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Saturn Peaks in Libra

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There will be a solution. Increase morale
Life yoga related to missionary would be better
(Positional benefit of the planets).

The peak of Saturn’s rule in the center – Sasyogam – many servants are the leaders of a town. People like the king are treacherous. The nature of the desire of the next person for property is questionable. Saturn is a cruel, sinful planet with little respect. Achieve fame and fortune. But perverted view of sex. The next one keeps an eye on the wife. The next one will deal with illegal ways to get money. War lovers also have a sympathy. Otherwise you could not make millions by risking the poor

If the moon is not bad the next one is for money
Will not desire. In illegal ways
Will not go. The benefits of sedation are reduced.

1st Moon Rule + Guru Peak <- Sun, Enmity, Saturn, Peak.
The moon is not flawless. But developing the position of the moon because the Guru is supreme does not cause sinful thoughts. Saturn peaked in the 4th house land position – was equal to the king. Earnings in the millions. Founded large factories. (THIH)

Saralaknam is born and Saturn peaks at the center – Guru and Venus at the center – Amsavatara Yoga

Emperor George VI is the king or equivalent of a king, a man who never fades and is famous.
Saturn reigns supreme in the subjugation position of 3, 6, 10, 11.

6, 8, Dignified Saturn Libra – Arthritis in the muscle
Hand and foot paralysis (THSH).

Saturn in Visakhapatnam 1 – Raja Yogapangam – Luck and status will be lost even if born in the royal family (THSH)

Saturn in Libra – Gunavan, Sireshtan in other villages
The highest of the virtuous, the good benefactor (Brahmarishi)

Saturn’s strongest emotive solution,

Iraniyung Village Army These are the pros

Dhanavanthan, a famine, is the mainstay of a village
The man is the head of the army, the most glorious, (prikatjatakam) starvation, village or forest officer will enjoy love with unmarried women.
(Prakatjatakam) will praise and create institutions. Wealthy, handsome, cunning, strong, arrogant, famous, charitable – Humble (HPA) talkative, comfortable
The living will prosper, there will be value and dignity.
Have a long life (lucky astrology

Libra Saturn <- Sun – Academician, relationship wealth
Will join. The speech is clean.

Libra Saturn <- Moon – Pendral money come
Will join. Big family, making business
Degree, get the award

Libra Saturn <- Tuesday – Stories of heroism
Will love to read. But cowardly on the battlefield
Brag (saravali)
Libra Saturn + Sun, Rahu – Stunned and exhausted. (Navagraha evening)
Libra Saturn + <- Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu will be the enemy of all the savagery and poverty
(Navagraha evening).

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