Saneeswara Temple

Madapalli Saneeswarar

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Madapalli Saneeswarar

This territory was the sacred ashram of the sage Dhadhichi Maharshi, in long stretches of you re. This loner Dhadhichi has done an incomparable penance in giving his essential spinal card to the legendary Lord Indra’s Vajrayudha for the powerful and impressive arm. What was used for the execution of risky asuraas In the eight headings, the weapons employed by the eight suras called astadikpalakas executed incalculable spooky devils. Two separate evil spirits named Aswadha and Pippala visited the area in comparison to revenge for the death of these demons, and discovered unimaginable hevoc.

Madapalli Saneeswarar
Madapalli Saneeswarar

Lastly, the prominent recluse “Agasta” living in South India forcing the supplications of the individuals and their ruler guaranteed them the passing of these aganists in the possession of “Master Sani” the Sun god’s child We even bid Sani deva to take control of them by avoiding these awful “Aswadha and Pippala” beasts. Sani wanted to kill the beasts he required to fight a battle for a year of taxes and slaughtered them. He added an image of “Ruler Siva” here, as a symbol of this glorious victory. This Sivalinga government was necessary to cover up lords’ sins which had a position with the Kasyapa Dynasty. Sani provided penance to the transgression of Brahma hatya by implementing and revering Lord Siva, in submission to the frightened teach over the Maharushis.

After that, Sani proclaimed that anyone who venerates this Linga by offering the dear gingelli oil, and so on, would be blessed. He further said he would favor such fans by dissuading all the shades of malice that occur to them because of the satru vile. So Lord Eswara is known prominently as Mandeswara’s Saneswara. Individuals therefore offer gingelli items of high reputation to Sani who is the diet

Madapalli Saneeswarar
Madapalli Saneeswarar

Different Temples Inside Mandapalli

Sri Brahmeswara Swamy

In ancient days this was where Lord Brahma performed an exceptional YAGNAM and henceforth it is called Brahmagundam, as the Yagnam’s consecrated shot hasn’t quenched for quite some time. Gouthama Maharshi, thought it, made Godavari stream to stream. It is then otherwise called Brahmagundam. In this spot Ruler Brahma introduced the “Eswara” icon.

Sri Nageswara Swamy

After the Asuras were slaughtered by Saturn, he talented away from the Maharshis and “Brahmins,” the sacred district. “Karkotaka” a fierce Snake-King had done expiation here. The Maharshis were horrendously frightened by the Karkotaka and the “Karkotaka” left the spot at their request. If anyone introduces the Lord Siva icon and worships him, he will be freed from the

Swamy-Sri Venugopala

Dhadhichi Maharshi led in Gopala Kshetram at the banks of the Godavari. Gowthama Maharshi prayed to Trayambakeswara for the flow of the Ganga waterway from his Jhata Jhutam to dispose of the wrongdoings. As a result, Gowthama Maharshi put the icon of Lord Venu Gopala Swami next to the shore, this location is named Gopala Kshetram.


Kalyanam of Sri Swamivaru (Magha Bahula Ekhadasi) (February/March each year).

o             Devi Navaratrulu (Aswayuja Masam Nine days) (September/October consistently).

o             Karthika Masam (November/December consistently).

o             Lakshapatri Puja (Karthika Masam) (November/December consistently).

o             Sani Trayodasi Festivals.

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