Saneeswara Temple

Arulmigu Thirukuralappan Temple, Thiruvaranvilai or Aranmula, Kerala.

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This divyadesam is found next ot Sengannoor in Kerala. 6 miles away in East from Sengannoor, this sthalam is found. We can reach this sthalam by travelling in Bus. For staying facility, a devasthana chattiram is available, but food facility is minimum.


  1. The speciality of this sthalam is the precious ornaments of Sabharimalai Ayyappan is protected only in this sthalam. During Makara Jyothi, it is taken from here and dedicated to Ayyappan.
  2. This Divyadesam is constructed and devoted by Arjunan.

Sthlapuranam :
This Divyadesam is constructed and devoted by Arjunan, one among the pandavas. During Mahabharta war, when Arjunan and Karnan were fighting, Karnan’s Chariot got struck in the land. He got down from the Chariot and tried to get the wheels of it out from the place. But, he could not do so. At that time, Karnan asked Arjunan not to fight with him at that time and asked him to wait for sometime. But, neglecting his words, Arjunan killed Karnan using his bow and arrow. But, he felt very sad for his act and to get out this curse, he built this temple and devoted the perumal, thirukkuralappan.

The perumal is said to be the hamsam of Vaamanar. Arjunan was able to get the seva of Sriman Narayanan as “Parthasarathy” during Mahabharatam and Vaamanar in this sthalam.

Once, Brahma devan lost his Gnana book and to regain it, he did a great tapas over this sthala perumal. At that time, the perumal showed his seva and blessed him that he will retain the Gnana book. This is one of the historical story said about this sthalam.

The speciality of this sthalam is the precious ornaments of Sabharimalai Ayyappan is protected only in this sthalam. During Makara Jyothi, it is taken from here and dedicated to Ayyappan.


  1. The Onam festival is celebrated in a grand way in this temple.
  2. One more special utsavam, Khandavadahanam is the done during the months of December and January. Dahanam means firing. As a rememberance of firing of Khandavana forest by Arjunan who was helped by Sri Krishnar, this utsavam is performed here.

he Moolavar of this sthalam is Thirukkuralappan. He is also named as “Parthasarathy”. Moolavar is found in Nindra Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham along the East direction. Prathyaksham for Brahma devan, Vedavyasa Maharishi.
The Thaayar of this sthalam is Padmasani Naachiyaar.
Pushkarani:Since, the perumal gave his seva to Vedavyasa rishi, the pushkarani is said to be Vedavyasa saras and another theertham is Pambha theertham. Vimanam: Vaamana Vimaanam.

According to the legend , the Pandavas , after crowning Prince Parikshit left on a pilgrimage tour of India. While travelling in the parts now known as Kerala, these Pandav brothers installed Sri Narayana on the banks of the Pampa and nearby places and offered worship. It is said that Arjuna built this temple at a place called Nilackal near Sabarimalai and the idol was brought here in a bamboo raft made of six pieces and hence the name Aranmula (six pieces of bamboo).

During the 18 day Kurukshetra battle, Karna’s chariot wheel stuck in the ground and while Karna was trying to lift the wheel leaving his weapons in the chariot, Arjuna took the opportunity and killed him. The guilt of killing Karna when unarmed overwhelmed his mind. He came here at the end of the Mahabaratha war to undertake a penance repenting for the killings of his kith and kin, especially his brother Karna. He is said to have hid his weapons under a Vanni tree in this place. Arjuna got himself absolved of his sins with the grace of Sri Narayana here.

The significance of this sthalam is that the precious ornaments of Sabharimalai Ayyappan are safely kept here. During Makara Jothi, these ornaments are taken from here to Sabarimala to Ayyappan.

The temple is situated in a serene place among lush greenery. The temple is situated in an elevated ground. As you climb the steps and walk past the arch you enter the vast area of the temple. The temple is architected in typical Kerala style with slanting roofs and red Malabar tiles. As you walk past the copper plate covered flagpost (Kodi maram) into the sanctum, you can see a small mandap where the pillars are intricately covered in brass plated sheets. Beyond the mandap is the sanctum where the main deity Mayapiran appears majestically in a standing posture with Sri Chakra in his right hand and a lotus on his left hand.

Famous for: Pilgrimage,gateway to Sabarimala, ”Aranmula Kannadi” (metal mirrors made of a kind of bell metal)
These mirrors are not found anywhere else in the world. Made by an alloy of bronze waxed into crystal clear mirrors . Theses are produced only by a few families in Aranmula where the production details are held secret and passed down only to their generations.

Itala Perumal is blessing on the east facing Tirukkolam. The source plane is called the dwarf plane. He has been seen by Vedaviyasar and Brahma. Once the Vedas were stolen from Brahman by demons called Madhu and Kaidapan. Brahma prayed to Perumala to restore the Vedas. At the request of Brahman, Perumal destroyed the demons and restored the Vedas. It is in gratitude for this that Brahma is said to have repented towards Perumala at Italam. Here Arjuna is said to have hidden his weapons in the Vanni tree and sells the pearls that fall like pearls in front of the flagpole of Italam.

It is the belief of the people of the area that if children buy Vanni tree pods and throw them around their heads when they are not in good health, the disease will go away just like the enemies run by Arjuna’s arrow.

Here, as in Guruvayur, Tulabaram is practiced. To fulfill their request, they are giving the hardwoods here in abundance.

The Vanni trees that fall from the Vanni tree here are piled up and sold in front of the flagpole of Italam. These are from the Vanni tree where Arjuna hid his weapons. Tulabaram is practiced here as well as in Tulabaram in Guruvayur. It is customary to give the hardwoods here in bulk. The Pambai River, also known as the Pamba of Kerala, flows through the northern gates of Italam. This is the place where the ornaments of Srisaparimalai Ayyappa Swami are kept safe and the devotees are taken to Sabarimala in a procession during the Capricorn torch accompanied by an ensemble. Ithalam has received song with 11 hymns by Nammazhvar alone.

General Information
The famous Pambai River of Kerala flows through the north gate of the temple. Parasurama has a separate shrine here.

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