Saneeswara Temple

Neelamangalam Saneswarar temple Karnataka

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Neelamangalam Saneswarar temple Karnataka

Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple

Sri Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanasawadi has located 14 Km from Nelamangala on Nelamangala-Doddaballapur Road in Doddaballapur taluk, Karnataka, a good way off. Additionally, this spot is called as Chikka Madhuri. Like Shaneshwara Temple at Pavagada in the Tumkur locale, the sanctuary is similarly significant and holy. Reasonable routes from Rajanukunte to Chikka Madurai Road, Karnataka is 18.8 kilometers away and takes up.

Neelamangalam Saneswarar temple Karnataka
Neelamangalam Saneswarar temple Karnataka

The Sri Shani Mahatma Temple is dedicated to one of the planets of Hindu Astrology, Lord Shani Mahatma (Saturn). Shani or Shanishwara is one of the nine planets that gazes over Hindu crystals. Shanishwara, is Saturn’s epitome. He is Suryadeva ‘s child, and Chaya Devi, his second spouse. He is one of the heavenly divinities most hated and venerated.

Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple
Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple

Ganga Hanumaiah, a community rancher, founded the Shani Mahatma Temple situated at Chikka Madhure. The sanctuary draws in lovers in huge numbers especially on Shravana Masa’s Saturdays (starting in late July and finishing in the third stretch of seven days of August). It is agreed the harmful impacts of Sade sathi or Ashtama Shani or Panchama Shani may be disposed of or diminished

On the side of this you can see part of individuals offering Ellu Batti directly in front of the sanctuary to the chimney. ‘Ellu Batti’ means dark sesame seeds are placed in tiny bits of fabric and attached with a dark string, plunged into Gingelly oil (sesame oil).

Yearly Festival

The yearly festivities at which a sign of Shanishwara is carried out in a bunch of lovers at a procession on a chariot drive. Individuals succeed in these present situations sanctuary appealing to Lord Shanimahayhma and offering Ellu Batti-dark sesame seeds wrapped up in a bit of material and swallowed gingelly oil. For honor Lord Shanishwara, the commitment is acknowledged.

Address and Phone Number:

Sri Shani Mahatma Temple

Sri Kshetra Kanasawadi (Chikka Madhure)

Telephone Number: +91 – 80 – 7653723

Sanctuary Timings:

6 AM to 8 PM. Maha Poooja is done at 8 PM consistently.

Path cut off from Kanasawadi or Chikka Madhure


Nelamangala to Madhure Chikka 16.6 km

Doddaballapur to Madhure Chikka 18 Km

Bangalore to Madhure Chikka 40 Km

Chikka Madhure is 44.2 km from Nayanda Halli to kanasawadi and traveling takes around 1 h 6 min via NH75 and Nelamangala-Chikkaballapura.

Good routes from Nelamangala to Chikka Madhure are 16.6 km long, and take about 24 minutes via Nelamangala Road / Nelamangala-Chikkaballapura.

Instructions for Achieving Chikka Madhure

By private vehicle: take the Bangalore-Pune Highway to Nelamangala. Get into the town of Nelamangala and then take the road to Doddaballapur.

By Bus: Take a Bangalore Metro to Nelamangala if you want to get there by transportation. You will get another transport from Nelamangala to take you to Madhure, on Doddabellapore Road. If you want to use a bus, take the interstate Bangalore-Pune until you reach Nelamangala. Take the route from Nelamangala to Doddabellapore.

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