Saneeswara Temple

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

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Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Thirunallar, the famous southern Shiva place known as the Darbaranyeswarar Temple, is a place where Saturn Dosha can be remedied. Special worship of Lord Saturn takes place in this temple which is visited by millions of people. It is believed that the devotees who see this will get additional benefits.

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

The crime committed by Nalan

Nalan, the king of Nita, is a salesman who exemplifies the specialty of his cuisine as Nala Bhagam. He married Tamayanthi, the daughter of Weerasena, the king of Vidarbha. The Devas also wanted to marry the beautiful princess Tamayanthi. Sani Bhagavan one of the Devas was furious, because Tamayanthi married Nalan.

Sani Bhagavan tried for twelve years with the idea that if Nalan committed any crime he could be caught and tortured. But He earned disappointments only. But, one day, when Nalan was washing his feet, the water did not slide on his hind legs. Saturn blamed him & caught him for this.

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Nalan lost his happy life. separated from his wife. There was even a situation of running and hiding. Then Nalan began to governing again after suffering. According to the saying, “Even after rains stops, clouds fall raindrops” like that, Saturn’s misery also continued.

To get rid of these too, Nalan went on a Tirtha pilgrimage to on the advice of Narada. Sage Bharathwaja, who saw him on the way, advised him to worship Lord Shiva at the Thirunallar Darbaraneswarar Temple to remove Saturn Dosham.

Accordingly, Nalan to go inside the temple, Lord Saturn fearing to see Easwaran, so stood outside who could not follow Nalan. This event only took place here. Lord Saturn still stands still today presents the scene. It is said that, if you worship Lord Sani Bhagavan before visiting Lord Shiva, You will get relief from Saturn’s evil.

Tirupathikam – Sung by Thirugnanasambandar


In this revision, Lord Saturn is the auspicious deity. The history of this revision says that Thirumal, Brahman, Indran,  Dishai Balagars, Agathiyar, Pulastiyar, Archunan, and Nalan also received his blessings.

When you see Lord Saturn, you should stand side by side and worship him. Don’t fall for his direct vision for example there is a story about Ravana. The mighty Ravana defeated the Navagraha heroes. He ordered them to lie down in rows, and then step on their backs every day and ascend the throne.

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Only Lord Saturn, one of the Navagrahas, asked Ravana to put himself down on the ground and step on his chest. He also made him believe that that was the pride of Ravana. To do the same Ravana, then Saturn saw him directly. Seeing this, Tosham Ravana abducted Sita. Later, He killed by the Kakuththan, as per the story.

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Lord Saturn has the names ‘Manthan’ and ‘Sanicharan’. Sanicharan became Saneeswaran. Only Shiva and he have the title of ‘Easwara’. He has lame on one leg and has only one eye. The one who has the crow as his vehicle. He has four hands. His wife’s name was Jashta Devi.

He is the lifeblood of every horoscope, and since there is no one to stop him from giving, So is his other name “Vallal Piran” and it’s suited for him.

Thirunallar Special Worship Dharbaranyeswarar Temple Thirunallar Temple Thiru gnanasambandar.

Instruction to Worship of Saneeswara at Thirunallar

First, go to Nalathirtham and present the pool to the roam around right and should worship the idols Nalan and Tamayanti children in the middle of the pool. Sesame oil, stand facing north or east, and sink 9 times. Then spray water on Brahma Theertham and Saraswati Theertham.

After worshiping the Suvarna Ganapati inside the temple and worship the Subramanian Sannidhi, one should come to the right to visit Moolavar Darbaranyeswara and then Thiyakesar and visit the Amman Sannidhi. At last, should come and worship the Sani Bhagavan. Finally, one should come to the sanctum sanctorum and worship. Then crawl to the big Praharam. Archana, anointing, homam, darpanam, ratsai donation, preeti nava namaska ​​rum, nava pradatsanam can be done to Sanibagavan according to their living power.

Temple entrance Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Temple entrance Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

You can worship Saneeswara in all days. Thirunallar temple has idols including Sanipagavan and Dharparanyeswarar. Some people mislead us into thinking that we should only worship here on Saturdays. This causes the devotees to stand in a queue for long time and see the Lord for only a few minutes.

Sani Bhagavan can be worshiped at the time of Sanihora, just as Raku is worshiped at the time of Ragu. Accordingly, Sunday morning 10-11, evening 5-6, Monday morning 7-8, Tuesday day 11-12, night 6-7, Wednesday morning 8-9, Thursday day 12-1, night 7-8, Friday morning 9- 10, 4-5 pm, Saturday 6-7 am, 1-2 pm, 8-9 pm, so you can worship receive his perfect grace in this week, day and time. the Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan.

Saturday fasting:

Every Saturday, eat only once in all day and recite the mantras of the Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan. You can wrap a little sesame seeds in a bag and put it under your head every night and mix it with food and feed it to the crow the next morning. You can follow this as 9, 48, 108 weeks at our convenience.

Leave the good oil in the coconut shell and a small amount of sesame seeds as knotted, Or you can mount a sesame lamp (Tila lamp). You can anoint Lord Saturn with good oil and wear a black or blue robe and vada garland. Sesame rice can be feeded to the Priest, Brahamana & must be offering to the poor. Navagraha Shanti Homam, Abhishek Arathana Mandala Puja can be performed for Sanibagavan.

Sesame can be cleaned and roasted with jaggery, crushed with cardamom powder, and distributed to Venkatesh Perumal and Sani Bhagavan. One can worship the deities Anjaneyar and Dharmarajan. He can be ordained in his birth star or Rohini, the birth star of Sanibagavan. Worship Lord Sani Bhagavan every day on Sanihora time.

Theertham  Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Theertham Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Raja Swaminatha Gurus, Chief Priest of Thirunallar Temple

What is the position of shifting to Libra: This time Saturn shifts from Virgo to Libra. Libra is the apex of Saturn. Therefore, he will be more energetic. Therefore, those who are going to experience Ezharai Sani(seven and a half  Saturn period), Ashtamathu Saturn, Arthasthama Saturn (half-difficulty level in Ashtamathu Saturn) Jeevanachani (difficulty in work, career) during this time should be careful.

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple
Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Way to get rid of Saturn Dosham:

The leaf of the lord Saneeswara Bhagavan is the Vanni leaf. This leaf is used to pay archana to Lord Saturn in the Navagraha Mandapam. You can arrange to place Vannimaram in the temples of your town. Also, devotees should lit up the sesame lamp on Saturdays and they can be offering a blue dress to the Saneeswarar in the Navagraha Mandapam. Devotees will get benefits, if they help those in need of Physically challenged people & abnormal people. You can visit & worship the temples at Thirunallar, Thirukollikadu (Thanjavur), and Kutchanur (Theni).

Method of dividing Seven and a half Saturn Period:

“Ezharai Sani” usually occurs three times in one’s life. That means two and a half years he will dominate in one’s life. The first is Mangu Saturn, the second is Pongu Saturn and the third is Marana Saturn. So, those who are going to experience “Sani Peyarchi”(Saturn Shift) for the second time need not worry too much. Some will have good growth. Long-term dreams such as career advancement and house building are likely to take place during this period. For others, in his autobiography, the difficulties will be reduced on the basis of Dasabuddhii.

Saturn Benefiting Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius

Moderate benefiting zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius

Atonement Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

To whom is Ezharaichani:

Virgo – last two and a half years, Pathachani, Vakkuchani

Libra – Phase II Genmachani

Scorpio- beginning of Ezharai Sani, Virayachani

Whom will Ashtamachani attack:

Pisces – It is said to be more or less difficult for Saturn.

Saturn Dosham Remedy Song:

Ashtamachani, Ezra Saturn, Arthashtama Saturn, Kandachani (Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces) will face unexpected difficulties due to this Saturn shift. This is the song to be read by the grace of the Lord to escape from it.

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