyaksha. After destroying, he rescued the earth and placed it in the original place. As promised, Lord came to the Palasavanam and granted the darshan to Mahalakshmi and Lord Shiva. He also relaxed here after the war with the demon, with his handsome red eyes half closed. Hence Lord Vishnu is praised as Senganmal Ranganathar. This is the only Lord Vishnu temple among the 108 Divya Desas known as Ambalam, as Ambalam is normally named for Shiva temples. Worshipping Lord Vishnu here is equal to worshipping the Lord at Sri Rangam. In the east facing temple, Lord Vishnu is in a reclining form on the Adisesha bed with four hands. His head and right hand are on a wooden stand. The left hand is on the hip. Goddess Sridevi is near the head and mother Bhoodevi is near the feet. It is strongly believed that, devotees are elevated by the grace of Lord Vishnu to royal levels and prayers for such positions are immediately responded by the Lord.

Though the Lord is in sleeping posture his eyes would be wide open always. The Lord at this place is known as Senkann Maal, for he has reddish eyes. The eyes would have become red, after performing a very tough dance or would have become red as he never closes his eyes even while sleeping.

Though the Lord is in sleeping posture, he is guarding his devotees using yoga maya (yogic tantra) and is seeing the happenings of the world through his Sun like eyes. So the Pushkarani is named as Surya Pushkarani (Suryan means Sun).

The Lord of this kshetram is understood underneath the call “Palli Konda perumal”. He poses as Lord Ranganatha with 4 fingers. In a manner of explaining the Unison of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, Lord Vishnu has followed many characteristics of Lord Shiva including dancing (Kuravai Koothu at Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram), Accepting Lord Chandra as a head decoration in Thirushankadu and many others, he transforms this place as his stage for dancing as Lord Shiva took Chidambaram as his dance degree, and stys still as Ranganatha representing stableness Shivalogam.
The Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Sri Senganmaal Ranganathar. Also known as Lakshmi Rangar. He is giving his seva Kidantha (Sleeping) Thirukkolam in Bhujanga sayanam dealing with his thirumugham toward east course. He is discovered with Four hands on the Aadhiseshan. Prathyaksham for Naachiyar and Aadhisheshan. Thayaar-
The Thayaar located on this sthalam is Sri Sengamala Valli Naachiyaar. Vimanam- Veda Vimaanam.

Contact: Archagar (Chakravarthy – 9566931905)

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