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Introduction of Navagrahas

A. The sun

Mari Maharishi is the eldest of the seven Rishis created by Brahma. Aditya is the child born to Aditi, the first wife of his son’s name, the planet known as the Sun. He has many other names like Kadiravan, Banu Adityan, Dhinakaran, Sunday. The only house in the 12 zodiac signs is the ruling zodiac. The triangle is the lion. Aries is at its peak. The ugly house is the brush.

Of the 27 stars, Krithika, Uttiram, Uttiradam and Surya are the essence. The sun plays the role of the soul, the father.

Moon, Mars and Guru are the three friendly planets to the Sun. Wednesday – Equal. Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the four hostile planets. He travels around 12 zodiac signs in a year at the rate of one month in a zodiac. The great direction of the sun is 6 years. During this short period of 5 years, the horoscope has not been read.

B. Moon

The Moon is the son of Atrimagarishi among the Saptarishis and the father of Mercury. He has many names like Chandran, Soman Mathi, Nilavu, You, Ambuli.

Chandran Deva Guru Prakaspati fell in love with Jupiter’s wife Tara and had a son named Mercury through her. Thus he was cursed by the demigod Datsarajan. Then, by the grace of Lord Shiva, he attained the development of dim light. This caused the moon to change its appearance after 15 days of eclipse and 15 days of growth.

The ruling house is the only zodiac house for the moon. That zodiac sign is Katakam. Pisces is a triangle and a zodiac sign. Scorpio is its ugly sign. The Moon takes 2 1/4 days to cross a zodiac sign and 27 1/2 days to orbit the zodiac. With such rapid travel, the planets in all 12 zodiacs meet once a month. This scene is called ‘Sankiragam’

The moon is a karagar for the intellect and the body & the mother also. Navagraha administration refers to it as the queen of the planets. Rohini, Astham and Thiruvonam have three star essence. Sun and Mercury will be super. Mars, Guru, Venus and Saturn are all equal. Rahu Ketu Genma Pagai.

When the Moon orbits in the 8th zodiac sign of the zodiac, the horoscope causes a lunar eclipse. Accidents and theft of property can occur even while traveling. Other planets will also make mistakes when it comes to the 8th zodiac.

C. Mars (Angaragan)

Mars is the son of Bharathwasar, one of the Saptarishis. This Tuesday, because of the grace of Ganesha

He also became known as ‘Mangalan’. Raised by Bhumadevi, Bhoomi became Karagan ‘. He is also known as the planet of war. He holds the position of Commander-in-Chief in Planetary Administration.

2nd place in the planets. For him Aries and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs and rule houses. Capricorn is the supreme house. Aquarius is a bad zodiac sign. Zodiac, Chithirai, Avittam These three stars are the dominant footsteps. The Sun, Moon and Guru are all friendly planets for him.

Venus – Saturn planets, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu are the three enemies. It takes months for him to cross a zodiac sign. It takes years to get around the 12 zodiac signs. Acts for his caricature, brothers, land, house, etc. Also called official Karagan.

This Tuesday also plays a role in the marriage that takes place between a man and a woman. He will make doshas in the name of ‘Tuesday doshas’. Marriage will not be prohibited if both the man and the woman are unhappy. It is not possible to get married from one person to another. It can even cause death.

D. Pudhan

Chandran, also known as Soman, is the eldest son of Atri Maharishi. He is an expert in astrology. The son of Guru’s Pattini, Tara and Moon, is now the next auspicious planet to Venus. For him, Gemini and Virgo are the two zodiac signs and Virgo is the hexagonal zodiac sign. Virgo is also located in the zodiac. Pisces is the sign of the zodiac.

Although Mercury is auspicious, if the sun meets or is seen with one of the popes like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury also becomes sinful. Mercury is a sinner who stands in the zodiac sign of Bobby, joins in, gets sight and gets pedestrian. Sun and Venus are friendly to him. Mars, Guru, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are equal, Moon is hostile. Mercury is a month to travel in a zodiac sign. It takes a year to orbit all 12 zodiac signs once. He is a Karagar for motherhood, education and magic. There is no benefit to a maternal relationship if Mercury is bad for a horoscope.

E. Guru (Viyazhan)

Guruve is the leader of the auspicious planets in the administration of the Navagraha. One who has the power to control the evil effect of the planets with his vision. Guru did not belong to the Saptarishis. He was called ‘Brahmarishi’ by 7 Brahmarishis created by Brahman and 7 Saptarishis. One of these Brahmarishis is Guru Prakashpati.

Devendran was the king of the gods. Prakaspati is the guru of that Thevarajan and Thevarkulam. He is also known as Guru and Jupiter. Gets the origin triangle in Sagittarius. Capricorn is the zodiac sign and Capricorn is the zodiac sign.

Among the stars, Punarpusam, Visakam and Purattadi are the three friendly planets for the Guru, the Sun, the Moon and Mars. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are equal. Mercury and Venus are hostile planets.

Guru takes one year to cross a zodiac sign. It takes 12 years to orbit all 12 zodiac signs. He is the recipient of Karagam like the sons of Danam.

The Guru, perverted, has more strength in his former zodiac sign even if he goes backwards or forwards from the zodiac in which he stands. Saneeswaran has similar power

F. Venus (Sukran)

The son of one of the Saptarishis, Brighu Maharishi, is known by the name of Venus (Venus). He is the auspicious planet next to the Guru. The closest planet to Earth is the Moon. The next planet is Venus. Taurus Libra Both zodiac signs are ruling houses. Libra is in the triangular zodiac sign of Pisces and Virgo is in the negative. Parani, Pooram and Puradam are dominated by these three stars


Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the four friendly planets for Venus. Mars and Guru are equal. The solar moons are hostile planets. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are the three planets of the month. All three planets orbit within the three constellations. Hence these are called trinity planets. Venus does not extend beyond 49 degrees beyond the Sun. Similarly, Mercury does not exceed 27 degrees beyond the Sun.

G. Rahu – Ketu

The foremost of the Saptarishis was Marisi Maharishi whose sons were leaked. 13 wives to the leaker. Hiranyan and Iraniyatsan were born to his second wife Didi. He also has a daughter, Simhi, and children were born to Manu, the 5th wife of the leaker. Their admiration has two faces

Suvarnabhu, the king, was born to this Viprasittu and to Hiranyan’s sister Simhi.

When the gods and demons crossed the Tirupati sea, a monster named Subarbanu came in line with the gods in disguise and stole the nectar.

Although the trunk was cut apart, he attained two forms due to his death.

These Rahu Ketu are in the order of the sinful planets. These are also called shadow planets, Chaya

Also called planets. The two stand at 180 degrees to each other and rotate in opposite directions to the other planets. In the zodiac, they both have no home of their own. It is said to have a peak in Scorpio and a peak in Taurus. Raku’s stars are Thiruvathira, Swathi and Satyam. Ketu’s stars are Aswini, Magam, by three. For them Saturn and Venus are friendly, Mercury and Guru are equal. The Sun, Moon, and Mars are hostile planets. For Rahu, yoga and bogam are karakam, and for Ketu, wisdom and motsam are planets

H. Saturn

The sons of Marisi Maharishi are leaked. The leaker has 13 wives. The sun was the chief among those who rose in the womb of the beloved wife Aditi. Saturn is the son of the sun.

Here are just a few examples of Saturn’s characteristics, astrology, and astrology in astrology. Surya, who came in the way of Kasiyapar, the son of Marisi Maharishi, was the original Purusha of the Sun kings. The Sun has four wives, Sangai, Prabha, Raivathanadu Princess and Sayadevi.

Prabha was born to a second wife, Prabha. Princess Raivathan gave birth to a son. Sayadevi, the fourth wife, gave birth to two sons, Savarni, Vishti Thapati and Saturn. Saturn, the consort of the Sun, received the grace of Lord Shiva without repentance and became a Navagraha and took place in the Navagraha administration. Parameswaran gave his life-giving power to Saturn and named Saturn as “Saneeswaran” so that everyone who dominated Saturn would become a devotee of Shiva.

Saniswara’s wife is Neelavathi. Ichchani has a temple at Thirunallar. If Shanti and Pujas are performed in it, the intensity of Saturn will decrease

In astrology Saturn is included in the Baba planetary order, and in the zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius are both ruling houses of Saturn. Aquarius is a right triangle. Libra is the apex, and Aries. The stars Pusam, Anusham and Uttaratadi are the three stars and Saturn’s dominant footsteps. Saturn has Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu friendship, Guru is the equal planet Sun, Moon, Mars are the three hostile planets. He will be more amazed at life. It takes 24 years to leave one zodiac sign and move on to another. It takes thirty years to orbit all 12 zodiac signs at one time and hence the name ‘Manthan’. He is also known as Kari and Mudavan by many names

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