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Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple-Thiru Vazhuthoor ,Mayavaram

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Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple, or Thiruvazhunthoor, is a Hindu temple situated in Thiruvazhunthoor, Therazhundur, a village in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. It lies in between Mayavaram junction and Kuttalam railway station on the main railway line between Chennai (Madras) and Tanjore. It is one of the “Divya Desams”, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.

Uparisaravasu was the king of Sethi Kingdom and was the student of Devaguru Brihaspati. He got a chariot which floated in the sky from Lord Indra.

Once he settled a dispute between the rishi’s and devas and favored it on the Deva’s side. The rishi got angry and cursed the king that his chariot would not fly in the sky.

So as an effect to the curse, his chariot got stuck in this place and the king fell in front of the lord. Henceforth this place is called as Therazhunthur (Ther means Chariot).

Lord Narayana sent Garudan and helped him to fly back. As Lord helped the person loved by deva’s who was a human he was called Devaadirajan from then on.

The Lord had given darshan to Parisara Maharaja on the Thai Amavasya. Makandeya, Agasthiyar, Prahaladan and Dharumadevan were also referred to as darshan. Since Garuda submitted the Vimana, his position is near the perumal and not the opposite as seen in most other temples. This is the birthplace of Kambar, who authored the ‘Kamba ramayanam’, the Tamil version of Ramayana

Thirumangai was overtaken by the fertility of the divya desam (nila VaLam ) nourished by the rich waters of Cauvery river ( near Valam ) and most of all by the sanctity of this divya desam, where Aamuruviappan has taken his permanent residence. Azhwar could not forget this divya desam and thus celebrated the glory of this divya desam in four of his six prabandham: Periya Thirumozhi ( 41 Paasurams), ThirunedunthANdakam (Paasurams 15 & 26), Siriya Thirumadal( 39) and Periya Thirumadal ( 61). All in all, there are 45 paasurams relating to this divya desam. Azhwar celebrates with joy the dhana, Dhanya samruddhi and Vedhika Sri of this divya desam

In this temple, those who seek the blessings of marriage and the blessings of the Buddha will worship with butter and oil, remove imperfections and receive the blessings they deserve. With the availability of the diplomacy at the site, any obstacles to obtaining the diplomacy will be lifted. The headstone of the temple is a palm tree.

In front of the temple is the Darsha Pushkarani. Drishyam means the smell of Ama. It is also known as Darish Pushkarani as it originates on the new moon. There is also a theertham called Gajendra Pushkarani.

Once the king of the region deceived Krishna by emptying a jug of butter in a 999 jug. Krishna, who wanted to teach him a lesson, emptied a jug of butter and 999 jugs and suppressed the arrogance of the king. All the hardships will be reduced to dust if the pujas are performed as per the rules in this special place. If the higher authorities behave with anarchy, it will be beneficial to worship the goddess Ithalattu Rajaperumala. Itala worship helps the missing to return home and find lost items.

The festivals of the temple is as follows,

Sri Ramar Utsavam and Vasantha Utsavam in Chithirai month.

Brahma Utsavam in Vaikasi month.

Sri Andal Utsavam in Aadi month.

Sri Jayanthi Utsavam in Aavani month.

Sri Desika Utsavam in Puratasi month.

Pavithra Utsavam in Aippasi month.

Utsavam for Thirumangai Alwar and Deepa Utsavam in Karthigai month.

Pagal Patthu and Ra Pathu Utsavam Margazhi month.

Thai Month – Garuda seva.

Punar Poosam and Magam Utsavam Maasi month.

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