Saneeswara Temple

Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur

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Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur

Name of the Lord: Vanmeekanathar, Purtidankondar (Moolattanam-Poongovil) Thiagarajar

Name of the Goddess: Alliyampoonkothai, Kamalambikai, Nilothpalampal

Head tree: Priest

Theertham: Kamalalayam, Sangu Theertham, Gaya Theertham, Vani Theertham

Worshipers: Thirumal, Thirumakal, Rama, Manmadhan, Musukuntha Chakravarti. Thiyagarasar Temple is one of the largest temples in India. “It is not possible to say when Thiruvarur temple appeared.” Thirunavukkarasar wondered and sang in his entry about the antiquity of the temple and its significance. Ezhil Thiruvarur is the first and foremost of the Sapta Vidangat sites. Following Thiruvarur, Sri Thiyagaraja Peruman Temple is located at Thirumaraikadu (Vedaranyam), Thirunallar, Thirukuvalai, Thirunakaikaronam (Nagapattinam), Thirukkaravasal and Thiruvaimur.

Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur
Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur

History has it that Sembian Madhavi, the wife of one of the later Chola kings, Kandaraditya Chola, converted the temple into a “Kattrali temple” and later expanded it during the reign of the Kulothunga kings. Eight Durga temples have been dedicated at Thiruvarur temple. Mahishasuramartini in the first prakara is the main Durga. There are also 2 Durga Shrines in the first Prakaram. Four in the second prakaram and one in the Kamalampal Sannidhi. The highlight of the temple is the presence of a total of eight Durga Shrines in the temple, Only in this revision can it be seen that all the nine planets are obey to Thiyagaraja Swamy and are located in the single order towards the Thyagaraja Swamy shrine in a southerly direction. One of the highlights of the temple is the appearance of the Navagrahas in a row.

Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur
Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur

Kamalambika Sannidhi:

The Kamalambika Temple is located in the third prakaram facing east in a northwesterly direction. Ambika Sirasil, who has arisen here, is sitting in a yoga posture like Sarveshwaran, holding a Ganga and a pira. One of the Parasakthi pedestals.

Nilotpalambal Sannidhi:

Here Ambal is shown with two arms as Adhisakthi. Alliyangodai is the name in Tamil and Nilotpalampal in the northern language. Ambal is found here with a uniqueness not found anywhere else.

A woman stands to the left of Ambal, holding a boy on her shoulder. The statue is carved in a single stone, as if Ambal was holding his left hand on his head. She is holding a vase of flowers in her right hand. Such a portrait is not found anywhere else, and the schoolhouse in the sanctuary is unique. Thiruvarur is the birthplace of salvation. Correction of the temple with five fences, the pond with five fences, the largest Shiva temple and the theertham called Kamalalayam.

It is a proud correction that Lord Thiyagaraja walked in the streets of this town at midnight to send a messenger to Paravai Nachiyar for him at the request of Sundarar. Viranminda Nayanar, Nami Nandi Adigal Nayanar, Cheruthunai Nayanar, Thandiyadikal Nayanar, Sucharsinga Nayanar etc. Once inside the Thiruvarur Temple, it is a special place where there are so many shrines that there is no way to spread out the folded arms.

It is said that after bathing in the Kamalalaya Tirtha, Nala Maharajan, who was distressed by Saneeswara, lost Saneeswara’s effects and attained liberation from the gaze of Saneeswara. Thus the people of Sanidhisha believe that if they bathe in this Tirtha, they will get relief from their Sanidhisa difficulties. Therefore Nala Maharaj bathed in this Kamalalaya Tirtha and worshiped Ambal Kamalambika and was liberated from the direction of Saturn.

Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur
Kamalalayam Theertham,Thirunaraiyur

Kamalalayam Theertham.

The story of Nalan, Damayanti Nala Maharaja ruled in the North side of India. This story was told about Nala Maharajan in the branch of the story Mahabharatham.

 Nala Maharajan was the recipient of indescribable charm and wisdom. His wife Tamayanti Pattathurani was once seen as a beauty. Once upon a time, Nala Damayanthi was resting in the shade of a tree to enjoy the wildlife and nature in the forest. At that time, Nalan has seven and a half Saturn Dosas, so he is touched by a snake called Carcodon in the form of a snake. Nala Maharajan tears his wife’s top off  cloth wear it and leaves Tamayanthi in the dark, and gone away some mentally disturbed mind. When Saturn falls on the seventh Saturn will lose all the prestige and beauty of the material position in that period so the welfare is affected so Saturn 7th place Second place 5th place Saturn is in those places then if the child is born then the husband wife section is sure, No matter how great he is, he renounces everything and dies with all his dignity. At the same time, Nala Maharajan is also a cook. At the end of Saturn’s time, people born in any corner of the world will come to Tanjore in the Southern District to make amends. So in twenty-one worlds Gods, sages, Rishi, MahaRajas and kings are coming here to attain absolution. The temple here is incarnated as Brahma Mahavishnu.The temple history told about us the King of Harichandra, Pandavas are cure their karma here. Tirthamadi in this Kamalalayam  temple and the Thiyagaraja Swamy here can also be seen in the Kamalambika Ambal. The temple and the Kamalalaya pool are located at five fences and both the temples are located at five fences at five fences. History has it that Maharaja Dasaratha was born here after bathing in Rama, Lakshmanan, Shahrukh Khan., and Bharatha. History has it that the emperor Musukunta came to this place in the year and Kamalamuni visited Kamalambika bathing in this pool. According to Hinduism 64 Art 64 Yoga Art Tosham Benefit Stamp All of these are numbered 64. This pool is located in the four directions and is the place where 64 doshas, crimes and sins are committed. On all four sides of the pond are inscriptions that alleviate these defects There are inscriptions saying that Annathanam is the remedy for these defects. Kasi Viswanathar Temple is located in the south east corner. There the deceased can donate Homam Puja to attain peace of soul. Here the curse is found in the blessings of human life, Business Profit Life All of this is prevented during these seven-day Saturn periods of our life.  The curse of having all these imperfections is available after bathing in this Kamalalayakulam so Nalamakarajan takes  a bath in this theertham. Comes out and gets a little clearer as his seven Saturns get rid of the evil. That is, the judge of the world, Saneeswara Bhagavan, corrects them by punishing them without punishing them for any crime. Saturn identifies the good and the bad during orientation of Saneeswara Bhagavan. Bathing in the Tirtha Kamalalaya pool, Thiyagaraja, Kamalambika, worships and goes north but does not know who he is. There is a temple called Naganathaswamy in the center of the Kamalai Pond. This Naganathasamy is there to cure the defects of these zodiac signs. It is said that a big snake lives in this temple.

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