Saneeswara Temple

Apatsahayesvarar Temple, Alangudi ( Guru Temple – Jupiter,Thiruvarur District.

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Devguru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter hold second-largest post-Sun location in the solar system. He was born to Angirasa and Suroopa as per Shivapurana. The brothers are Samvartana and Utathya. He is crowned on his head with a golden crown, and an exquisite garland in his hair. He is clad in yellow clothing, and sits on the lotus flower pedestal.
He has four hands and carries a stick (dand), a garland of Rudraksha, a receptacle in each of his three hands and his fourth hand is held in the pose of offering blessings and boons. Jupiter has threesome sisters — Shubha, Tara and Mamta. Shubha – Bhanumati, Raka, Archismati, Mahishrvati, Siniwali and Havishmati were born into seven daughters.
To Tara were born seven sons and one daughter. Bhardwaja and Kacha were born on Mamta. Jupiter’s presiding deity is ‘Brahma.’ He is the Putrakaraka or world linked to girls. He is called Deva-lord, which means deity lord. In Alangudi the temple dedicated to Brahaspati is called the Temple of Apatsahayesvarar.

Since this holiest temple is devoted to Guru (Jupiter), it is also called a guru stalam. One of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, Apatsahayesvarar Temple is. Here Lord Shiva is embodied in the form of the Lord Guru. Three sacred rivers surround Alangudi. They are Cauvery, and they are Kolidam and Vennaru. In this temple are 15 theerthams,Amrita Pushkarani, among whom the temple surrounds is very famous. The chakra theertham is opposite the shrine. This theertham, it is said, was formed by Chakra of Maha Vishnu.
Temple-Apatsahayesvarar Temple, ( Guru Temple – Jupiter),Alangudi village in Thiruvarur.
Metal – Gold
Gemstone – Yellow sapphire
Colour – Yellow
Transition Time – 1 year
Debilitation sign – Capricorn
Mahadasa lasts for – 16years
Presiding Deity – Brahma
Element – Skyr
Guru is Dhanusu Lord and Meena Rasi, and faces north. The Adi Devatha is Brahma, and Indran is Prathyathi Devatha. Its hue is yellow and its elephant vahana. The grain synonymous with him is kadalai; the flora-white mullai; tissue-yellow cloth; gem-pushparagam (white topaz); food-rice mixed with bengal gramme dhal powder.
Worshiping Guru Dakshinamoorthy 24 times and lighting 24 ghee lamps can benefit the Guru by removing the doshas. Guru Bhagavan will bless you with all the doshas to perform Guru Homam, Kesranama Archana and Balabhishekam, with Mulla flower adornment, yellow dressing, Kondaik Kadal Chundal, Sarkarai Pongal Nivedhanas.

Alangudi Apathakayeswarar Temple hosts Panchamuga Deeparadhana on the occasion of Maha Guru Week, Sangabhishekam on the last Guru Week in the month of February and special anointing ceremonies. Tirthwari takes place in Thaipusam and Panguni Uttaram. There is a 10 day festival with Chitra Pavurnami and an election festival for Dakshinamoorthy.

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