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Planets from where Saturn stands The benefit of standing

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Kurian at the center of Saturn 6, 8, 12 – harassment in business revenue.

2 – 12 Sun – Moon – Horoscope and father do not have a smooth relationship.

Kari and Thantaikaka Mathi in two eras for Sathira and Manthan and Madurka in two eras for him. (Pros decoration)

Not a smooth relationship with the mother.

Moon in 2nd – Guru in 3rd – Raja Yoga.

2nd Sukran – Self-promotion by wife.

3, 7, 10s Moon – If both husband and wife see Saturn decisively in the horoscope, both will misbehave and deceive each other.

3rd Moon + Rahu, Ketu – Breast Cancer.

Sun in 4th, 7th, 10th Scorpio – Bandana Yoga.

Mars at 4 the place.

Mars at 4,7,10 – benevolence throughout their direction Will not give.

4th Sukran – The horoscope will go to the other house.

On the 5th the moon will cost a lot even if it brings in a lot of revenue. No one at home is responsible for the family.

5th Guru – Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Lawyer, Judge,

Rahu in 5 – Raja Yoga.

Superheroes at 6, 7, 8 – Longevity, great achievement in life of lasting fame.

Sun in 7th – No smooth relationship between the horoscope and his father. To grow up, he has to work very hard to feed his growing father.

Sun on the 1st – Saturn on the 7th is sure to ruin Kalathira.

Sun <-> Saturn – will not bring goodness to their whole muscle. Business, family, and wife are drawn into the relationship.

Sun in the double zodiac at 7 <- Mars – Ali.

7 Sun + Moon in Lucknam – Death in Jail.

7th Moon – Continent for mother, harm.

Moon in 7th + Mars – Parental misery, memory loss, epilepsy.

Tuesday at 7 – Severe temperament, no fraternal death, will not bring goodness to their whole muscle will cause ill health.

Wednesday the 7th – There will be hardships and honor losses by friends. Material loss will also occur

Wednesday at 7 p.m. <- Mars – Ali.

In the 7th Guru – Mind Heenan, sprouts cause confusion.

In 7th Sukran – wife kagam will not be correct – he wants to seduce the inferior caste women

Rahu in 7 – Irutharam (Iruvatchi)

Moon in 8th, 12th – Mercury – booming life. Success in everything that makes you happy in life.

9th Guru (Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo, Tanasu, In Aquarius) Advocate, Judge.

Lucknam Chief Minister on the 10th – Lucknam Chief Minister on the 4th Saturn can not even walk on cattle and own a bicycle

Moon in 10th – Both male and female horoscopes will misbehave if Saturn sees the Moon decisively.

Venus in the 10th – Saturn to Venus.

On the 12th the alien will take the object of the moon father. Ivano will profit by serving the king with the object he seeks for himself. (Pros decoration)

Moon at 12 + Mercury Rising Life Success. Happiness in marriage.

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