Saneeswara Temple

Saneeswara Raja Temple,Kozhippara Kerala

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saneeswara raja

The planet Saturn is alluded to as Shani in Hindu folklore. In Indian culture Shani is referred to as ‘Ishwara’ or ‘Saneeswara’ because of the uncommon status concurred with the planet.The Shani word is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Shanaih Charaha’ which means ‘strong mover.’ Shani is the distinctive symbol of material world deprivation or repudiation.

Saneeswara Raja Temple,Kozhippara Kerala
Saneeswara Raja Temple,Kozhippara Kerala

Saneeswara is the karaka (marker) of power, sovereignty, mature age, parsimony, suffering, workers, delays, ambition, administration and sovereignty, respectability, reputation and unrivaled astuteness in Indian soothsaying.  In addition, reasonableness, hard work, non-connection, dependability and otherworldliness are also demonstrated.

Saneeswara is the slowest world of the Navagrahas (nine planets) * that has taken 2 1⁄2 years to complete an disturbance. Individuals born in different rashis (zodiac signs) are reported to undergo great / sick impacts as attributed to Lord Saneeswara according to the celestial positions of Saturn in the zodiac.

Individuals described by Saturn (having Saneeswara in positive circumstances in birth horoscopes) will accomplish the most remarkable achievement and become strong in case they are prepared to manage the need for material solaces and give up higher willingness. Through Saneeswara ‘s planetary effect, if the local does great things, looks at the old and gives some of its income to the needy.Reasonable pariharams (medicinal deeds) will be carried out during Saneeswara’s antagonistic journeys / times.

A descriptive description of the temple ‘s historical history …..

A parcel of land was taken by Swami Suresananda close to Kozhippara town near Velanthavalam (on the outskirts of Kerala-Tamil Nadu and nearer to Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu) for the construction of a house during 1998.

A rishabha yantra (sacred stone with divine forces) has been identified at this site during unearthing. This corresponded to Swamiji ‘s opinion that a sanctuary existed in this seve place

Upon further celestial and otherworldly examination, it was discovered that the site possessed the energy of Lord Saneeswara which prepared for intense upon-site exercises. In either case you can find the rishabha yantra at the sanctuary, where fans give their petitions and various contributions.The Swamiji wanted therefore to devote his time and energy to creation and the Mintane.

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