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Valuvoor Saneeswarar

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Valuvoor  Saneeswarar
Valuvoor Saneeswarar

This Shiva temple is located on the way to Thiruvarur from Mayiladuthurai in Valuvoor with a large royal tower. The lord here is named as “Keerthivasaraya Namaka” which is the third name in the Shiva Sahasranama. This is the place where Iyappan was born.

It is here the place that Lord Saturn is said to have slowed down at the behest of Lord Shiva. In ancient times 48,000 Rishis were said to have performed puja from here and they performed puja and increased their powers and were arrogant that “we are all not bound to anyone”. The devas appeal to Shiva and Vishnu on this matter and they say, “We will fix this problem” and Shiva and Vishnu come to this earth.

Then Shiva in the Naked Golam and Vishnu in the Mohini Golam come to the place where those Rishis are. All the women are attracted to Shiva and leave with Shiva. The Rishiputras and some Rishis who were there were attracted to Vishnu’s Mohini and left with Mohini. Knowing this, the Rishis call both of them and interrogate them. Then a Rishi conducts a Homa to say “Let’s do a Homa and fix this”

Valuvoor  Saneeswarar
Valuvoor Saneeswarar

All the benefits of that homam go to Shiva. There is no harm to Vishnu. Shiva accepts everything. Lord Shiva transforms all the fruits from it into his own ornament, Leg bracelet, tiger costume, and the serpent that can be worn around the neck. Eventually, a frantic elephant emerges, and Shiva goes into that elephant’s stomach. After the world was darkened, Shiva tore open the elephant’s belly and came out as “Kajasamkara Murthy”. 480000 Siddhars also apologize to the Lord. Lord Shiva tells them to worship 1008 lingams and attain liberation from the curse. Then they go up to Kalakastri in search of one thousand and eight lingams, where a monk tells them to carve 1008 lingams in a single stone and perform puja. It is the Sagaskara Lingam and is now located to the right side of the temple. It is said that if we visit & worship the Moolavar of this temple, Lord Shiva will tear away all the anger and rage and give us glory. Devotees come and go from Kerala as they believe lord Shiva subdue all “yeval, pilli, and sorcery”.

It is said that the two are attracted to each other and the two are in a relationship together, preserving the Dharma of the unborn child. Therefore, Sabarimala Iyappan is born there as Dharmasastha. Valuvoor is the only place where Sanibagavan slows down. It is said that whenever Saturn enters Rohini, the star of the moon, people in the universe suffer from hunger, famine, starvation, etc.

The same incident took place at Valuvoor during a Chola Maharaja was ruling and the Chola Maharaja saw his people suffering from hunger and argued with Lord Saturn. This Chola Maharaja Keerthivasan is a great devotee of  Lord Shiva. He, therefore, appeals to Lord Shiva that his people are suffering and that the cause is Sanibagavan. Lord Shiva accepts his request and sends his Bootha effigies (Booth ganangal)to Lord Saturn. At that time, the Chola Maharaja fainted in an argument with Sanibagavan and fell into a trance in Valuvoor pool. Sanibagavan also gets into an argument with the messenger of Shiva and fights. Then the Shiva’s messengers cut off Sanibhagavan’s leg so that Sanibhagavan falls in the Isaniya corner of the temple. Saturn Easwara Bhagavan, who was fast till then, sluggish his speed. Therefore, Valuvoor is the only place where you can reduce the speed of Ezharaisani, Ashtamasani, Arthashtamasani, Kudumbasani, Maranachani, Kandachani, Pongusani. At this place, Lord Saneeswara has fought and is armed with a bow and arrow. Valuvoor is the only place in the world where Saturn, along with any planetary position, can weaken Saturn’s vision and slow it down. Saneeswara Bhagavan is seated in north & facing towards the south, in this Valuvoor Temple. That is, he sits like a guru who can teach. Guru and Saturn are looking at each other in the Navagraha which is opposite to the source of this temple. That is, according to the Kalapurusha philosophy, those who are in the ninth place and those who are in the tenth place are sitting quietly in the same place with Dharmakarmatipati Yoga.

Valuvoor  Saneeswarar
Valuvoor Saneeswarar
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