Saneeswara Temple

Tirunanipalli Saneeswarar

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Thirunanpalli (Thirunanpunchai) Saneeswara

Shiva gave his wedding darshan to Ganesha and Sage Agastya.

Appar, Sundarar and Thirugnanasambandar wrote a poem for Thirunanipalli Nathrunayaparu during Thevara Thirumurai. It is the 43rd Shiva temple on the south bank of the Kaveri, praised in Thevaram songs.

Deity: Shiva

District: Mayiladuthurai

State: Tamil Nadu

Created by: Paranthaka Chola

Theertham- Swarna Theertham

This site is located in Tharangambadi taluka of Naga district. The temple is located in the village of Poncei.It is a part of Tanjore Dharani which was ruled by the Cholas in the past.The Cauvery River comes here as the east face and returns as the west face. This is called Pasvamangini. The place has the distinction of being one of the three places where Upper, Sundarar and Gnanasambandar sang. The temple has no mausoleum. There is only one home gate. Above the front gate, Lord Shiva Parvati in the Rishabha vehicle, Lord Ganesha in the three-wheeler vehicle and Lord Murugan in the remaining peacock vehicle are displayed in the form of concrete sculptures.

Tirunanipalli Saneeswarar
Tirunanipalli Saneeswarar

Inside the sanctum sanctorum, the Moolavar Nartunayappar gives a vision towards the east in the form of a self-contained linga. The team of Agathiyar, Ganesha, Dakshina Murthy, Linkodpavar, Brahma, and Durga being as “Kosta Moorthangal”. The kosta moorthangal are located with excellent carving works. The sanctum of the temple is well designed. Lord Nartunaiyappar gives us darshan by facing towards east. Thirunanipalli is the place where Lord Shiva showed his marriage darshan to both Ganesha and Agathiyar. There is a Kalyana Sundaresar temple where Lord Agathiyar received Lord Shiva’s married darshan. Here two goddesses bless in the name of Parvatarajaputri and Malayanmadanthai. Here the goddess is seated on the right side of the Swami. Apart from this, Kalyanasundareswarar blesses the devotees along with the Amman in a separate shrine at the Moolasthan. There are some shrines inside the sanctum for “Naalvar, Ganesha and Lord Sun. There is a Natarajar Sabha in the Mahamandapam. Also, the hall of “Nanipalli Kodi Vattam” is beautifully set inside the temple. The rays of the sun fall on the Shivalingam from the 7th to the 13th day of the month of Chittirai every year. It is hoped that those who are barred from marriage will get married soon if they worship Kalyanasundara here, and if they worship Nartunayapara, wealth and children’s education will improve.  Sri Nathrunayapar Temple, Thirunanipalli, the sanctum sanctorum is very large, which facilitated the worship of the Lord directly by an elephant. The sanctuaries and halls speak of the aesthetic sense and architectural skill of the ancient sculptors of Tamil Nadu. The age of the temple is almost 1000 years. Parantaka Chola, the ancestor of Rajaraja Chola, built this temple for Nanipalli Nathrunayaparu. This is a 9th-century temple. The sanctuary was so large that it facilitated an elephant to worship the Lord directly.

Tirunanipalli Saneeswarar
Tirunanipalli Saneeswarar

There is a significant connection between Thirunanasambandar and Nanipalli. His mother Bhagwati was born in this place. Thirugnanasambandar has sung a song to Lord Shiva. The place was to convert the parched barren land into coastal land, which he later converted to agricultural land. So he called Pon Seya at Thirunanaipalli. After this incident Sambandar was called his Thirugunana Sambandar. Nala Maharaj arrives at the Kamalalayam, Thirukollikadu, Thirukodiyalur, after bathing at these sites, completing the Saturn direction. Then he is sitting in the pool called Swarna Theertham. A dark-skinned crow bathes in the pool, which turns golden when it comes out of the water. Seeing this, Nala Maharajan himself bathes in the theertham believing that he will get liberation if he bathes in the theertham. After that, Lord Saneeswara leaves him and gives him the appearance of his own king and many times more beauty than before. After worshiping Saneeswaran on this site, one should worship Lord Shiva. There are no Navagrahas here. Saneeswaran is the only one who bestows blessings. Ashtama Saturn, Arthashtama Saturn, Kandachani, Viraya Saturn, Ezhara Saturn, Ponku Saturn, Death Saturn, any Saturn in this category ends only after coming here.

13 km from Mayiladuthurai. Buses for Poompuhar, Thiruvenkadu, Perunthottam and Mangaimadam are available.

Mayiladuthurai —-> Ponseh (Poompuhar Road)

Chidambaram —–> karuvi—–> Ponseh (Path to Mayiladuthurai)

Thirukkadaiyur —> karuvi —> Ponseh

Thirukadaiyur —-> Semponar Temple —> Ponseh (Poompuhar Road)

Thirunanpalli (Thirunanpunchai) Saneeswarar
Thirunanpalli (Thirunanpunchai) Saneeswarar
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