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Is Saturn Nisham in Aries

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Savage, immoral, deformed, afflicted with disease, sadness, etc. The benefit of speaking a bad word is that the one who has the enemies of the poor (Brahmarishi sentence) will go against the science of arrogant skin disease (astrological research article), or will get the company of heavenly women. He will befriend the undeserving. Who is lazy? There is something wrong with the health (planetary position) sleep and laziness are congenital. There will be a defect in the body part or health. (Astrology Repository 3) The wicked will be put to shame. Trivial, dry theologian who is despised by others
If Saturn gets Nisham, life will be bad. Such a person can only live with the help of others and can never live well on his own income (Astrological Research)
Rishabha Lagna – 12th in Saturn Nisam -in 3 12th of Mars,
Nisam is often imprisoned, the infamous
Kataka Lagna – In 10th, in 7 Saturn Nisam
3rd Venus Nisam + Guru
Mars at the center Guru – Venus
Divorced and married for the 2nd time
Kataka Lagnam – Gautama Buddha 10 in 7 Saturn Nisam + Venus +Mars + Sun
Mathipar Saturn Nisam – Asthman,
Aries Saturn – A person who is engaged in a non-profit Nisam thing But the one who is afraid to do so – if he starts doing so he will be hated by the enemy.
Aries Saturn + Baber – Hand cut
The house where the lord of Laknathipathi stood, 5th Saturn enmity Nisam horoscope was not blessed with the jathaga until the end of his life. Apart from that he will have poverty and misery. (Astrology Repository 4)
If Saturn becomes Nishimaki Vakram – the world praises Raja Yoga
Picasso, Amitabh Bachchan, Chetty Natarajar.
Saturn Neecha bhanga yoga – Buddha, Roosevelt, Ronaldigan, Arignar Anna.
Aries Saturn – Guru’s vision is not in Saturn’s disha
Life is misery (Repository 4)
Meshasani – Babur in the central angle – Unreal Yoga
Meshasani <- 6 Mathibar + Mars + vagra Aries Saturn <- 6 <- Mars -This girl arms and legs did not function when she was young. Simha Lagna In 9 Saturn in -> 6 in 1 Suri <- Mars – Roosevelt Argument.
Aries Saturn <- Mars – Talking Poverty, Killing Animals, King of Thieves, Desperate for Women, But Famous. (Saravali)
Meshasani <- Guru – Suki, rich, minister, The king, with the support of Selvar, is a high-ranking official who holds a reputation.
Aries + Rahu – gonorrhea disease, uterus disorder (Northern language horoscope decoration)
Meshasani – Evil and rude people will see them and others will turn away in fear. As well as a chronic illness (lucky astrology)

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