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Benefit of Saturn in 2nd place

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2nd Saturn, sick in the face, possessed by kings, possessed by kings, liars, deceivers, always wandering (horoscope barry horoscope), Will destroy the primitive property (Purvaparacariyam) will destroy the material that is strongly attached and will prosper abroad. Late marriage will be defamatory, he who goes to another country, he will be enslaved and get crap, he will have an ugly face, he will be unjust, he will be unjust before and he will be judged at a later age. Lucky Lord Saturn Subra is late but happy marriage life (Brahmarishivakiyam) is materialistic, possesses two of us, liar, Jana Aparathi, poor, hypocritical horoscope will exclude the family, who is gathered with all tendencies, speaks harshly. (Horoscope Mathematics) Subject
Will be ruined.
Saturn <- theipirai Moon – will cause more wealth loss.
Even if Saturn is in the 2nd place, Saturn is in the 2nd place, even if Saturn is in the 2nd place, the person who is unwell in the family will speak hypocritically. He deceives others by word of mouth and gets the position of material help through him and forgets to thank him at the wheel of getting his mind.
Saturn in Saturn + Sukran Nisam in Simmalaknam 2 – Mathipar Guru in 8.
The Saturn ruling horoscope in the 2nd is the one who knows many shastras.
Saturn in the 2nd place – kalattiratosam occurs (the effect of yoga on sins)
If married at a young age, there will be two wives (Navagraha astrological guide).
Saturn in the 2nd house in the enemy house – in many ways dangerous. The wise man will spend in many ways lustfully.
If Saturn’s rule does not peak in 2, then many rows will be irregular (Astrology and Navagraha).
Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn Saturn in 2nd place – will live well Not good for other signs. Speak rudely and behave badly to others. There will be hard work. But, labor-related wages are not available. He would be wandering around the town for no reason.
He will have a sad face. There will be many good occasions but he will leave it unused. There will be no happiness in family life. Although he earns in various industries, he earns money from iron, Ever Silver, gemstones, etc., by hiring coolies and working in municipalities and corporations. The good deeds he does in the world will not be taken.
Evil things are bright and visible. So can’t be famous. Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority. There is no peace in the family. The restless family is the one who can do the most immorality, and the servants who work with him, his wife, will bully him to the point of insanity. He will be hated by others for speaking insultingly and insultingly.

Saturn in 2nd place – will sell black items that have to face many failures. Leaving his own day and going abroad, or going to a foreign state.

Saturn curve in 2nd – 7th mark – Husband and wife will be working in different places so they will be separated.

Saturn in the 2nd house rule – good.
Pisces Laknam – 2nd place Saturn Vakram Nisam – Yoga going abroad will bring wealth in unexpected ways. Race, circular yoga. Siblings will be benefited by friends.
Sagittarius Lakshman – Princess Diana.
Saturn Vakram + Guru Millionaire Yoga in 2nd place. Became a princess.
Saturn in 2nd place – Middle life.
Guru in the 3rd Star Muscle Accident.
Guru and Raghu become 6/8,
2 in Guru + 2 marks – Gurudasa dies in an accident at Raghuputhi.

Elsewhere Saturn curves – woodwork, construction worker, cleaner, lack of wealth to depend on others to live. Hatred for the relationship. He will leave the family. Eye disease, father relationship will be deceived by women who will suffer in the rental house. Profits will come into agriculture.

Rishaba laknam – Russian student India received the prize for higher education in Sri Lanka.
Saturn curve in 2nd 9th, 10th – Rahu <-> 8th in Mercury + 3 Moon + 4 Sun in 7th <- 7 Mars.
9,10 Saturn Vakram-2, 5 budhan Vakram will go abroad and study.
4 Mathiyar – Vakra Sani Pagai – He left his motherland and stayed in India for a long time.
Saturn removed the curve because he saw the sun and did yoga. 5-10 marks Exchange Higher education and work abroad in the 2nd subdivision.

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