Saneeswara Temple

Agniswarar Temple, (Sukkran Temple – Venus ), Kanjanur.

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Venus is the Devil lord. According to the Mahabharat (Adiparva (78/39), not only was Shukracharya the lord of riches but he is also the master of medicinal plants, mantras and all sorts of tastes. By Lord Brahma ‘s influence he became an earth and began to preserve the lives of all the three worlds living beings.
His presiding deity is’ Indra. ‘Sukracharyar has the ability to make the deceased live by means of his mastery of the mantra of Amirtha Sanjeevini. Using this mantra, he reanimated the defeated asuras in the asura war against the devas. This encouraged the growth of the asura army. The devas begged for aid from Lord Siva, who in a fit of fury sucked Sukracharya in.

Having lived in the stomach of Lord SIva in a siddha state, he emerged from the stomach of Lord Siva. Sukra endows those who pray to him with abundance, happiness, companion, wealth, automobiles. After Guru he is the second most valuable world. When within the horoscope of a human,Sukra is well-placed, then the individual can enjoy fun, beautiful wife, money, home, car, good food, prestige, passion, intimacy, marraige, family, governmental assistance, the chance to rule the country / state and retain influential status.

Metal – Silver
Gemstone – Diamond
Colour – White
Transition Time – 30 Days
Debilitation sign -Virgo
Mahadasa lasts for -20 years
Presiding Deity – Indra
Element – Water

If the ward is in a bad situation, Kalathira dosham would encounter a family devoid of love and connexions, bad life, enmity among family and friends. Such issues may be mitigated by praying to Sukra. The beneficial aspects of Sukra are woman, craft, sculpture, passion, and automobiles.

He is the Lord of Rishaba and Thula Rasi, looking East. The Adi Devatha is a practitioner of Indra. The colour of his vahana is white; the crocodile is his vahana; the grain associated with him is mochai; the flower-white lotus; the silk-white cloth; the jewel-diamond; the food-rice mixed with mochai.

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