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Thirukodikaval saneeswarar

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Thirukodikaval Bala Saneeswarar

Thirukodikaval is a Shiva temple located on the road from Poompuhar in Mayiladuthurai to Kallanai. Most of the temples are located on this road. This temple is located before the Sun Temple. History has it that thirty-three crore gods worshiped Shiva here and increased their power.


History has it that the Lalita Sagasranama originated here. Saneeswara Bhagavan gets his Balasaneeswaran the title in this place. Here, Chithragupta is being at the left of the Swami. Only after visiting Sanibagavan, Emdarmarajan and Chitragupta can one visit the source. Chithragupta is to the left of the Swami here. According to our sinful Karma Ashtamachani, Kandachani, Arthashtama Saturn, Death Saturn, this is the place to address the directions of childhood Saturn.


The direction of Saturn, which comes once in twelve years, is the place where we can check the budgets for the sinful deeds that took place in our childhood – Thirukodikaval. Balasaneeswarar, the judge of the world, to check our budgets and sinful accounts, Chitragupta checks it, and the judgment is informed to Yamatharman and redressal is done at the site. Normally no one can worship at this place. Only those who at that age are resolving this predicament of karma can go to this holy place and worship. It is a place where Lord Shiva as Self Portrayed Lord, Lord Saturn as Bala Saneeswara, Lord Emdarmarajah, Lord Chitragupta and “Maanthi” the Son of Lord Saneeswara in the Isaniya corner can all be seen on the same level in this historically significant place which is created by Lalitha Sahasranama. Thirukodikaval is called as the court of the Sanibhagavan.

thirukodikaval bala saneeswarar
Thirukodikaval Bala Saneeswarar
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