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The benefit of Saturn’s conjunction with other planets

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Sun – Saturn – Saturn Asthaman is a disease shame, loss of wife people, to be orphaned.
Sun + Saturn in the same aspect of the same zodiac – ignorant, father, child, both will be upset and split.

Sun – Saturn combination horoscope and his father will not have a smooth relationship in places other than 6th and 9th.

Saturn Asthaman at 7th – very cruel. Life is not strong. They are afraid to even think about home.

8th mathibar Saturn Asthaman – Life will decrease. Serious.
Will go to jail for the crime of theft. Execution.

10th Asthaman – Tea maker will do hard work like Thor Road worker,

12 mathibar Saturn Asthaman – Nisam – Vakramanal –
Will often go to jail. Defamation, material damage.

Cancer, Aquarius, Leo – Sun + Saturn – Husband, wife division.

Sun + Saturn in the center – Long live the Father Bar.

Sun – Saturn – Admission, vision, if one is 7th mathibar
There is no pleasure in married life. Loss of wife. One 7 mathibar
The family will not be formed by wisdom.

Sun <- Mars, Saturn Rahu – will experience harassment in the career.

Sun <-> Saturn – Saturn in the 7th to the Sun – heart disease

7 mathibar 7th mathi Saturn to the sun – divorce.

7th Sun <-Saturn 7th View Divorce Sun, Leo <-Saturday – Heart Disease.
Saturn 5 – Sun – No child.

Saturn at 7 <- Sun at 1 – Destruction is certain
Infertile, infertile.

Saturday, mars, 6 asthaman + Sun – Cancer disease.

Saturn <- Sun – Stupid

2 Sun + 7 Saturn – Krishnaraja Udayar There is no pleasure in life.
Saturn -> Sunrise, Moonrise – Death in Jail (HPA)

Sun Enmity Nisam <- Strong Saturn – Unmarried.
1st Sun (Papakarthariyogam) <- Saturn – Rajiv Gandhi was killed by enemies.

Saturn + Sun in the center (in the auspicious zodiac) from buildings, uphill slopes, death by falling down from the steep cliffs.
7 Mathipar Sun <- Matipar Saturn – Kumbha Laknam –
MGR’s first wife dies young.

2nd Sun + Saturn – Madhavrao Cynthia – Infertile.
2nd Sun <- 7th Saturn Peak – Kataka Laknam –
Sri Rama divorced his wife in the forest.

He felt more sad because he saw the peak of Saturn.
2nd March Sun – 7th Saturday – Kataka Laknam Prime Minister VP Singh Heart Disease.

2nd Sun + 7th Saturn – Family life is very miserable. Dr. Alagappa, Krishnaraja Udayar.

2nd mathibar Rule of the Sun <- 7th Rule Saturn – Oceanic –
MN Tantri – Married 3 times. Marriage is not happy.

Saturn will be assassinated on mars at 4 – Sun at 7 – 10

Sun in 4th – Saturn in 7th – 10th place <- Sun.

4th Sun + 1st Wednesday Wednesday <- 6th Saturday Jesus Christ was hanged on the gallows.
Sun in 4th – Saturn in 7th – 10th place <- Sun, Mars.

Death of Lord Krishna Zara

Sun on the 4th + Saturn on the 10th – Guru Nanak will be assassinated.
Sun + Mars + Saturn at 4 – Travel Accident
4th Sun + Tuesday Saturn – Death by beating.
4 marks + Sun <- Saturn – Heart disease (Saptarishi Nadi)
Sun in 5 + Saturn – Saturn – Diabetes
5th Sun – Saturn – Diabetes
Sun at 5 <- Mars, Saturn – No child
Sun + 6 marks <- Saturn, Rahu, Kidney Disorder Jayaprakash Narayanan.
Lucknow Sun <- 6 pm Saturn, Tuesday
Sun + Saturn chest pain at 6
Sun + Saturn heart disease in 6th Leo.
Sun at 6 + Saturn – Frequent chest pain, heart disease.

6th house Sun in Saturn <- Saturn Mars Rheumatism.

6 Saturn Nisam <- Moon Rheumatism.

Sun – +6 value <- Saturn, Kidney damage.

1 out of 6 marks – Sun – 6 marks Saturday Mars Leo Laknam Roosevelt – Rheumatism.

Sun + 6 marks <- Saturn – Kidney damage

Sun – 6 marks (8 marks essence) – Kidney damage.
Sun + Saturn rule in 6th, 8th, 12th – Disability (pros decoration)

Sun + 6 Mar <- Saturn- Kidney Damage, Jayaprakash

7 Mar + Sun – Charity, the wife will rebel – Family life is very miserable. Maneka Gandhi,

Sun at 7 – Mars at 4 – Saturn at 10 – Assassination
Will be done. By fire and weapon, Death by diplomacy.

Sun + 8 Saturn – Kidney damage

8th Sun – Saturn – Cataract, canine distemper.

Sun + 9th + + – Saturn – Father will die.

9th Sun + Saturn – Nero was adopted.

Sun in 9 (sinfulness) <- Saturn – Hitler

  • Good luck.

10 mathibar. Sun <- 10th place in Saturun, 6 mathibar Mars
Mussolini was killed by the inevitable destruction of the Scorpio Laknam.

10 Sun <- Saturn – Hitler.

10th Sun + 6th Saturn – Subhash Bose.

On the 10th – Mathipar Sun peak + 7th Matipar Saturn Nisam Buddha – departed from home life.

Sun in Saturn + Saturn – Rheumatism

Sun in Katakat <- Saturn – Defeat – Leprosy

Leo Sun <- Saturn, Mars, Rahu – Intestinal disease.

5th Sun – Venus – Saturn – Diabetes.

Sun <-> Saturn – will not bring goodness throughout their direction.

Sun + Saturn + Rahu

Before Ivan was born Ivan’s father was in heaven
Selvan Pulippani) There will be a decline in revenue
Getting promoted on the job is rare.

2nd place, Sun for 2 – Saturn – Rahu relationship – Dr.

In 6, 8, 12 Sun + Saturn + Rahu will destroy all the blessings of his Father and lose pride. (Horoscope decoration)

7 Sun – Saturn – Rahu will be poisoned or die as a Hindu.

Sun <- Mars, Saturn, Rahu – Lung Cancer.

Moon + Saturn
Moon + Saturn or Moon Saturn in 1, 8 will not give good luck.

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