Saneeswara Temple

Thirukolikadu Saneeswarar (Ponku Saneeswarar Temple)

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Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple (Ponku Saneeswarar Temple) Thirukollikadu, Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk

Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple (Ponku Saneeswarar Temple) Thirukollikadu, Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk,

Swami Name: Kollikadar (Agneeswarar)

Goddess Name: Punchinum Meladiyal

Spatial Virtue: Vanni Tree (Agni Tree)

Theertham: Agni Theertham (located on the north side of the temple)

Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple
Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple

The 115th temple of Cauvery in Tanjore Dharani is in Thiruvarur district, Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk. In the Kiralathur panchayat, between the Arichandra river and the Kadu Rutti river, Agneeswarar resides in a small poisonous place called “Thirukollikkadu” which is a special place in the red spots. The word “fire” means “fire”. It is given in Tamil by the words “Kolli”. Sri Agneeswarar is given as Agneeswaram just like Rameswaram, Someswaram, Nageshwaram.

Thirugnanasambandar, who sings in Tamil, in his third verse, received the Thiruvai language as “Kollik Kadare who will bless those who gather. The word Thirukollikkadu is still given in Tamil today. Kolli” is seen as a translation of Agni. Only that. Otherwise the word “kolli” should not be considered as an ambiguous word in any way. The word is not given in the sense of kollikadan.

Lord Saturn in this revision will give gold, will give material, will give education, will give bogam. Above all, Saturn is a place of excellence and longevity. Feature. Saneeswara Bhagavan Ponku Saturn. Since the other planets have no power here because he is in this revision as a benefactor, it is as if they are looking at each other. In the north, Goddess Durga is blessed. Dakshinamoorthy is blessing the devotees in a meditative state in Tendisai. When Ganesha worships Kasi Vishwanatha and goes inside, Agneswarar gives him a vision and blesses him. This is the sanctuary seen from the west. In front of the shrine, on the left, the “smooth-skinned heroine” “Punchinum Meladiyal “ is seen facing south.

We also know that even the Nayans, who were born of the gods, were subjected to the rule of the planets (Navagrahas) and then by the grace of God, they were afflicted. If we, the common people, come to Tirukollikadu and visit Lord Saturn and say, “If Mahadevan of Tirukollikadu bows down,” like the snow that sees the sun, our sufferings will go away. Lord Saturn will remove all imperfections This is the place where Lord Saturn performed Shiva Puja and received the title of Easwara.

In Tirukollikaadu, Pongu Saneeswara Bhagavan has a separate plane, a separate Mukurtham. Separate shrine. With the Tanimandapam, he removes the troubles of the devotees and bestows grace. Among the Adityadi Navanayakas, the one who holds the title of Easwara is the one who has the slowest moving nature and is therefore called “Manthan”, Sri Ponku Saturn, who is also known as “Karmakaragan”, is a deity to be worshiped as he determines his devotees destiny through their actions.

It is special that Lord Saturn sits in the position of Mahalakshmi in this revision. Lakshmi is the lord of all opulence, and the basic plowing industry for all wealth revolves around the idea that “the riches of the world are not cowards”. Another specialty of this temple is that it depicts Sri Ponku Saturn carrying a “plow” in his hand. In astrology, it is customary for people of the Vedic scriptures to worship at the temple in order to alleviate and eliminate the inconvenience that comes to us.

According to the pre-existing karmas of all the seven worlds in it. Lord Saturn makes us experience pleasures and pains. Nalamakarasan’s Saturn is gone. Thirunallar gave all the wealth.  It is in Tirukollikot that we know through astrology that the Lord does not give us the auspicious benefits directly, but gives us, the human beings of the planets that are in contact with the earth, by forces.

The structure and specialty of the temple (place) Thirugnanasambandar has said in Thevaram that “Ongu Pukal Kollik Kadare” and all the glory will rise to one if one visits this amendment. When a Chola king had a very bad Saturn period, he could not find peace anywhere, When he finally came to know the glory of Tirukollikaat, came here and worshiped Lord Saturn, then touched Agneeswarar and the Mridupatha Nayagi worshiped. This revision mythological story says that Saturn removed all evil and given bliss to the king.

The Mahalakshmi Shrine and the Saturn Bhagavan Shrine are adjacent to each other as separate Shrines. The Bhairav ​​Sannidhi and the Navagraha Sannathi are located directly opposite the Ponku Sanipagavan. It is a common feature that the planets are located without looking at each other. In this revision, the nebulae are located in a “g” shape (“Top opened square shape”). Saneeswarar is dull. Unable to act fast so it is to our advantage to act sluggishly during his 19-year Mahadisa, when he transforms into Ezharaichani, when he is being as Ashtama Saturn, and when he wanders into Arthashtama Saturn. So it is only at this time that we can make our favorite prayers and escape from his harm. For this, Ponku Saneeswarar helps us to our advantage.

Worship of Lord Sri Ponku Saturn:

 According to the sentence that the power to the planets is very strong

“Tushto Hippara Dada

Drishto Hatthisa Thaiyam “

According to the says of forefathers, if the planets are happy, they will give anything. So Japam, Danam, Stotram, Archana. Anointing has all the benefits. It is true that doing these things for Saturn’s pleasures not only removes suffering but also brings all pleasures.

Saturn will benefit the planets in the natal horoscope depending on the position of the Lord. Sesame rice, black gram, novelty fruit, grape coconut, sesame lamp, black silk, mixed blue, navy blue flowers, blue stones, iron-related items are the favorite of the Sani Bhagavan. Worshiping Lord Saturn with the above will bring Heir, grain, kingdom, victory according to the wishes of the devotees. He will also bless the wealth of life. The Kondrai flower, in clusters, is yellow in color and blossom with beauty with this flower for 7 weeks worship Lord Agneeswaran, Panjinum Melladiyal, and Lord Pongu Saturn in this temple and it leads the way for the families who have been separated to live together in unity. And wealth, position, and honor to the families and passers-by who act in such unity. Status, peace of mind, longevity, many kinds of comforts Kubera wealth. Job, promotion and all the blessings are bestowed by Lord Ponku Saneeswara in this temple.

The town where Lord Saturn worshiped Lord Shiva and attained the title of Easwara. Lord Saturn in every town normally has a spear, bow and arrow (weapons) in his hand; He is the idol who gives punishment. It is the job of Sri Pongusanibhagavan to make man enjoy the punishment for the sin he has committed and to make him a saint. In this city, Sri Pongusani Bhagavan performed Shiva Puja and received the title of Easwara and was blessed as the idol of Anukiran (God of Greetings, God of Blessings). That is, Sits in the position of Mahalakshmi with the air plow in the upper right hand and the abhaya hand in the right lower hand. And the crow on the left canopy also as his vehicle. He blesses the lower hand as a hand, the crow as a vehicle, and the sage facing east.

Directly opposite the shrine of Sri Ponku Saneeswarar, Bhairav ​​graces the idol.  Lord Pongu Saturn is the one who gives us profit.  The giver of his privilege necessary for our convenience. If the auspicious planets see the Saturn lord in the 10th house of a horoscope will make him a millionaire. Every human being has the opportunity to receive the vision of Saneeswaran once in thirty years. In order not to cause any harm at that time, If any harm comes at that time, Sri Ponku Saturn Bhagavan darshan will give you the strength to endure those harms. Not everyone should continue to enjoy happiness in one’s life: Saturn is the one who makes us realize that pleasure and pain are natural. Whatever Saneeswarar does, there is a reason for it. Even when he comes to Attamam, when it is on the left in the 12th house when traveling in the zodiac sign of Janma, and when traveling in the second house, which is the position of the zodiac, even In the year when travels in LaknaAshtama, there is also the interruption.

Sthalam – Theertham

This theertham is called as “Agni theertham”. Located on the north side of the revision. Victims of the disease, Those who suffer in life, mentally ill people, those who want to get all the benefits and live a comfortable life, come to this amendment and take bathe in the Agni Tirtha, get rid of the ailment of worship, get all the resources and live a life of luxury.

Nalan, who left Saturn Dosa, came to Tirukollikadu and worshiped Ponku Saneeswara, he got country, city, wife, people, fame & wealth. He got everything he lost and went to his country and ruled better.

Inscription News:

The temple was renovated by Great King Rajaraja Chola I many years ago. The temple has three inscriptions of Rajaraja Chola, two inscriptions of Rajendra Chola I taken from the Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple with the Ganges, five inscriptions of the first Kulothunga Chola and five inscriptions of other Chola kings. This temple became very important during the reign of the Chola kings.

Information of Arulmigu Sundara Perumal, Nambratiyar, and Ganapathipillaiyar are found in the inscription of Raja Raja Chola I. It is also said that the land given to the Thirukollikadu Urar temple was given for 6 lbs of rice per day from its revenue. It is said that the village council will levy a fine of 25 Kazhanju Pon (a kind of gold) from anyone who obstructs this. Another inscription of the same king states that Pathasivan Achan and his brother Achan Adigal were given land in the temple to sound the Sangam, Kalam, and Kesandikai.

Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple (Ponku Saneeswarar Temple) Thirukollikadu, Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk,
Arulmigu Agneeswaraswamy Temple (Ponku Saneeswarar Temple) Thirukollikadu, Thiruthuraipoondi
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