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Moon + Saturn

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Brahmachari, monk

Moon Standing Zodiac Adiyar – Laknathipathi Lord (a) Saturn Paramahamsaar, Kanchiperiyaval,

Saturn’s enmity

Saturn Enmity <- Lucknow Chief Minister
Saturn in the Navamsat of Mars – Suthanandabharati

Moon in Saturn (a) Mars house in Nawamsat <-
Lucknow, Moon, Standing Zodiac Lord <- Guru Gobind Singh.

Lucknow Lord, Moon – Lord of Saturn <- Adhisankar, Buddha

Moon standing zodiac sign – Lucknow – Kanchi is great

Lucknow, Moon – Saturn Householder – Ramana Maharishi

Moon and Saturn are the lords of the zodiac – Lucknow Lord Buddha, Kanchi elder, Aravind, Chaitanya, Muhammad

10th Guru + Saturn Moon <- Maha Sandhyasayogam – Buddha

Lucknow Chief Moon – Saturn House Chief – Ramanujar
1 Moon + 7 Saturn <- Guru Jayanthirar. Celibate in youth.

1 Sat +7 Moon – Meherbaba
1 Moon <-> Saturn – Sivananda Indira Gandhi
1 Moon + 7 Guru + Saturn -> Lucknow Lord Wednesday –
Jesus is the Virgin.

Lucknow, Moon to Lucknow Lord, Saturn Relation – Monk

Moon + Saturn

Nishturabashiyogam – THSH

Depression, chronic insomnia. (HJH)

Struggle for the Spirit, Spiritual Search – Gurunalakswamy
Vivekananda, public condemnation, frequent intent
Will change. (Meherbaba) – Frequent backlash counterattacks – Sometimes only good reputation. Explicit opposition, (Madhava Rao) will die soon (HPA) often leads to the wrong path Mussolini)
Saturn is in the 10th house of the Moon. (Aurangzeb) The motherland (Saptarishinadi) will not bring goodness throughout their direction. The hard-spoken man (Brihathjatakam) is the son of a woman who has been married twice. He was born into a man who first made a vow to one and was engaged and not committed to the other. (Polytheist) with an elderly wife. உர்திகளைக்காப்பவன். Evil, meaningless (Laravali) can cause watery dermatitis. (Astrology and Medicine) Arthritis, back pain in the ankles,
Moon – Saturn (within 10 degrees) – Feminine
Divorce, separation, motherhood

Tea Moon Saturn (6 pm Supervision
Without), abdominal pain.

Moon + Saturn (A) Rahu, Ketu –
Epilepsy, a debilitating neuropathy, can trigger suicidal thoughts due to over-emotion. Will get angry soon. (HPA)
The ultimate in local peace of mind
Chronic chronic illness not seen until. (HJH)

Moon + <-> Saturn – Separation if one of the two is related to the 1-7 position.
Katakalagnam – Moon in 7th – Saturn in 1st – 9th Guru in 11th – Indira Gandhi.

Moon + Saturn in Aquarius Scorpio – Cancer in Navamsat – Disease in Mystery Organ (Parijatakam)

Moon + Saturn in Scorpio – Eye magic
A type of neuralgia.

Moon + Guru + Saturn – Yoga going abroad.

1st, 7th Moon + Saturn + Poverty, Monasticism

7th Moon + Saturn – Jesus Virgo.

Moon + Saturn in 2, 7,11 – Late marriage

4, 5. Moon in 7, 10, 11 + Saturn – Breast Cancer
Moon + Saturn Rajayagam (Barijatakam) on 4-10-11 Born in the family of nobles will be king.

Moon on 4-10-11 – Saturn at the center of the Moon
One of the values ​​in 2-9-11 – Raja Yoga (Parijatakam)

  1. Moon + Saturn in 9 – Destroys a thousand Raja Yogas. (Purva Parasariyam)

Moon in 6,8,12 + Saturn (a) Rahu, Ketu <-
Lucknow: Accidental death by suicide, Dharmaranayogam

Moon + Saturn in 8, 8+ Moon – Saturn, 8th place <- Moon, Saturn =
Well dropper.

6 Moon peak + 1 Saturn – Kumbalaknam – strong
A lot of enemies were formed, the Avarangaseep gang

7 marks for the moon + Saturn – Saturn impact –
Prime Minister Vajpayee is a bachelor.

1 Moon – 8 Saturn (Papakarthariyogam) – Katakalaknam Aravindar Bandanayogam, imprisonment in the mind of Chandradasa Saturn.

2 Saturn + 8 Moon Sagittarius – Vivekananda
Life expectancy is low.

Moon + Saturn <- Mars – Speaks harshly and openly bold word, jokes. (THIH) TB, coming.

Moon to 10th position – Guru Sannisambandam Maha Sannyasayogam.

Moon in 10th zodiac sign – Saturn – Parivrajayogam

10th Moon + Saturn – Swami Vivekananda – Dhanusulaknam

10th Moon + Saturn <- Guru – Simmalaknam – Guru Nanak.
10 Mathipar Moon <- Saturn – Tulalaknam – Narasimha Bharati,
10th Moon <- Saturn, Guru Swami Chinmayananda.
1 Mathipar Chandran + Rahu <- 8 Matipar Saturn Balagangadharathilakar Chattradasai Saturn arrested

Moon + Saturn + Rahu – Saturn is the demon that paralyzes the muscle.
Moon + Saturn + Ketu – Insanity THSH

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