Saneeswara Temple

Saneeswara Warangal Telangana

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Saneeswara Warangal Telangana

The sanctuary is in the town of Vargal, some 48 kilometers from Hyderabad. Vargal has acknowledged the arranged sanctuary of Sri Vidya Saraswathi or the pictorial foundation in which there is one of a kind development of stone and a valley around this slope. Here is a sanctuary dedicated to Master Shani, with a major sculpture estimated at 3 feet in height, one of the greatest.

Saneeswara Warangal Telangana
Saneeswara Warangal Telangana

The hillock of Vergal has various sanctuaries on a similar slope.

•             Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Temple

•             Sri Vidya Saraswati sanctuary

•             Lord Shanishwara Temple

•             Lord Shiva Temple

Few Vishnava temples with no mola vigrahas in it are actually completely affected.

This sanctuary complex was Sri Yamavaram Chandrashekhara Sharma ‘s mind offspring scholarly devotee of Saraswathi crystal gazer goddesses and a vast expert. As an investigator he unexpectedly has through faceted drills.

In 1998 under the gathering that called themselves Satya patam seva samethi the structure procedure for the above sanctuary was initiated. This board of trustees has started sc

The Bhoomi pooja was performed at Vasantha Panchami in 1989 and the establishment stone was laid for the Sri Saraswathi Devi sanctuary. On this day it should be noted that they had only Rs. 2700.When they started to proliferate about the way to building Saraswathi Temple of gifts poured in as a flood. The development procedure proceeded along these lines without any prevention with the aid

For the figures of the goddesses Sri Vidya Saraswathi Devi and Lord Shani, Magashudda Trayodashi Pushpagiri petadipate Sri Vidya Nrusinha Bharati Swamy built the framework in haven. This haven was later dedicated to Kanchi Petam, and in 1999 Kanchi Petam’s Sri Shankara Vijaya Saraswathi began a Vedic Patashala, with the inauguration of Lakshmi Ganapathi in 2001.

The Construction expenditure for this asylum exceeded 1 crore of rupees. The asylum has 13 and half places in which land on the east side has been planned as an amusement center, library, crisis center in its future growth.

Reliably 100 of the people in the asylum complex were provided without food to stay with the haven in a significant devouring space.

During the time of Dussehra 1000’s of darlings visit the safe house consistently. Vigneshwara Pooja starts at haven in Dussehra. The performance included Arathi, Kukumarchana, Mantha Pushpam, Maha Abishekam Navaratri Kalasha Sthapana Chathu Sha shatyu pachara pooja. Laksha pooja Archana Pustaka Roopini Saraswathi Pooja Ashtothara Shathakalasha Abishekam The goddesses Saraswati, on the last day of Vijayadarshanam

Pooja for Lord Shani Special pooja will be performed on every saturday Trayodashi shani that is moving forward. The poojas for the Lord Shani began at 5 a.m. Throughout the first part of the day, Homam will be done at Lord Shani beginning with Ganapathi pooja and Japam, with Tarpana. The Lord Sheni is to be venerated with wax, called Taila Abishekam.

The Homam for Lord Sheni will be done with Poornahuthi, Arathi etc. at 12:00 early afternoon, this is a great opportunity for this sanctuary that attracts fans from all over A.P and different spots in India in 1000’s.

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