Saneeswara Temple

Kutchanur Saneeswarar Temple

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Kutchanur Saneeswaran Temple

Saneeswara Bhagavan who is worshipped as one of the Navagrahas set up in Hindu places of worship also raised for devotees as a sub-temple of some temples, But Kutchanur is the one & only individual temple for Lord Saneeswara Baghavan in Tamil Nadu.

Kutchanur Saneeswaran Temple
Kutchanur Saneeswaran Temple

Kutchanur Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple is located on the west bank of the main canal, which is a tributary of the glorious Suruli River, also known as the Surabi River in the Kambam Valley of Theni District. If the affected people of Saturn Dosam come to this temple and pray fervently, they will be able to overcome the temptations and prosper in life. Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu also visit this temple to seek Sani Baghavan’s help to their newly started business, grow their business, and live well with their families. At present, believers of Hindu religion from other parts of India and from abroad such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and Nepal visit the Saneeswara Bhagwan Temple & worship to seek redressal of their grievances.

History of the Temple

A king named Dinakaran, who ruled the region, prayed daily to the Lord to give him a child as he was depressed without a child. One day while he was praying like this, heard some “Asareeri”. In that asareri it was said that a Brahmin boy would come to his house and He has to raise him and after that, he would have a child. According to the scripture, a Brahmin boy came in a few days. The king also named that boy Chandravathanan. After that, a boy child was born to the queen. The king and queen named the child Sadagan. Both children grew up and became adults. Chandravathanan was very intelligent. Though he was the adopted son of Chandravathan, he was crowned with the idea that it was right to make him king for his intellectual ability.

Cause of his kind worship, Lord Saneeswara appeared in front of him. He said, “Saturn dosa occurred in this birth, for the sins he committed in the previous life of him. According to their sinful deeds, Saturn doshas come to them for seven and a half hours, seven days, seven and a half months, and seven and a half years. Those who benefit from their misery in these times and those who do good with their duties will ultimately benefit according to their good deeds. Suffering comes to your father according to his Past zenma sins.

Chandra Vathanan also agreed to it.Chandravathanan who came as an orphan to the house and raised by his adopted father Dinakaran.  The adopted son begged him to alleviate his suffering by giving him the hardships that would befall him who made himself king of the country.  Satisfied with his request, Lord Saturn will replace him with his father for seven and a half hours and during that seven and a half hours he will suffer a lot.  He also warned that all of that suffering must be experienced.

Lord Saneeswara agreed and gave him many severe sufferings for seven and a half hours. Lord Saneeswara reappeared before Chandravathan, who accepted all the sufferings and disappeared, saying, “Even this seven-and-a-half-hour period of Saturn dosa bliss came to you according to the reactions of your fore birth. I will alleviate the suffering of anyone who comes to this place and worships me, realizing their grievances and receive ultimately make them benefits. Then he appeared as (suyambhu) spontaneously in that place.

At the place where the self-shaped Saneeswara Bhagavan appeared,  Chandravathanan, his worship, holding Saturn Dosa and thinking that it should be a guide for others who are suffering because of it, He built a small temple in Shenbaganallur by using “Kuchupul” and made it a place of worship.  After this, Shenbaganallur became known as Kutchanur. The history of this place is mentioned in an ancient book titled “Dinakaran Manmiyam”.

Worship and specialties

Although daily worship is conducted at the Kutchanur Arulmigu Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple, special worship is conducted on Saturdays. Every year on the coming Saturdays in the month of Audi is celebrated in a very special way under the name of “The Grand Audi Festival” (Aadi Perunthiruvizha). Especially the “Saturn Shift Festival” (Sani Peyarchi Thiruvizha) is also held 2 and a half years once during the biennial Saturn Shift like this. During these festivals, millions of people from Tamil Nadu and other states come to the temple to resolve their grievance.

In the self-contained Saneeswara Bhagavan temple, the “Vidattai tree” is the head tree, the “Karunguvalai flower” is the head flower and the “Vanni leaf” is the head leaf. For Saneeswara Bhagavan the “crow” is the vehicle and the “sesame” the grain. Devotees who come here worship with sesame lamps and feed food for crow.

The self-growing arubi-shaped lingam is here which has been restricted to the by the turmeric rope. This temple is also said to be the historical site where Lord Saneeswara Baghavan relieved from his brahmagathi Dosham.

In this temple, Arulmigu Sonai Karuppana Swami and Arulmigu Lada Sannyasi are being as the sub-deities.

Audi Festival

The festival will start with the flag hoisting ceremony on Saturdays in the Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple at Kuchanur. Special Puja, Tirukkalyanam, Audi festival will be celebrated on the third Saturday. There will be a special pooja, Swami’s departure, pooja at the Lada Siddhar Shrine, sprouting, karakam, Kalakkudhal, yellow bathing, Pongal for Sonai Karuppanasamy, The unfurling of the flag and special pooja for the Lord will happen.

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