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Saturn in the Cancer – enmity

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Unhealthy, poor, always suffering, sweet, good-natured (Brahmarishi)

Poor without teeth, stupid, separated from mother, childless (Brihudjatakam)

Ponnillan Sanaval, son of Valuru Nandirkari Maruvilataya, Njathuruvinan Makkinapallan Murkan (pros decoration) is not good for mother crow. Child harm can cause harm. He will succeed in things that he thinks life will not bring happiness. But, the quality of life can not rise (luck astrology) poor, weak, meek, cunning, cunning, jealous, stubborn. Maternal Unhealthy (HPA) Poor, Loving, Always Suffering, Maternal, Sweet, Good, Troubled (Horoscope)

Saturn enmity in the Cancer – rheumatism

Cancer Saturn + <- Sun – Rheumatism

Kataka Saturn <- Sun – Decreases the comforts of the father and mother at a young age. MGR, Hitler.

Cancer Saturn + Moon – will lose mother in youth.

Kataka Saturn <- Tuesday – Rich by government or divine association. Deka will be in good health, will be solid, will have servants and ornaments. Loves bad relatives and women. (Saravali) John Kennedy, M.G.R. Adolf Hitler. Charlie Chaplin, Sanjay Gandhi.

4 Mathibar Saturn, Kadakarasi <- Mars – Sir CV Raman Heart Attack Lalbaghadur Shastri – Death due to heart attack.

in Water Zodiac Mars – Saturn – Rahu – Cancer disease .

Kataka Saturn + Tuesday + Rahu – Mother’s death in youth.

Saturn + Rahu TB Mathematical Genius –
Saturn + Rahu, Ketu – Kidney Stone.

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