Saneeswara Temple

Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple

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Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple

The Akkinipuriswarar Temple is the 75th Shiva shrine on the south bank of the Cauvery, where Thevara songs were sung by Thirugnanasambandar. The temple tree of the place is the Punna tree, the theerthams are the Agni theertham and the Pana theertham. In this temple Lord Agnipureeswarar, Goddess Karuntar Kuzhali. There is a pond in front of the temple. Next to the royal tower, there is the inner tower, Nandi, and the altar.

Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple
Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple

To the right of the Moolavar Sanctuary is the Thirunavukarasar Sanctuary. The koshta includes Agathiyar, Natarajar, Ganapati, Annamalai, Brahma and Durga. There are Vadhabi Ganapati, Thirunavukarasar, Kasivisuvanathar and Somanayagar shrines in Tiruchutru. Trimukasuran and Kalasamkaramoorthy are also present. The history of the temple is inscribed. On the left outside is the shrine of Chulikambal (Karuntharkuzhali). Tiruppukalur is the place of incarnation of Lord Murugan. His Majesty, Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar, Siruthondar, Thirunilanakar etc. Nayanmars enjoyed the monastery with him as a volunteer group. The site where Lord Sundara turned the brick into a golden stone for Sundara Murthy Nayanar. A must-see place for those looking for a good twist in life; The temple, which is a refuge for all born human beings; The miraculous site of the removal of pre-existing sins; Worshiped Stones for Building a House An amazing correction that deserves so many specials. The site is the Tiruppukalur Sacred Temple near Nagapattinam. The temple is surrounded by a moat on all four sides and is dedicated to Lord Agneeswarar; Goddess Karuntharkkuzhali. Ambika is also known as Chulikampal.

Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple
Tiruppukalur Akkinipurisuvar Temple

It is said that 18 Siddhas worshiped in this temple which is under the administration of Velakurichi Aadeenam. Situated on the south bank of the Cauvery, the temple is frequented by devotees of Appar, Thirugnanasambandar, Sundarar, Tirunilakka Nayanar, Muruga Nayanar and Siruthonda Nayanar. Here is also the tomb of a Siddhartha. It is said to be the tomb of Bogar. The idol of Agni is located in this temple as it is the place where Lord Agni was absolved of sins and the Lord given Darshan to Agni Bhagavan. It is a place of redressal of grievances of the past, present and future. Accordingly, the trio of Bhudeswarar, Vardhamaneswarar and Pavishyeswarar are present here in separate sannadhis. They say that by worshiping them, one can attain Pitru Tosha Nivardhi and attain material wealth, education, employment and bliss. In a nearby village called Polagam, to save a woman suffering from labor pains, her mother worshipped Ambal  for a help, So that Goddess Ambal directly came in a white saree and did the delivery for that pregnant lady. The land donated by the family to this temple is still known as the “MaruthuvaKaani Nilam”. (“Donated land for Medical”) Ambal’s grace is evident from the fact that to date no one has died in childbirth in the region. It is believed that if unmarried women and women who want to have a child, wear a white sari to Ambal during the Sawaratsa puja, it will definitely pay off. It was only when Nalamakarajan took a bath in the pool of this temple to get rid of Saturn’s evil, where Lord Saturn said in the form of “Ashareeri”, “I will get rid of you from Thirunallar, which is 7 stone away from here.”  So Lord Saneeswara in this temple is worshiped as “Anukriha Murthy”.

The temple also has a statue of Nalamakarajan carrying a crow on his shoulder. People born in Satya star, Ayilya star and Sagittarius are proud to come and worship here at least once in their life. When Sundaramoorthy swamis came to the Tiruppukalur temple to sing alms to those who were building a hall in Thiruvarur and came to Tiruppukalur, he was asleep with a brick on his head at the entrance when the temple was closed for the night. Knowing the purpose for which he came, Agneswarar turned the brick he had under his head into a golden stone. Sundaramoorthy Nayanar sings heartily, “I will praise Agneeswara for giving me what I wanted without seeing him in person.”From that day onwards those who wished to build a new house, worshiped with 6 bricks in front of Agneeswarar, gave three of them to the Lord and took the remaining three home. It is believed that if the stones are worshiped daily at home and placed on top of the doorway, on the northeast corner, and on the prayer room, there will be an unimpeded “Graha Pravesham” and that the house will be blessed by Agneswarar.

Moolavar : Saranyapureeswarar, Agnipureeswarar, Pratiyaksha Varadhar, Konapiran

Mother: Karunthar Kughali, Chulikampal

Thala Virutcham : Punna tree

Theertham:  Agni Theertham, Pana Theertham

On the Nannilam bus route from Nagapattinam,

25 km west of Nagapattinam,

10 km from Nannilam,

25 km from Thiruvarur

This temple is located.

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