Saneeswara Temple

Vaitheeswaran Koil ( Chevvai Temple- Mars),Nagappatinam.

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MANGAL or KUJA was born Tuesday in the month of Asadha. His birth star is Anuradha and was born in the 10th step of shukla. He was born into a gotra Bharadwaja, the four armed Kuja, also known as Mangala, is red in colour. Golden coronet on his crown, crimson garlands and red dress mark him out as a god of Mars. Goat is a horse of his.
In all his four weapons he adorns trident (Lord Shiva’s weapon), blessing-style, fear-less stance and mace.
The period dates back to the post celestial rebirth of Lord Vishnu as a boar according to the Brahma Vaivarta Puraana. The storey goes on to tell that Bhoodevi falls in love and meets Lord Vishnu.
The lord favours her, and leaves a coral in the ocean as a symbol of their unity. It’s said Kuja was born out of the coral. ‘KU’ stands for earth and ‘JA’ refers to life. Therefore he is referred to as the earth ‘s son, or Bhauma in other words.
Padma Puraana provides a somewhat different view of the root of Kuja. Upon a bead of suddenness from the brow of Lord Vishnu falls on the earth and a red-colored human, also known as Lohitaanga, is born from that fire. Through his strict penance he earns over Lord Brahma and secures a place in the planets. He’s Nothing but Kuja.

Temple:Vaitheeswaran Koil ( Chevvai Temple- Mars),Nagappatinam.
Metal – Copper
Gemstone – Coral
Colour – Red
Transition time – 45 days
Debilitation sign – Cancer
Mahadasha Lasts for – 7 years
Presiding Diety is – Karthikeya (Son of Lord Shiva & Parvathi)
Element – Fire
Shiva Puraana tracks down to Lord Shiva from his origin. Sati Devi, Dakshaprajapati ‘s daughter, immolates herself as a sequel to her separation from the lord in the Yogic fire. Lord Shiva, too, is hit with agony and in that state of pain; a drop of sweat from his body falls to the earth. Again a crimson-colored person emerges from the drop of sweat, and he is tended by Bhoodevi.
So Kuja is seen as Lord Shiva ‘s son or Kumara Swami’s. It is in that context that on Tuesdays Kumara Swami is worshipped ceremoniously. Whatever Mangal Grah ‘s origin may be, he is considered the Son of Earth
Mars’ Great Phase lasts seven years. Mars is the lord of two zodiacs, that is to say Aries and Scorpio. Lord Kartikeya is deemed the Mars deity.
Once, when Lord Shiva was in deep meditation, the suddenness from his third eye came down on earth. The male child born from that drop of sweat was Angaragan (Chevvai). Angaragan married Avanti town’s Sakthi Devi, and had a son named Sumarasan.
Problems with wife / children / brothers, enmity with friends, wealth loss, quarrels, problems with the Govt., enduring poverty, anger, bad friendship, Kalahari Do sham are due to Chevvai.

A person can offset the problems stemming from his afflictions by praying to him. Brethren, physical strength, victory;Valor is the beneficial features of this planetChevvai is the Lord of Mesha and Vrichika Rasi and faces the South. The Adi Devatha is Boomidevi; Kshetra Balagan is Prathyathi Devatha; its colour is red, and the ram is its vahana; The grain associated with him is thuvarai; the flowers-shenbagam and red arali; fabric-red cloth; jewel-coral; food- rice mixed with toor dhal powder.

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