Saneeswara Temple

Arulmigu Yoga Narasimhaswamy Temple, Cholingar – Vellore.

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Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple is located at Thirukkadigai(Sholinghur), Vellore district of Tamilnadu,dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is also one of the 108 Divyadesam temples.

The mythology is that Lord Narasimha rested at this place to decrease his anger after killing the demon king.The shrine of Lord Hanuman in ‘Chinna malai‘ (small hill) can be seen facing the shrine of Lord Narasimha, meditating towards Lord Narasimha. The deity Lord Narasimha is seen in a yogic posture. Hence the deity is called as Lord Yoga Narasimha Swamy.

Thirukkadigai (Sholingur) is one of the 108 divya desam temples situated near Arakonam, a suburb of Chennai.

It is believed that Moksha is certain for those who stays for just 1 kadigai (24 minutes) at this place. Saptarishis desirous of having darshan of Narisimha performed tapas here and were rewarded moksha within one kadigai (24 minutes). Hence this Kshetra is called Kadikachalam and Tirukadigai. Vishwamitra obtained the title of Brahmarishi when he worshipped Lord Nrisimha here for a kadigai. On the hillock nearby is the Sannidhi of Karudaruda Varadaraja. People come here for warding off evil spirits similar to Gunaseelam near Trichy.

The Moolavar here is Sri Azhagiya Singar in Yoga Position facing East. He is also known as Narasimhar and Muguntha Naayagan. Thayar of this sthalam is Amirthavalli thayar or Vellukkai Valli. Prathyaksham for Brighu Munivar.

The temple is revered by the verses of Tirumangai azhwar and Peiazhwar There are three temples you should visit to complete the pilgrimage.
1.Perumal temple in the foot hill
Moolavar – no moolavar (main deity)
Uthsavar – Bakthavatsala Perumal
2.Kadikaachalam ( Periya Malai)

you have to ascend around 2000 steps to reach the temple situated at approximately 500 feet high. Weekends are generally crowded.Beware of monkeys on your way to hill top.
Moolavar : Yoga Narasimhar. East facing. Veetru iruntha thiruk kolam. Perumal in sitting posture
Thaayaar : Amirtha Valli
Theertham : Amirtha Theertham, Thakkaan Kulam, paandava theerththam
Prathyaksham : Saptha Rishis, Vishvaamitrar, Siriya thiruvadi

  1. Small hill temple (Siriya Thirumalai) :200 to 250 feet high.
    Deity : Yoga Aancchneyar with has four hands with Sangu (conch), Chakkram in his hands.

Saptarishis like Vamdevar, Vashishtar, Katyapar, Athiri, Jamatkani, Gautamar and Bharathwaj also came here to see the incarnation of Narasimha who appeared for Bhakta Prakalathan. There was an important reason why they came here and were penitent. At one time the devotees worshiped Narasimha at Italam for some time and attained the title of “Brahmarishi” and they repented here just because they too needed the vision of Perumal immediately. . Accordingly the Anjaneyar came here to fight with two demons, Callan and Kayan, so it was not possible to worship Rama and get the conch and chakras from him and thereby destroy the demons and save the Rishis.
At last Messiah Perumal presented the meditation of the Rishis as Narasimha Murthy of their choice. Seeing this incarnation, Perumal said to the Anjaneyas, “Sit in front of me with the conch wheel in your hand and get rid of the grievances of the devotees.”

It is special that Narasimhar and Anjaneyar are sitting in Yogasana in this place.

Contact: Archagar (KKC Balaji – 9500363322).

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