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2nd place Saturn – Female horoscope

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Insignificant, pushed, always insulted, separated, cruel-minded, always

Poor family irresponsible (target) employer and husband. Friends and relatives will hate her for insulting and insulting others. (Barn) She will marry an old man (Quiz) She will live as a second generation.
Saturn in Lucknow or Moon 2 The horoscope does not give pride to the house of birth and the house of entry. Family life is bad because they cause digestion. Late marriage.
Saturn at 2 nd place Even though the cripple stood at two and a half in 2, 8, the field of the head was still full of sickness.
If the wife Kariyavan is in the second place among the two-year-olds who lose in 2, 7, the marriage is second Vacuum liquid Laban, Sesthiramarpan
Rheumatoid arthritis, which is a disorder that is affecting more and more people.
Saturn standing muscle in 2, 8, 12 – If there is no money in the polls, the government will destroy the land and agriculture due to the disease.
In the beginning, the field was Bome. Even if the Sun, Mars, and Saturn are in the 2nd, his destruction is especially self-defeating if he sees them as a tea moon.
Sun + Saturn in 2 – will reach his own with difficulty.
Buthan the 2nd – Saturn – will be sick.
Later neuropathy can lead to rheumatism.
Tuesday + Saturday at 2,12 – Disability for the eye.
Saturn strength in 2 <- Super – Educated.
2nd Saturn <- Babur – Various misery by a dog.
Saturn in 2nd
Saturn in – Babur – Sun in 8 – Crazy.
2nd place + <- Saturn – Fear by the dog, Sirartham will eat.
Saturn, Mars at 2,4,7
2,4,7 in Saturn, mars <- Sat.
Kaṭaka lakṉam, 2 nd place, 7 Mars + Saturn enemy Wicked thorny wife.
2 Mars Saturn – Earn money by selling wisdom.
2nd Saturn <- Guru – very angry – humane nature to rebuke the irresponsible Strict at times.
2 Saturn <- Guru – Mercury at the center – Astrologer
Voting is fruitful.

Saturn at 2 – Guru at 8, Advocate Barrister.
2nd Saturn – 8th Venus – Not happy enough by the wife. Mysore Astana Astrologer.
2 Saturn house Saturn – Marriage in old age.
In 2 Sukran – Saturn – Rahu – will lier.

2nd Sukran <- Mars, Saturn – One will end up smelling great.

On the 2nd Saturn <- Guru, Sukran – will run many companies, black goods, the vehicle will make the first unexpected profit. Saturn + Rahu in 2 – Two stars. Rahu in Saturn 2, 7 – Two stars. Saturn on the 2nd – Rahu Taratosham on the 7th will go wrong. It is rare for Saturn + Ketu to get married in 2. Obedient employee admission will result in a nasty scree choke. 7 out of 2 Saturn + Ketu Rajinikanth married in a foreign caste. 2 Saturn + Ketu <- Guru – Married over 40 years. 2nd Saturn – Ketu -> Moon – Simmalaknam – Kanchiperiyaval monk.
2nd Saturn + Ketu – Lucknow Nisam Sannyasiyogam.
Saturn in the 2nd – 6th wife in the 7th will go sour.
Saturn in the 2nd Nisam – others will blame the guilt.

  • Don’t think, talk, and then regret it.
    Kannilaknam – Saturn peak in 2 – Wealth and prosperity, but marriage does not bring sweetness. The relationship of the possessor will be severed. By foreign contact
    Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio signs Especially if Saturn stands at -2 his loss. Throughout the property Destroyed debt.
    Gemini, Libra, Kumbalaknam – second in water, Saturn – Saturn is addicted to alcohol in the muscle. There will be a shortage of money. Thoughts do not come true.
    Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – If you gain strength in the 2nd house, you will earn income from the estate, coal, cereals, black goods, iron.

Pisces, Aquarius – 12th house Saturn will build a good house in a Saturn at 2 Disha.
Leo, Kannilaknam – 6 out of 2 Saturn – get the enemy’s object in the muscle. Will win in fuss cases. So will wealth.

Saturn peak in Kannilaknam 2 Yogapalan.
The Moon will not have Saturn native property on the 2nd and will live comfortably with the material by his effort. Wealth is gained by women
Leo, Kannilaknam – 6 out of 2 Saturn – get the enemy’s object in the muscle. Will win in fuss cases. So will wealth.
Kannilaknam – Saturn peak in 2 – Yogapalan
Saturn in the 2nd of the Moon – will not have a native property and will live comfortably with the material by his effort. Wealth is gained by women.
2 out of 7 perverts – no peace in marriage Separation.
8 mid <- 2 curvature – median life.
Tuesday at 9 + Rahu – Accident on the way.
Guru and Raku become 6/8 In 1997, at the age of 36, Gurudasa Rahu died in a car accident.
Prince Charles Katakalagnam – Diana Tanusulaknam Laknam 6/8 The two do not agree with Guru in the 3rd accident stream.

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