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Mercury + Saturn merge

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The Guru, who walks contrary to the wisdom of the priest, is capable of seducing others by his own ability (Brihatjatakam), capable of deceiving others, transgresses the word of the elders (polytheism), is arrogant, and very deceitful. The one who sings the sacrificial song as it is said. The scientist is the one who transcends worldly ethics. The one who says good words (Saravali) will get acne, dermatitis, and rheumatism due to pregnancy. (Astrology and Medicine)

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Mercury Sandalan becomes the evil planet.

Mercury dhisa, Mercury mind, and evil effects take place, (barn) the power of the nerves slows down.

Dementia and a kind of fearful feeling caused by deceptive cunning intelligence, delusional mental nature (Puliurcicigan)

Spoiler by collective friendship. Friends. Contributes to well-being. Astrology, Sermon

Engaged in science, music, drama, he would often give up honesty for his friends who were immoral. (Repository)

Mercury- Saturn (If the rule is not peak) – Asthma


Mercury – Saturday + <- mars  T.B. TB.

Mercury home Saturn, Mercury + Saturday = money wasted in various ways and travel by wasted friends. There will be costs as well.

Mercury – Saturn, Mercury in the essence of Saturn = horoscope will cause hardships and honor losses by friends. Material Expenses Increase (Navagraha Astrological Guide)

Mercury at home Saturn – Nabumsakan.

Mercury <–> Saturn Paraviyasani and Wednesday Aliyam (pros and cons)

Mercury at 1 + Sat T.B. Dermatitis.

Mercury7th + Saturn – Divorced widow resides with bridegroom Kamal Haasan lived with Gautami. Pisces.

1+ 6 + Mercury + Saturn, 1-6-Mercury-Saturn Relation =

Relationships with many men and women

Mercury in 7th – Saturn – 2 planets in 11th 11 Marriage.

Mercury in single zodiac <- Saturn in the double zodiac – Ali.

Mercury + Saturn + Ketu – Dr. Alagappa Venkushtam

Saturn house Mercury <- Saturn – Stuttering in speaking.

Mars – Mercury – Saturn is centered on each other – position of power, self-sufficiency.

Mercury at 7 + Saturn (Mars, Saturn weakness) Husband Bedi

9 th. Mercury + Saturn –T.B. Disease

Mercury + Saturn + Rahu – Leprosy

Mercury + Saturn + Mandi + 6 – Leprosy.

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