Saneeswara Temple

Dharbaranyeswarar Temple, Tirunallar (Saneeswaran Temple – Saturn)

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Known as Shaneeshwara, Shanaischara, Manda, Konastha, Pingala and Souri, Saturn (Shani) also has a blue complexion. He has a golden crown on his head and wears a bright garland and black pants. He is sitting at the vulture’s tail. He holds a bow, an arrow, and a trident in each of his three hands respectively, and he lifts his fourth hand in the pose of offering blessings and boons.

Shani (Saturn) is Son of Sun & Chhaya (Shadow) according to Hindu mythology. Shani & Sun is suspected to be bitter rivals though close relatives. So when the Sun falls, Shani mantra jaap is over. Saturn ‘s brothers & sister are Yamraj (the lord of death), Dharamraj & Yamuna Water.

The 4 Kumars Ashwin (Sons of Surya & Usha) are Shani’s step brothers. From his childhood he had been a true devotee of Lord Krishna. Shani is dubbed the Lord of Justice. Lord Shiva has entrusted Shani with the responsibility to do justice to each and every person. Therefore any person is rewarded during 7-1/2 Shani Dasha(7.5 years) & Shani’s Mahadasha (19 years) orPunished Shani for his previous behaviour. There is at least one Shani’s Sadhe Sati & one Shani’s Mahadasha in every individual’s life. At any expense the person must genuinely worship Shani during these dashas. Even daily Saturn worship lets the individual stay safe & prosperous. Shani’s presiding Deity is Lord Brahma.

The god of Pratyadhi is Yama. Saneeswaran lives for 2 1⁄2 years in each Rasi. In the 12th, 1st and 2nd house, Saneeswaran is 7 1/2 Naatu Sani; in the 4th house, Arthashtama Sani; in the 8th house, Ashtama Sani. He bothers the native at these times.
Metal – Iron
Gemstone – Blue Sapphire
Colour – Black
Transition Time – 2.1/2 Years
Debilitation sign -Aries
Mahadasa lasts for – 19 years
Presiding Deity – Brahma
Element – Air (Vayu)

Govt. MPs, colleagues, wife, baby, company stagnation, property loss, leprosy, are caused by Sani transit.
7 1/2 facets of Naatu Sani thrice in a person’s life, the first called Mangu Sani, the second called Pongu Sani, and the third called Marana Sani.
Saneeswaran is reputed to be both a destroyer and a giver. A person who prays to Saneeswaran will be rewarded not only with the riddance of the troubles and worries encountered, but with a life one wants.
His wives are Manga Devi, and Neela Devi. Dharbaranyeswarar (Swaymbumurti), and his consort Bogamartha Poon Mulayal are the presiding deities.
He is the Maharam Lord and Kumba Rasis, and faces the direction of the West. The Adi Devatha is Yaman, and the Devatha Prathyathi is Prajapathi. The colour is black; the vahana the crow; the grain associated with it is gingel; the flower-vanni and black kuvalai; tissue-black cloth; gem-neelam (blue saphire); food-rice mixed with Sesame powder.

In times of distress due to Saturn’s misfortune, one should put the whole black sorghum which has not been removed by the black skin, sleep under the pillow at night, and then get up in the morning and bathe, come to Lord Saturn 108 times and place one sorghum on the ground after each crawl. Donation of ulundu grain will be given to get the good fortune of Saturn Bhagavan.

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