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Capricorn zodiac Saturn shift benefits

Dear Capricorn Friends, Saturn lord sat on the throne till now and Saturn lord, who was causing a lot of distractions, disturbances and many physical harassments, Sarvari Year, 12th of Margazhi, Sunday  i.e. Since December 27th, 2020 onwards Lord Saturn comes from Sagittarius to his zodiac house Capricorn and causes them Janma Saturn Tosha. Let’s see what kind of impact this Janma Saturn will have on you.

Capricorn Saturn Saturn General Benefits

  • The marriage attempt will succeed.
  • Husband-wife unity will flourish
  • The recession of children will disappear
  • Debt problems will be solved
  • Get career advancement
  • Some departmental students will make achievements.

Extensive benefits

Lord Saturn is going to travel in your zodiac sign. Saturn travels with a special status of ‘Genmasani’ for your zodiac. For Capricorn, Saturn’s journey begins in the zodiac sign of Janma, which can be called ‘Dhanusthanam’. Saturn’s journey is going to take place with the special status of ‘Genmasani’ in Ezharaisani. Genmasaniyan is going to play an important role in setting up a better life partner for those who are trying to get married. Jeevanakaragan Saturn is going to pave the way for good progress in the industry for those who are involved in new business ventures. Saneeswaran is going to provide overseas education opportunity to students who are trying to go abroad for education.

Income / Occupation

This Saturn shift is a favorable moment for Capricorn lovers who are stuck in debt. This Saturn shift is the best time to get out of the debt problem. Those involved in businesses such as brokerage, commission and information technology can make good profits. The real estate industry can expect moderate profits. The wife will have a good rise in her status and make good progress in the family economy.

For those who are employed, the workload is higher in the early stages of sedation. The workload will decrease after June 2021. There will be good opportunities for those who are trying to start a new self-employment. Good progress in business will lead to good progress in business for those who keep the vehicle in good condition. Those who work in the field of communication, commission and advertising will make good progress and promotion in the office.


Students may have migraine headaches. Pain in the joints of the feet disappears in the elderly. Men can have eye problems. Children will be healthy. Women find themselves in a tense mood during these Saturn shift periods. Engage in meditation and yoga exercises to change from a tense mood to a happy mood.

Marital life Family

Unity prevails between husband and wife. During the period of September 2021, there will be minor disagreements between the husband and wife. Marriage attempt succeeds in those who are in a romantic relationship. Children are more likely to make good progress in their studies by increasing their susceptibility to depression. Senior citizens have opportunities to go on spiritual tourism.


Children who have studied moderately so far will pay more attention to study and study well. Those who study Maritime, Nursing, Human Resource Development and Psychology will successfully complete the course and excel in the course. Those studying electronics and information technology related research will discover new technologies and achieve world-class achievement.


Lord Saturn will give special benefits by donating oil to the temples on the outskirts of the city, giving hair offerings and helping the mentally ill, or the physically handicapped in the same area.

We conclude by praying that Saturn will provide all the resources for Capricorns in general, saying that this Saturn shift will be a time of good and bad luck. Thank you and good bye.

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திருமிகு மீனம் எஸ் மணி பட்டாச்சாரியார்

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