Saneeswara Temple

Malad Shani Dev Mumbai

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Malad Shani Dev Mumbai

The Temple of Shree Shaneeshwara is located at Laxman Nagar, Kurar Town, Malad East and Mumbai. It is an asylum committed to Lord Shaneeshwara, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Durgamata and Lord Shankara. The haven has a fantastic, more than 40-year, exacting and incredible past (established in 1974), which attracts countless darlings from far-off areas outside. The Shree Shaneeshwara haven is deemed one of the most powerful.

Malad Shani Dev Mumbai
Malad Shani Dev Mumbai

A lot of lovers are attracted by the annual festivals (Shani Jayanti) in which a symbol of Shree Shaneeshwara is taken out on a chariot care. People put these current circumstances into being haven to cater to ace Shaneeshwara and deliver “Before Deepa” (dull sesame seeds worked up in a touch of dim texture and held till oil).

The Shree Shani Mahatma Pooja Samiti, a licensed entity (under the Indian Society Act, and the Bombay Charity Commissioner Act), works with the haven’s ordinary activities. Through adopting methodologies and methods of political culture, the trustees / leading group of trustees is selected for in usual periods.

Shree Shani Dev

Shree Shaneeshwara is one of the nine planets that gazes over Hindu crystals. Saturn is an epitome of Shree Shaneeshwara. Individuals are mostly afraid of Hindu God Shani Dev because they don’t think much about his positive outlook. It is accepted in our general public that Shani Dev is the divine force of truth and helps those who follow the path of truth throughout the world.


Nilanjan Samabhasam the Yamagrajam Raviputram

The Sambhootam Chhaya Martanda,

Hat Shanaishcharam namedThe importance of mantra: I bow to god Shani dev, who is dark in shading and Sun’s child and destined for Chhaya and Yama Dev’s sibling, who is gradually moving. This maha chant is important in their horoscope for the persons who have the period Saturn / Shani or Sade Sathi.

Malad Shani Dev Mumbai
Malad Shani Dev Mumbai
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