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Guru + Saturn combination benefit

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Cook, potter (beard), bearded mustache-bearer, jug-maker, angel cook (polytheist), fearful, materialistic, leader of the city, town, relatives, club, celebrity (saravali), hairdresser, sculptor Although Banana is lazy and speaks good stories and legends, it is rare to find him doing the right thing. (Astrological research article)

Guru Muscle Normality, Saturn Yoga Yoga Guru Muscle Saturn Wisdom High Yoga. (Pawarta Ratnakara)

Appuvai Andananum Neelan Koodil

Father’s sons are race (Pulippani)

Guru + Saturn in Libra – Diabetes.

Guru + Saturn – cruel nature. The stage of self-cooking and eating develops. They will not be in a relationship or own. Saturn will often block the fruit of the Guru. (Puliyur Kesigan)

Guru + Weak Saturn – Guru Sandala Yoga.

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius are the signs of the zodiac.

Guru and Saturn advocate for each other 5-9.

 Saturn + <- Guru, Capricorn – Saturn <- Guru, Aries <- Guru 6 Saturn <- Guru = Most of the material will join.

 Saturn + Guru Weakness – Diabetes.

Saturn – Guru – Moon combination view – will cross the sea and go abroad.

Saturn in Capricorn – Capricorn house – Guru – Moon above.

Guru + Saturn in 6 – Blood and lung damage.

Guru + Saturn in the 6th of the Moon – above.

Sun + Guru + Saturn in 1st, 8th – Disease.

Guru + Saturn– 1 + 3- Ovarian disease. (Astrology and Medicine)

Guru + Saturn + 12 – Money snatcher.

Mars + Guru + Saturn, Guru + Saturn + Babur = Guru and Saturn stand with the sinner, and Kumbha Madathipati gathers.

The dynasties will be destroyed in the coming land

Abundant wealth also becomes fractional

Girls and children are ruined (Veemakavi)

Guru + Saturn + Rahu in 5th and 9th – Mixed marriage

Guru rule in Tanusil <- Saturn peak in Libra – Dhanwan.

String, courtesy Guru + Saturn + Rahu – will leave the country and go to Desantaram (Pulippani)

Kataka Lagnam – 6 Guru + 8 Saturn + Rahu T.B. Death at 27 years of age.

9 out of 5 Guru <- Tuesday, Saturday – Subhas Bose, Mixed Scent.

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