Saneeswara Temple

Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple in Kerala

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Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple in Kerala

The Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple is Kerala ‘s oldest 

                                                                 temple, with Lord Shaneeshwara as its principal deity.

The planet Saturn is referred to as Shani in Hindu mythology. Shani is referred to as ‘Ishwara’ or ‘Shaneeswara’ because of the unusual rank decided to by the world in Indian society. Saturn is deemed the most hostile planet in unfriendly places, but its wrath can be foreshadowed by outstanding poojas and interventions, such as Dwitheeya Shanivara Maseshti, Nirajanam

Individuals seeking aid from Shani dosham (Saturn’s wrath) will visit the Temple of Shaneeshwara, implore and conduct pariharams (remedies).

Individuals searching for relief from Shani dosham (Saturn’s anger) can visit the Temple of Shaneeshwara, ask for and conduct pariharams (remedies).

Eramathoor was where most of Brahmins stayed on antiquated times. They used to hold divine yagas and poojas within the town at the present day Eramathoor Nadakashala, now otherwise known as Nadala.

Proofs of the presence of Shaiva religion in this holy land location renowned for yagas and havanams remain. This sacred land had a place with a conspicuous Brahmin Mutt until the most recent 50 years. They also missed the land graciousness act of developing the territories of the Kingdom. The way of life and practice of worshiping Master Shaneeshwara was embraced by these Brahmin settlers 

The Shani word is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Shanaih Charaha’ and means ‘strong mover.’ Shani is the distinctive symbol of material world austerity or rejection.

Shaneeswara is the karaka (marker) of order, authority, mature age, austerity, hopelessness, laborers, delays, aspiration, administration and authority, honesty, notoriety and unparalleled shrewdness in Indian soothsaying. 

Shaneeswara is the slowest Earth among the Navagrahas (nine planets) * that takes 2 1⁄2 years to complete a transition. Individuals born in different rashis (zodiac signs) are reported to undergo great / sick impacts as credited to Lord Shaneeswara according to the celestial positions of Saturn in the zodiac.

Individuals embodied by Saturn (who have Shaneeswara in great circumstances in natal horoscopes) will accomplish the most remarkable accomplishment and become powerful, impossible to be willing to manage the appetite for material solaces and to give up the higher will. During Shaneeswara ‘s planetary effect, if the locals do great things, they look at the old and send some of their earnings to the needy.

Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple in Kerala
Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple in Kerala

Reasonable pariharams (medicinal deeds) should be carried out during Shaneeswara’s antagonistic journeys / times.

Benefits / Malefications Jupiter has The Shani word is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Shanaih Charaha’ which means ‘strong mover.’ Shani is the natural world ‘s guide to parsimony or repudiation.

Shaneeswara is the karaka (pointer) of power, sovereignty, mature age, depression, hopelessness, labor, uncertainties, ambition, effort and sovereignty, integrity, reputation, and unrivaled wisdom in Indian crystal gazing.

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