Saneeswara Temple

Arulmigu Naganatha Swamy Temple (Ketu Sthalam), Keelapperumpallam, Vanagiri

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The downward lunar node is Ketu. Ketu is commonly referred to as a ‘ghost’ world in Hindu mythology. It is believed that it has a profound effect on human life, and even on the entire world. It makes someone reach the zenith of success in certain unique situations. Ketu is sometimes represented with a gem or star on his head which signifies a light of mystery.

Ketu represents the divine process of conversion of materialisation to nature, which is considered both malevolent which beneficent because it creates sorrow and suffering, and at the same time transforms the soul to Heaven. In other words, it induces material deprivation to compel the individual to take a more spiritual outlook. Ketu is an indication of awareness , knowledge, non-attachment; Fantasy, intuition, depression, and psychic powers that infiltrate. It is believed that Ketu gives health to the families of the devotee, eliminates the symptoms of snakebite and poison disease. He endows his devotees with good health, riches and animals.

The Paarkadal churned devas and asuras holding them alive for ever. When the amirtham appeared, Lord Vishnu, in Mohini’s guise, just spread the amirtham to the devas. He was worried that if they ate amirtham, the wicked deeds of the asuras would multifold. Realizing this, one of the asuras took the form of a deva, with the aid of the asura guru Sukrachariyar Nectar eaten. Suryan and Chandran were moaning to Lord Narayana when they noticed this. In rage Lord Narayana pounded the asura with the spoon in his hand on the back. The head was cut off and dropped to the ground. But when the asura had eaten amirtham, he went on living his head and body. The asura ‘s head part sticked to a snake body to become Rahu Bhagavan.
In the Pothigai mountain area the body part that had been thrown away dropped. A Brahmin discovered this, and preserved it. To become Kethu the head of a snake was attached to the asura neck.
Kethu temple is the Navagraha Sthalam located at Keezhperumpallam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Lord Kethu. The main Idol of this temple is Lord Shiva as “Naganathaswamy” and Goddess Parvathi as “Soundaranayagi” in this temple. Devotees generally refer to Ketu as a “shadow” planet.

Metal. Gemstone – Cat Eye
Colour – Brown
Transition Time – 1-1/2 Years
Mahadasa lasts for – 7 years

People afflicted by Kethu dosham are hit with dacoity worries, poor behaviour, loss of land, loss of face, putra dosham. One can be rid of the doshams by praying to Kethu Bhagavan. Kethu Bhagavan’s beneficial aspects are motcham, sight, money, house, jewellery, car, celebrity, wife, baby, enjoyment, unexpected real estate gains.Aspects of this world are awareness, industry, leprosy, poisonous bites.

Moon-God presiding deity is goddess Uma. Moon-god is the lord of Cancer and his Mahadasha, the zodiac sign, who last 10 years. He is sometimes known as the master of the constellations. In all the nine celestial bodies he occupies second place.

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