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Sukran + Saturn combination benefit

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Silver cage with copper mouth guru

Von, the yogi for Genman

Neelan Koodil with clues

The sons of the father are the race (Pulippani)

With twelve blues, he will willingly support Minnie Mather to stand on the sidelines about victory.

Profiteering in the art and profession of making fine books “

Arappa Agarguru Neelan Meya knows and does not know the field. புலிப்பாணி)

Born in the house of Venus and Saturn in any house, he is short-sighted, seeks crap out of the love of young women, and is good at writing pictures and books. Printing is a form of low-vision vision that has developed due to the presence of females. Writing, printing, looking at each other and writing like that, typing, drawing, etc., who knows how to fill in the blanks, is an imaginative storyteller, an epic writer, and at a young age is physically exhausted. Wear eye glasses. (Planetary benefit research) The vagina is severe. Evil Benefit by Sukra (Astrological Research Article) One who can seduce low caste women. (A T Government) Danger and Accident Caused by Lustful, Neanderthal Companionship (A T Government)

Sukran Pagai Nisam Sunset Saturn – Unmarried. Sukran + Saturn (Nisam, Enmity) Harassment by prostitutes and sexually transmitted diseases (A T Government)

Courtesy Kagran <- Saturn Marriage

Supreme Sukran – Saturn – will not do yoga

Sukran + <- Saturn – The horoscope will degrade the high status due to their bad behavior (repository)

Venus – Saturn – Couples do not have good resemblance.

Saturn + <-> Saturn

Sukran – Saturn Exchange – The danger to the chastity of the horoscope is that both men and women are discredited by some religious women who make them lose their temper in their love life. Female horoscopes are no exception (barn)

Venus in Saturn’s Navamsa and Saturn in Saturn’s Navamsa, the woman will desire the woman who is looking at each other. (Admiration)

Chakra + Saturn in the house of Mars

Chakra in Mars house – Sukran in Navamsat –

Saturn – Homosex,

2 + 7 + Venus + Saturn – She will live as the 2nd dharma.

To Venus to Moon – 7th Mars + Saturn + Wifeless or Disabled Bride or Sonless (Jambu Natiyam)

Sukran – 7 Mar Saturn 6-8 unmarried.

Kadaka lakna Perunthalaivar Kamaraj.

Saturn in 2nd – Saturn in 7th

Chakra Saturn death in the mind

Moon 7th Mars + Saturn – Venus – Life unrelated to woman.

Moon + Venus + Saturn – Romantic mixed marriage.

Venus <-> Moon + Saturn – Romantic, mixed marriage.

Saturn will live in the house of Saturn in the 2nd, 7th house – 2nd house.

7th Venus + Saturn – The horoscope will lose its dignity by contacting women who are inferior in merit and quality.

9th Venus – Saturn – Romantic mixed marriage.

In 3, 6, 12 you will do Sukran + Saturn (a) – there will be a break in mutual love. Husband and wife division occurs when cohabitation declines at a time when unity in the home is declining. (Astrology Repository)

Venus in 3, 6, 12 – Mars, Saturn (no more than marriage)

Sukran + <- Mars (a) Saturn horoscope behavior by lowering the status of the lower level will reach me. (Astrology Repository)

Saturn + Saturn – 5 marks – No maternity leave.

Saturn Saturn – 2 +7 Score – 2nd grade life will end with an elderly husband or wife.

2, 7 in Sukran <- Mars, Saturn – of the other

He will bring his wife and run the family.

Venus <- Saturn – Horoscope will go sour on Mars Navamsat.

 Sukran Hatred Sunset <- Strong Saturn –

He will live without separation.

Saturn – Saturn 6/8, 2/12 – Widow.

 Mars to Venus 4, 8 + Saturn – Death by wife Akani.

Sukran + Saturn + Ketu marriage will bring disgrace and shame.

7 out of 3 Chakra + Saturn rule – Ketu – Bilton – 3


7th Venus – Saturn – Ketu – 12th – Tuesday –

Tulam laknam.

Communication with a Harijan woman without getting married.

Saturn 10 – Saturn – Ketu – Libra MS Subbulakshmi Sathasivam Brahmin

Sukran – Saturn – Mandi Extremely passionate lover soon divorced.

Capricorn – Sukran rule in 10th + Saturn peak.Manthi -. Wells divorce. Another girlfriend interrupted his life.

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