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Saturn + Rahu

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Leprosy (astrology and medicine) Among those sinful organs are moles, wounds, disabilities, selfishness, petty instincts. Cuts occur on the head and face. (Astrology and Medicine) Vain disputes in the family, which are not beneficial in their entirety, (Sundara Sekaram) Frequent injuries to the limbs, fractures and ill health go to the hospital. Stonework, bladder disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, art, shadow film industry, industry in chemistry, middle life.

Husband and wife should not join Saturn-Rahu in both horoscopes. Unhappy marriage.

Saturn in the cross – Rahu TB, rheumatism, diabetes, stone formation.

Saturn in the Cross <- Rahu – Roosevelt – Rheumatism.

Saturn – Rahu, Ketu – aging rheumatism.

Mars + Saturn + Rahu Cancer in Scorpio.

Saturn + Rahu Stone formation in water, TB

Saturn + Rahu in the Cross – Mathematician Ramanujam, TB.

Mars + Saturn + Rahu in Kataka – Stone formation.

Saturn in Scorpio + Rahu – Saturn does not leave without a foot and hand accident, (AT Arasu)

Saturn + Rahu <- Sukran – with severed hands (life and health)

Saturn + <- Rahu – Unhappy Marriage Frequent Injury Fracture.

Saturn – Rahu – 6 Babur – Sataroki.

Saturn in Libra – Rahu – tired and confused.

Saturn – Rahu – Lucknow – Leprosy on the feet.

7, 8 Rated Saturn – Rahu, Ketu – Husband Thangan.

7 Rahu <- Mars, Saturn, Sun tharam loss.

Rahu on Saturn – Milton dies in 9th direction

Tuesday + Saturn + Rahu urinary incontinence in Lucknow.

Saturn + Rahu in the house of Chakra – Cancer.

6, 8 mathibar  Saturn + Rahu (a) Mars (a) Manthi + 3 mathibar war death.

 7 mathibar Saturn + Rahu, Ketu – in a foreign caste


7 Saturn + Rahu – Maneka Gandhi.

Rahu Saturn in the arms triangle – unnatural death.

Zodiac, 8th place in Navamsa, 8th mark, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, mixed marriage if affected by Saturn.

Laknam, 9th place in the zodiac, 9th place, Guru Ivaru Rahu,

Mixed marriage if Ketu is affected by Saturn.

9th Guru <- Mars, Saturn – Bose married an Australian woman.

Moon in Saturn 3 – Rahu, Ketu – Breast Cancer.

1+ 2 + Saturn + Rahu – Execution.

12 + Rahu <- Saturn – Psychiatry.

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