Saneeswara Temple

Nagapattinam Dasaratha king Dedicated Kayaroganeswarar Temple

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Nagapattinam Dasaratha Dedicated Site (Kayaroganeswarar Temple)

The mythological name of Nagapattinam is ‘Kadal Nagai Karonam’. The Moolavar of this temple is Lord Shiva, who is called as ‘Kayaroganeswarar’ here. Goddess Mother’s name is ‘Neelayadatchi’ or ‘Karunthadankanni’. ‘Injury’ means ‘sick’. ‘Aaroganam’ means ‘hugging embracement with the body’. The name ‘Kayaroganar’ was given to Lord in this place and the place was called ‘Kayaroganam’ as Isan here attached & associated the body of Pundarika Maharishi with his Shivalinga.

Nagapattinam Dasaratha Dedicated Site (Kayaroganeswarar Temple)
Nagapattinam Dasaratha Dedicated Site (Kayaroganeswarar Temple)

Saneeswarar worshiped by Dasaratha

When Saneeswarar enters the Rohini star, there is a famine called Rohini ‘Sakada Patham’. Dasaratha, who ruled Ayodhya, knew in advance that this famine would happen in his country so he went to war against Saneeswaran in the interest of the people of the country. Then the sun lord advised him that was not easy to conquer the Saturn and that it was better to worship him than to oppose him. Accordingly Dasaratha worshiped Lord Shiva here and asked for grace from the sight of Saneeswaran. Satisfied that he had unselfishly dared to oppose himself for the good of the country, Saneeswara praised Dasaratha and blessed him without famine, and Lord Saturn arose here for Dasaratha’s request.

Nagapattinam Dasaratha Dedicated Site (Kayaroganeswarar Temple)
Nagapattinam Dasaratha Dedicated Site (Kayaroganeswarar Temple)

Pundarika Maharishi did penance by asking for a place in heaven with a human body. His penance was mesmerized, So Eason ascended Rishi’s body within himself (called “Aaroganam”) and gave salvation. In this Temple Moolavar Kayaroganeswarar is the self-portrait. He looks like a large Shivalinga with a forehead Mark, facing towards east & seated here. This is a great holy place here Lord Shivan gives his darshan as a SomasKandhar from the Moola Siva Lingam for the Saptha Rishis like Markandeyar, Agathiyar, Vashishtar, Gautama, Kaspar, Bulathiyar, Angrasar. There is a statue of Lord Somaskanda with Lord Murugan in the middle of Lord Shiva and Ambal in a separate chamber behind the Moolavar. The belief is that the “Child Boon” will definitely be available if worshiped at this place.

Nagapattinam, also known as ‘Kadalnagai’, which is the holy birth place of an incarnation of Adipaththa Nayanar, one of the sixty-three Nayans. It was the fisherman Adipathanayanar who, among the daily fishes caught in the nets, dedicated the first fish to Isan. That is, he would leave the first fish of the day intact in the sea again dedicated to Eisen. He continued to do this work even in abject poverty.

One day, Adipathanayana got only one fish. He gladly dedicated it to the Lord. The family was starving that day. However, the Adipathar was satisfied with the work he had done for Shiva. The next day the goldfish were caught in Athipatha’s net. He dedicated to the Eesan even that fish also. Lord Siva, delighted at the thought of the throat sacrificing the precious goldfish to the Lord even in poverty, captivated him by giving him a display(Darshan). This event took place on the Star of Aayilyam day of the month of Aavani.

Nagapattinam Nilayadatchi Sametha Kayaroganeswarar Temple has a separate sanctum sanctorum. On the day of Avani-Ayilya, they go to the sea near the temple with a boat and a fishing net to perform the event which was blessed by Eesan to the Adhiapatha. On the evening of Avani Ayilya day, Kayaroganeswara Swami leaves the temple with Nilayadatchi Amman. Thousands of devotees will accompany him to Naga New Beach.

Then they put the idol of Adipathar in a boat and take it into the sea and perform the event where Adipathar dedicates the gold fish to Lord Shiva. Usually, if someone dies near the temple the temple shrine will be closed. The shrine will be opened only after performing the Parikara Pujas. But only at this point will the temple shrine remain open. In order to pay homage to Adipatta Nayanar, who was blessed by Lord Shiva, an event is held on behalf of Lord Shiva in this temple, if anyone dies in this city.

The body of the deceased will be laid in front of the temple. Then Sivacharya will wear the garland and robe which worn to the Shivalingam in the sanctum to the deceased also give theertham. After that they will be carried for the funeral. It is believed that by doing so the soul of the deceased attains Sivapatham. Like Kasi, this temple also has a Mukti Mandapam. Salvation after death is guaranteed due to the worship of Lord Sivan and Goddess Ambal here. If we live with devotion while living, Sivapatham is sure after our life. To liberate the souls of the dead, one can worship Isan here by lighting the ‘Motsa lamp’.

The Musukuntha Chakravarthy who helped Indra deva who received the 7 lingams they placed them on seven platforms and worshiped. It is called ‘Vidangalingam’ because it was a very small lingam.  This place is one of the places named as ‘Sapta Vidangalingam’. The lingam here is very beautiful and made of gometakam. Hence he is called ‘Sundara Vidangar’. To the right of the Shiva shrine is a separate shrine to Thiyagaraja. In most temples only the face can be seen. This place is decorated with bells to see the right hand and foot of the Swami on the occasion of the Markazhi festival during the Vaikasi Visakha festival. Only on these two days can Thiagarajan’s darshan shown in this getup.


At this point, Ambika is as graceful as the sea, and her eyes are blue in the color of the sea, which is why she is called Nilayadatchi. She is also known as “Karunthadangkanni”. Here she has a shrine with a separate flagpole. Ambika is on display at the temple during the pre-wedding virgin season, so the Adipura festival is celebrated here with much fanfare. It is special to go to Ambal Veediula in a chariot made of porcelain throughout the festival. The shrine is arranged like a chariot. Since she was alone Shiva sent Nandi Deva safely to her. He said that he always wanted to see Shiva so Shiva told him to bring himself from Ambali and see himself. Based on this, Ambal turns his neck completely to Nandi opposite and looks at the Shiva shrine. Nandi’s left eye is set as seen from Shiva and right eye is seen from Ambika. So this Nandi is called Double Vision Nandi for eye-related diseases you can pray to this Nandi.

What makes this temple special is that Lord Shiva as a self-portrait looks very gentle and beautiful.  The taste of the fruit of this temple mango tree is sour, sweet and bitter. One of the seven Vidanga places. (Thiyagaraja – Sundara Vidangar, Dance – Paravaradharanga Dance). Like the Kailai and the Kasi, this holy place has a Mukti Mandapam. You can worship the Sapta Rishis and Somaskandar behind the Moolavar Kayarogana Swami. Lord Mavadi Pillaiyar is located near the Sthala Viruksham Mango Tree. Dakshinamurthy, Adimudikana Annal, Arthanarisuvarar, Durga and Pitchadanar are in the Kostam of Moolavar Karuvarai. Nearby is the Chandigeshwarar Shrine. The Pundarika Theertham called Sarva Theertham is located to the west of the temple, the Deva Theertham called Sivagangai is located near the Mukti Mandapam, and also Devanadhi Upparu running West side of the Town. It is considered to be the best place to bathe on special days as the sea is also be the best Tirth.

The site where the Lord gave the “wedding scene” to the Sage Agathiyar; The place where the Lord appeared to the Sapta Rishis from the Moola lingam and showed as Somaskandara. Kayaroganeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India. The chief deity is called Kayarohana and his consort is called Nilayadatchi. This Shiva temple is located in Nagapattinam. In Nagapattinam, near the Shiva Temple, is a shrine of Divya Desam to Lord Vishnu. The temple is located at a distance of 2 km from the Nagapattinam bus stand.

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