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Saturn Shift (Shift of Saneeswara Bhagavan)

Today we are going to see the shift of Saneeswara, who is a cause of fear to those who do evil deeds, who can be praised as Justice Karagan, Karmakaragan, Ayulkaragan in the Navagrahas.

Saturn is the slowest of the new planets and the last of all the planets. And all human beings born on this earth are born with some kind of karma.

It is the job of the Saturn Bagavan to make them enjoy their karma and to achieve the full purpose of their birth. So Lord Saturn’s purpose is to make the karmic reactions that one has to do in life very fast and get rid of his karmic reactions. Karma is the action of one soul based on the good deeds done by another soul and the unfulfilled desires of that soul. He solves the karmic records that may have developed and makes us enjoy the karmic records. That is why Saturn is revered as the one who removes troubles and upholds justice, and Saturn is so famous that there are no people who are not afraid of Saturn. It is noteworthy that has made him live life to the fullest. So let us see in detail one by one what is happening to the country due to this Saturnalia and what are the benefits for the Twelve Zodiac Signs.

According to the Vakiya Panchanga, Saturn shifts to Capricorn on the 11th day of the month of Marwari, Saturday, 57 days, 04 minutes, i.e. on the 26th of December, 2020, ie the second foot of the zodiac.

Due to the shift of Lord Saturn to Capricorn,

Lord Saturn is shift from the auspicious position to the tenth position for Aries.

Saturn Bhagavan, who stood in the Ashta position for Taurus and gave Ashtama Saturn Tosha, is now shifting to Bhagaya position away from Tosha.

Lord Saturn, who was giving Ganda Saturn Tosha to Gemini sitting in the Saptama position, moves away from it and causes Ashtama Saturn Tosha in the Ashtama position.

Lord Saturn, who was in the (Roga Sthan) sick position for Kataka zodiac, is now coming to the saptama position and causing the Ganda Saturn Tosha.

Saturn lord who was in the famine (Panchama) position for Leo zodiac is now shifting to the sick (Roga) position

Lord Saturn, who was in Arthashtama Tosha for Virgo, is now shifting to Panchama.

Saturn, who was in the brave position of Libra, is now coming to the comfortable position and causing Arthastama Saturn Tosha.

Saturn Tosham, who was in Scorpio for the last seven and a half years, is now relieved and Saturn is shifting to a brave position.

Saturn Tosham, which was Janma Saturn for Sagittarius, is now shifting to Family Saturn Tosha.

Saturn, which was bad for Capricorn, is now shifting to Janma Saturn.

Saturn, which was profitable for Aquarius, is now coming to waste and starting seven Saturn Toshas.

Saturn lord who travels in the profit position to Pisces is about to give Saturn shift benefits.

So let’s see in each zodiac sign what the twelve zodiac signs are going to experience due to this Saturn shift.

Let us first see what will be the benefit to the country from the pacification.

Saturn, who is generally revered as the Thozhil Karagan, Karma karagan is shifting to Capricorn, the so-called (Thozhil) Business Position, karmic position. There will be an increase in quotas, an increase in the livelihoods of the downtrodden, a crisis in government finances, a slight decrease in rainfall, a higher yield of oil-related crops, a rise in trade unions and a crisis for employers.

Let’s see what benefits will happen to the next twelve zodiac signs cause of Saturn Shifts.

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திருமிகு மீனம் எஸ் மணி பட்டாச்சாரியார்

திருமிகு மீனம் எஸ் மணி பட்டாச்சாரியார்

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