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Saturn in Taurus – Friendship

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Arpadanamum, many wives, women of the lower caste desire (Bruhat horoscope) standing in the woman standing in China Bandhan Lolan Nargunan Marathi Illan Nariyar will join many. (Pros decoration)

The one with the evil and the evil deed – the stubborn one will have more memory. Damage to their domain type. These people will be in contact with many women. (Lucky Astrology) A person who is a little materialistic, does a lot of business, and acts according to the wishes of older women. (Brahmarishi)

Saturn friendly house (Taurus, Gemini, Virgo)

Consolidated by others, (Brihud horoscope) Sober tendency, strong words, active determination, trustworthy (Repository 3)

Aries Lakhnam – 2 of 9, 10 Sat <- 5 Sun Rule – Hero Alexander.

9 out of 2 Saturn – Wealth will be added by the foreign office by the father. Zealous

10 out of 2 Saturn – The lucky highest earner will progress immeasurably.

Rishabha Saturn <-  Mars – Lover of war stories. But if he goes to the battlefield he will become a coward.

 In Taurus   Chandran + Saturn in Rishabh – One who naturally leads him astray, who is naturally skeptical

Taurus Chandran + Mars + Saturn – Mussolini loses temper and becomes emotional even for ordinary things.

Rishabha Saturn + <- Babur – Because of hanging


Rishabha Saturn <- Guru – Saturn direction will get the most favorable and lucky benefits (Pavartha Ratnakara)

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