Saneeswara Temple

Thirukkodiyalur Saneeswarar

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thirukodiyalur-Saneeswarar Shani Dev

Lord Saneeswara, who can be spoken of by people and astrologers, is called evil. Thirukkodiyalur bears the same name as the place where Saneeswara Bhagavan was born. On the way from Mayiladuthurai to Thiruvarur, there is an ancient Shiva temple called Mettur at the Peralam railway station. There, Ambal Lalithambika asked her devotee, “I want a Anklet” and bought it. When the priest told her that she could not put the anklet on, she replied, “I can put it on my dream.”  

For a long time, the anointing drops were spreading on the Goddess statue so that the small holes were all clogged. Then one day during the anointing there was a hole in the foot of the goddess which seems alike a print of anklet chain worn by Goddess. So after that, they were happy to wear that anklet chain at the feet of the goddess Lalithambikai.

Surya Bhagavan worships Swami Meghnathan and Ambal Lalithambika and seeks the blessings to have a Child. The sun is the only one of the Navagrahas who is extremely lustful and by the power of such meditation, he has a relationship with his wife Usha Devi.

Usha Devi turns into a horse as she cannot bear the heat of his lust when she has intercourse with the sun lord Usha Devi. The sun god also turns into a horse and chases. Then Usha Devi creates a black image and Usha Devi disappears. Then Lord Sun has a sexual relationship with that black horse So that, Saneeswara Bhagavan and Emdarmaraja are born as sons.

This historical significance of the sun god, is not praised for Thirumiyachchur, there is a village about a kilometer west of Thirumiyachchur called Thirukodiyalur, which is also known as Thirukkodiyalur because of the birth of the villain (Sani Bhagavan). In the temple in that town, the structure is set up as Yemadarman on one side & another side Saneeswara Bhagavan worshipping and doing Shiva Pooja to the Lord Agastheeswarar, It is there that the system is created as if Lord Saneeswara is looking at his Guru Bhairav. It is said that Saturn is predominant in Tirukodiyalur, the birthplace of Kodiyavan. It is said that the view of Lord Saneeswara from Thirunallar falls here. Thirukodiyalur is the birthplace of Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan, the judge of the world, and Emdarmaraja, the king of Dharma. On the right side of the Swami is Saneeswara Bhagavan and on the left side is Emdarmarajan. It is a myth that Lord Saneeswara blesses those who seek the blessings of the boon for Children if they worship this site for the longevity of their newborn child.

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