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Benefit of Saturn in the 3rd place

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Saturn in the 3rd place – the one who has prowess, the one who has intellect (Bruhatjatakam) is selfish, the one who is virtuous is the one who eats in moderation, the one who has a good family (parijatakam) will be harmed. (Horoscope Parijatakam) His next born brother will die (Parasarar) Broad-minded, generous, Parya comfortable, lazy, troubled mind. (Strong) The chief (Jambu Nadiyam) of the (Pavartha Ratnakara) clan who practices yoga is always going to live and prosper. (Jambu Nadiyam will destroy the enemy (Jambu Nadiyam) will destroy the small child born after him (Saravali) Sukittu will live Saturn kashayam (positive adornment) Heroic, wealthy, brotherly loss, unplanned, cruel, mourner by brother, will be hated by the king. It is a sad fact that he will be saved, frustrated and regressed and then he will have success.
Low Eater, Loving Husband or Wife, Brave (Astrological Balapotini) Innovative Vehicle, Bogam, Danam with Extensive Intelligence, Generosity, Field Comfort, Sluggishness, Indigenous Independence (Parmarishi, Nisan, Sompa The one who is compliant, the one who is more virtuous, the one who is more intelligent, the one who attains the sorrow of the Buddha) will not be the brother. (Astrological Research Article) One who has good courage to make friends with the lowly, the ear is a little sluggish, does not respect the balls, is immoral, and progresses like the chief. The one who can help the younger brothers (Navagraha astrological guide) is Vesiprian, the one who is high in labor, the one who is self-sufficient, the one who is prosperous, the one who is prosperous, the one who is brave and the one who has a happy wife. The brothers will benefit from this. But most of them are not affected by them. (Astrology Repository)

If Saturn is in 3rd, 6th, 11th, most of the yoga benefits will take place over that horoscope (Navagraha astrological guide)

Six nineteen thirds are blessed in that kanirukil

Component gold means no less wealth

The place where there is no climbing tooth does not have the object Eval Ashtalakshmi Yoga multiplies like a river.

Stable zodiac signs 3rd, 8th place deadly position. These sinful planets will not do good.

Only after many trials will he succeed. He will not be satisfied until he succeeds in anything. Courageous, those in the family are lazy. The younger sibling will suffer. Getting government assistance will be debated, literate. Many tribulations are caused by relatives. Self-confident.

If Saturn is in the male zodiac – male siblings will cause enmity. If the girl is in the zodiac – female sisters, the relationship will suffer.

Weak Saturn – The younger siblings will not come.

+ Baber – younger brother relationship will be affected.

Saturn reigns supreme and will give Raja Yoga – associated with Super. Will give longevity. The cell will join, Will benefit from the government. Father’s relationship, affected. Will give you the ability to deal with enemies in any way.

Saturn in 3rd place – 9th place. There is no social relationship with the father. There will often be disagreement with him. Even if they live in the same house, the two will not talk face to face.

-> 12 For work, sleep is less at night for other reasons. The time spent at home will also be less.

Saturn in the 3rd – female horoscope

Talented, the foremost, the most privileged, the most citizen, the one who is skilled in the matter of protection has always been praised by the Sadhu people.

Saturn vakram in 3rd place

The younger sibling relationship will be affected. If the girl is in the zodiac the girl will have many problems with younger brothers. So that chaos develops in the family. Wear glasses for eye disorders.

<- 5 Child wealth is also available late.

 9 The father’s relationship will be affected if the value is affected. Lose father at a young age – vehicles are often involved in accidents. Workers will be wasted by vehicles.

<- Can’t sleep In 12 th place Saturn, In many cases the impact is devastating.

Saturn in 3 + Moon = Marriage will be delayed. Marriage occurs only after the age of 28 years.

Monogamy can occur after marriage, as the relationship with the father and birth is affected, even during the construction of the thali.

Sagittarius Laknam – Saturn in 3rd Vakram – Rahu in 2nd

2nd place, 2nd place, 12th place affected left eye surgery.

Capricorn Lucknam – Saturn in 3rd -> 5th in 7th Moon Saturn in 3rd – Relationship with younger siblings affected.

Saturn in the 3rd – 7th Moon – The marriage was concluded by negotiation and ended up in a different place.

Saturn vakram -> 9th place  – Budhan vakram in 9th

The father’s relationship was affected.

Budhan at 6 vakram – The job is not stable.

Moon + Saturn in feature – late marriage – took place at the age of 31.

Maharalaknam – Arignar Anna.

3rd, 1 in 2 Saturn vakram  + 4, 11 Mathibar vakram

pathan athipathi.

<- 3, 12 Guru, 8 Sun, 6 Budhan Peak, Throat cancer.

Saturn at 3 <- Mars – Brother will perish.

Saturn in 3, 6,11 <- Guru – rich.

Saturn peaks at 3 <- Guru – Veera Sivaji When Saturn Disha began to, Aurangzeb began to respect Shivaji as a king. Shivaji was crowned and crowned.

Saturn in 3 + 2 + 6 – Death by suffocation.

Dhanusu laknam – Mars at 12 + Saturn Simma lagna – Kamal Haasan – Saturn at 3 -> 5 at 12 + Guru.

10 out of 3 + Saturn – 10 out of Rahu – Fighting Marudhanayagam – Parakrama Yoga over 15 years, Shastra Vidwan who makes donations. 

Death by suffocation at Saturn 2 – 6 at 3 p.m.

Saturn is the enemy of the 3rd Nisam – then brotherless, The brother will perish, Confusion can occur.

Mesha laknam – Saturn in 3 – Engineering.

Kataka Laknam – 3 in 7 Sat – 7 in Rahu

He married an older woman in a poor family.

Simmalaknam – Sasikala (J Jayalalithaa’s best friend)

Mars – Guru – Sukran Tribe – Disagreement between husband and wife within a few years of marriage.

Guru in the 4th for the Moon – Guru in the 4th for the 5th Guru

9 out of 10 for the Moon is Mars Imperial Yoga.

7th Guru – The pinnacle of fame.

12 of 2, 11 Budhan <- 9 Mars – Millions will be wasted.

5th Footman Mars + Rahu <- 6 Sat – No child. The intellect will show the wrong way.

Impact of Purva Punniyam.

2nd place Sukran Nisam Papakarthariyogam – Dhananasam, Pathak Adhipathi Mars – Rahu – Guru, 6 Saturn imprisonment.

Harshat Mehta, a billionaire in the stock market.

Simmalaknam – 5 out of 3, 7 Sat <- 5, 8 Mahipar Guru.

Enjoyed imprisonment. Mrs. Sasikala’s horoscope is like the same horoscope.

US President George W. Bush – 

6 Mathibar out of 3 Saturn peak Raja Yoga.

10 Mathibar Sukran 11Mathibar Mercury Exchange.

2 out of 10 Budhan 11 <- 4, 9 Mars Guru will become a millionaire and be praised among the people. Powerful position, wealth.

According to the rule of Jayamini, the lord of Lucknam will get the highest rank even if the Sun peaks at 5, and the 7th of Saturn will get the highest position on Saturn even if it is Kethu

Guru in 4th – Budhan in 10th – Amala yoga.

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