Saneeswara Temple

Naganathar Temple, Tirunageswaram (Raghu Temple),Near Kumbakonam.

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In Hindu mythology Rahu is a serpent that swallows the eclipses caused by the Sun or the Moon. In art he is represented as a dragon without a body leading a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is a dark planet in Vedic astrology, and one of the nine planets. The Rahu-time is held to be inauspicious. Rahu is a legendary deceit-maker.

It means cheats, lovers of amusement, an insincere act of immorality, foreign land owners, cocaine traffickers, poison traffickers etc. Rahu is the sense of Flawed Reasoning, Rough voice, Outcaste, an irreligious human, heading into a foreign country, Unclean, Bones, Lie, Abdominal ulcers. Rahu is instrumental in enhancing one ‘s power and rendering even one opponent a friend.

By its mercy, the impact of snake bite is prevented. The Paarkadal churned the devas and asuras to receive amirtham that would save them from death, holding them alive forever. When the amirtham appeared, Lord Vishnu, in Mohini’s guise, just spread the amirtham to the devas. He was worried that if they ate amirtham, the wicked deeds of the asuras would multifold. Adding this,Realizing this, one of the asuras assumed the form of a deva with the help of the asura lord Sukrachariyar, and drank the nectar. Suryan and Chandran were moaning to Lord Narayana when they noticed this. In rage Lord Narayana pounded the asura with the spoon in his hand on the back.

The head was cut off and dropped to the ground. But because the asura had eaten amirtham, his head and body went on livingTo become Rahu Bhagavan, a snake’s body got bound to the head. Rahu prayed to Lord Vishnu (Narayana), and got a Sayagraham ‘s place. Rahu brings vengeance upon them. Suryan and Chandran, Devouring them whenever he gets a chance. This is generally called an eclipse.
Temple-Naganathar Temple, Tirunageswaram (Raghu Temple)
Metal – Mixed
Gemstone – Gomedh
Colour – Dark Brown
Transition Time – 1-1/2 Years
Mahadasa lasts for – 18 years

Rahu is the fount of plenty. Rahu dosham induces kalathra dosham, puthira dosham, communicable conditions, psychiatric illnesses, leprosy, deterioration of health.
The Adi Devatha is Durga, and the Serpent is Prathyathi Devatha. His paint is black, his vahana is a blue lion, his grain is orid, the flower-mandarai, the tissue-black linen, the stone- Komedagam, the food-rice mixed with the orid dhal material.
There are twelve sacred water heads in this place, some of them are Suriya Pushkarani, Gowthama Theertham, Parasara Theertham, Indira Theertham, Prugu Theertham, Kannuva Theertham and Vasishta Theertham. Among these Theerthams Sula Theertham or Suriya Pushkarani is inside the temple compound.

All the malefic effects of Rahu graha can be overcome by performing this powerful homam with devotion.
Performing this graha shanti homam helps in reducing the negative effects and increases the positive or favorable results of Rahu graha.
Pariharam for Rahu helps in protecting from all the health issues, enemies, wavering of mind and gives winning edge over the enemies.

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