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Aquarius zodiac Saturn shift benefits

Dear Aquarius friends, Lord Saturn has been sitting in a position of profit till now and has been giving most of the benefits despite some physical harassment. In the year of Sarvari, on Sunday, 12th of Margazhi, i.e. December 27th, 2020, Lord Saturn moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the native house, and shifts to your zodiac sign in Virayasthana, causing ‘Viraya Saturn’ dosha. Come see how this Saturn shift can have any impact on you.

Aquarius Saturn Common Benefits

  • Husband and wife may be united
  • The Buddha will be blessed
  • Overseas travel can be an official pastime
  • Success is guaranteed if you work hard
  • It is rare to get a return on investment
  • Students will gradually progress academically.

Extensive benefits

Saturn travels in a wasteful position indicating the ionic zodiac well-being for the Aquarius zodiac and gives a view of the position of crap and family, the position of debt disease and the enemy, and the position of bliss. Kumbharasi is going to give a high position in the job and raise the status in the matters related to crap.

Income / Occupation

Aquarius lovers can get rid of problems and achieve good economic progress only if they work hard during the period of Ezharaisani. Medical professionals and medical professionals can achieve good economic superiority. Those who invest money and make a living will be able to make more profit economically and the economic status of those in government service will improve. The demand for science students will increase and the employment opportunities will increase for the legal professionals in the big company. Travel organizers who set up tours to neighboring countries will achieve good professional superiority and the need for psychologists and wellness trainers will increase. They will increase good official superiority and income.


Insomnia problem arises for Aquarius friends. Exercise and yoga can help you get rid of sleep problems. Speech to children may be delayed. Senior citizens may have heart problems. Needs attention. Women can suffer from obesity problems. Obesity can be relieved by eating a healthy and balanced diet and engaging in walking.


Lord Saturn is in the position of giving blessings to couples who are late for birth. For those in a romantic relationship, harmony in the relationship will increase. The marriage attempt will succeed. There may be reciprocity between husband and wife. There may be medical costs for the elderly. For women going to work, there will be a rise in employment and the financial situation will improve and the family economy will improve.


Children will make good progress in their studies after October 2021, despite a sluggish trend in education in the early stages of calming down. Science students will excel in their studies than other disciplines. The demand for students studying research in archeology and marine engineering in foreign countries will increase.


Donating oil to temples on the outskirts of the city, going on a pilgrimage and helping the mentally ill, or the physically handicapped in the same area, Lord Saturn will provide even better benefits.

We conclude by praying that Saturn will provide all the resources for Aquarius in general, saying that this Saturn shift period will be a time of good and bad luck. Thank you and good bye.

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