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Among the Navanayakas, a lot of people are going to dislike me. What am I so terrified of? Actually, I am not like that. Is it because I have been given Suffer (Karagam) for life. Maybe, belongs to that they are very scared of me, It is enough to know that I am traveling adversely. To me, Shanti, Sankalpam, Worship and many more are done humbly. They will have started to Navagraha orbits and fasts on Saturdays. Let’s explore my past story a little bit and try to find the truth.

I am the son of Chaya Devi, the youngest wife of Lord Surya. “Yemen” who is my brother. In the Navagraha administration, I am the custodian of the Armory, who can prepare and store the ammunition for the Commander-in-Chief, Angarakan, and give it to him when needed. “No one has lived thirty years of good & Thirty years of inferior” is the system of delivery in the world. It is a proverb innovated for me. Actually, I take 30 years to get around the zodiac once. The period of seven and a half Saturn is seven and a half years. This Ezra Saturn is the dominant period during which I travel in the zodiac sign of Zen also before and after. It’s about turning life as invert.

The 2 1/2 years I travel in the fourth house of the zodiac is the period of Ardhastama Saturn. The 2 1/2 year period in which I travel in a seventh of the zodiac is the period of Kanda Saturn (Saturn on the continent of zodiac.) The 2 1/2 year period during which I travel in an eighth of the zodiac is also the period of Ashtama Saturn. Overall, this adverse period is 15 years. The other 5 years will bring benefits in some way. The benefits I do are very special, especially when the zodiac is in 3rd, 6th, 11th place.

Despite being my father, the sun and I have no good harmony at all. The reason for this is that my mother Sayadevi, who was kicked by Eman, (Lord Surya’s first wife’s Son) was forgiven for not inquiring into the coast. Let me tell you two of the key points about myself, listen. Ravanasuran is my cousin, You will think about how it is as an amulet for me. Of the seven Sapta Rishis, my grandfather was the father of Kasiyap Maharishi, Marisi I Maharishi. Of the six other Brahmarishis who was born with him, Bulastiyar was one among them. Visravas who could call as Visravan, the son of Bulastiyar.

Visravas has two wives. Kuberan was born in the womb of the first wife. Born in the womb of the second wife, Ravana, Kumbakarna, Surpanagai and Vipassana. Thus Ravana becomes my cousin. In the Tireta Yuga, Ravana enslaved all the gods and imitated them by ordering the vile deeds. His slaves include the Navagrahas. Before Ravana ascended the throne every day, the Navagrahas would overthrow us like nine steps, step on us and ascend the throne. One day Naradhar had come while this was going on day by day.

Naradar, seeing Ravana’s action, objected to it. He said that it is better to straighten the planets and step on them and ascend. When Ravana heard that, he did the same from that day. So when Ravana set to foot the next day and climbed up, my eyes fell on him as he stepped on me, the Saneeswaran. Ravana’s majesty is contained. From then on my gaze fell on him every day and all that was left of him was gone. But Ravana did not know this, so he perished. My strength is like that. Let me tell you about another incident. This was the incident in which Lord Ganesha was beheaded.

Once upon a time, Ganesha’s birthday party was held at the Kailaya. The gods and goddesses all visited the Kailaya and came back from the birthday festival. I also wanted to go to the celebration to see & worship Lord Ganesha. But My mother did not allow this cause. Despite that, I went to the Kailaya without my mother knowing. As soon as I went and saw Ganesha, his head was cut off and flew away at my first sight. The Power Goddess Shakti Devi who saw it given me many curses cause of this Sad Moment. Not only did my legs become paralyzed because of that curse, but my body also became deformed. That is why they fitted the elephant head to Ganesha. My mother was very sorry to see that I had returned unscathed. After that, due to the blessings of my mother, I gained power and got the privilege of ‘Saneeswaran’ and got a place in the administration of Navagraha.

In the world of science, when it comes to me, the planet Saturn in the nebulae, everyone is doing a kind of awe. Of all the planets, the longest spherical one is the one that floats in the sky. So is my saneswara Mandala (Saturn). But a small change in that is that there is also a curve like an orbit around my planet. It also gives it an uncanny look. There is a kind of poisonous smoke coming out of Saturn. My Saturn is orbiting a kind of black poisonous smoke in the sky like a jet plane flying through the smoke. Of the nebulae, Saturn is the farthest planet from Sun.

In the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Guru and across them finally Saturn is located. I am located at a distance of 88-60 crore miles from the sun, my diameter is 75100 miles, my color is blue, I orbit the sun once in 10800 days. The length of my orbit is 536.91 crore miles. I am traveling at a speed of 21485.75 miles per hour. By image, I am slightly smaller than Guru Planet. I have 9 Sub-planets. They call me the “Saturn” of English. American scientists have sent a spacecraft called Pioneer-II to my planet at a speed of 27 thousand miles per hour. It has not reached me yet. After that, it will send a lot of information about me to Earth. It is still orbiting in space. Totally, I have been orbiting the sun from a distance farther than all the other planets. The distance between the earth and me is more than 79 billion miles.

It is the life within his body that causes every living thing on earth to live in the world. I am the master of their life, the cause of life, the cause of life. That is, I am the Karagan Saneeswaran of life. Every living thing tries to keep life going. I am the one who has the power to decide how long that life will last in the body. As a Saturn I do not leave any horoscope without experiencing destiny. That is my responsibility. In short, I can say that I am like a judge who administers justice. If you come to worship me by lighting a lamp with sesame oil, I will be so happy that I will help the horoscope to get well.

Some more details about me

I am the lord of the dark color. Some say My Goddess High Angel “Yeman” and some call “Shiva”. My figurative structure is arched. I play the main role for life, my wife’s name is Neela I belong to the Sutra Ethnicity, My vehicle is the crow. I will surrender to the Vanni Samith. Sesame is my favorite grain in the cereal. I sit on the west side of the dungeon Iron is my dominance in metal. I will admire those who worship me with the ebony flower. Of the Navratnas, the blue color is the one that inspires my movement. My character is cruel. I am in charge of rheumatism, neuropathy, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, etc.  I’m short in look & appearance also a foreign language speaker. Taste of Bitter and sour are my favorites. I like black silk, Saturday belongs to me which can be called recession week, stable week.

In terms of the strength of the planets in ascending order, Mars has more power than (Angarakahan) Mercury. I have more power than that Mercury (Angarakahan). My ruling houses are Magam and Aquarius (Kumbam). I get the triangular strength in Aquarius. In Libra zodiac sign, being in Great peaks at 20 degrees and in Mesa zodiac, he gets Worse attitude at 20 degrees. I am Looking at the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from my standing posture, the three stars of Pusam, Anusham and Uttaratadi are the stars of my extraction. The three zodiac signs of Cancer, Leo and Scorpio are hostile to me.

I get the sunset until the sun approaches me at 17 degrees, what it reaches, and then goes above 17 degrees. My tribe Kasiyabamagarishi tribe I have Mercury, Venus Rahu and Ketu as friends. Guru becomes Samak planet. Moon, Angaragan hostile planets. I am a Tamo character. In the Panchabootha system, I am the lord of the sky, in my zodiac, Capricorn is strong at night and Aquarius is strong at day. The distance I cross in a day as Saturn becomes 2 art. I cross a star foot 3 months 11 days 23 hours, 20 seconds. It takes me about 2 years to cross a zodiac sign i.e. 30 degrees.

The life force I give

Whether I am in Zenana Lakkinam or Life Position (Ayul Sthan) Eighth House or I see these positions, that horoscope will have longevity strength. I will make sure he has a life expectancy of over 70 years. Even if the Guru sees me, the life force will do the same for such a horoscope.

Fatal Direction

If my direction in the direction of Saturn takes place as the fourth direction, it is said to be the direction of death. Small when such a direction takes place. Endangerment activities, small accidents, etc. may occur. So everyone should be careful during this period.

Me as 71/2 Saturn System

A question arises as to how the system of Saturn in the Seven & half period, I will give the corresponding explanation below, You know that the zodiac sign of the Moon in each zodiac sign is the zodiac sign of the respective horoscope. It is also known as Chandralakkinam. 7 ½ Saturn is the time when I, Saturn, transcends the three zodiac signs of 12th, 1st and 2nd house of the zodiac for such a genus. For the zodiac sign, the period I travel in the 12th is the period of Wasted Saturn (Viraya Sani)

The period of time I travel in the 1st zodiac sign, i.e. the zodiac sign, is the period of the zodiac (Zenma Sani). The period I travel in the 2nd of the zodiac is the period of the foot Saturn (Paatha Sani). In all three cases, the horoscope will suffer a lot to survive.

To whom will 71/2 Saturn be cruel?

Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Cancer are the only six zodiac signs that I will give many kinds of hardships to during the Seven & half Saturn Period. If so, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, the six zodiac signs of 71/2 Saturn does not harm? Then yes it should be considered that it does not do much.

3 Types of Seven & Half Saturn Period

The first round of the Seven and a half Saturns is called Dark Saturn (Mangu Sani) and the second round is called Rising Saturn (Pongusani). The third round is called Death Saturn (Marana Sani). 7 1/2 Saturn In the first round, the horoscope will bring past hardships and good fortune to his parents. The second round of 7 1/2 Saturn will bring good fortune to the horoscope and hardship to the mother and father of the horoscope. During the third round of 7 1/2 Saturn period, the horoscope will have difficult benefits such as illness, old age, suffering, etc.

Arthashtama Saturn

It is said that when Saturn comes in the fourth zodiac sign of the zodiac, difficult benefits will take place for this horoscope, and that time is the period of Ardhastama Saturn.

Ganda Saturn

The period during which Saturn travels in the seventh zodiac sign of the Zenma zodiac is said to be the period of Ganda Saturn (Ganda Sani) of the horoscope. Even during this time, many unforeseen losses can occur to the horoscope.

Ashtama Saturn

The period during which Saturn travels in the eighth sign of the zodiac is called the period of Ashtama Saturn. It is said that the horoscope will have various trials and tribulations during this time

Didi Soonya Dhosa

I, Saturn, lose the auspicious benefits of Capricorn in the prime, Tiruthi Tithi and the auspicious benefits of Capricorn in Chaturthi Tithi and then the auspicious benefits of Capricorn in Dhuvatasi Tithi due to Tithi Soonya Dosha. As my strength is affected during these times, the benefits I give are diminished.

My perverted story

Fifth to the position where I travel when the sun travels in the fifth house, I become perverted. The perversion disappears when the same sun enters the ninth house where I travel. Thus every year, I would wander in perversion for up to five months.

Pasagar – Bothagar – Karagar – Vedhagar

Pasagar: For the Guru, if I am in the sixth and I am in the sixth for the Sun, even if I have Venus in the third, it gives the system of Pasagar. So this horoscope will get good results very soon when my Dasaputti Antara and Venus’ Dasaputti Antara are taking place.

Bothagar: If there is a moon in the eleventh position where I stand, then the moon is a Bothagar who can bring a lot of benefits in their Dasa intellect.

Karagar: Whether I am on the 11th of the Moon or on the 11th of Angarakan, I am the Karkar who can relax in my Dasa Bukti Antaras and give all the good fruits.

Vedagar: I, who stood at 4 for Venus, and Angaraka, who stood at 7 for me, are the Vedagar who can prevent any good from happening to that horoscope in my Dasa Buddhi Antara and Angaraka’s Dasa Buddhi Antara.

Apart from Rahu and Ketu, other planets including myself give a total of 39 grains of detail in my Ashtavarka Pearl Chakra. Its details:

Sun – 7 Grains

Moon – 3 Grains

Angaragan – 6 Grains

Wednesday – 6 Grains

Guru – 4 Grains

Venus – 3 Grains

Saturn – 4 Grains

Lakkinam – 6 Grains

Total Grains = 39

Thus the total number of grains that I get on the octagonal wheel of those planets is 42. You can see them below

On the Surya Chakra – 8

On the Moon Chakra – 4

On the Angaragan Chakra – 7

On the Mercury Chakra – 8

On the Guru Chakra – 4

On the Venus Chakra – 7

On the Saturn Chakra – 4

So total grains = 42

One of my Benefits

The worst of the Orr is that Saturn Orr is Say. Although, it would be nice to sell or buy properties like real estate during my Orr period. These are much better than leasing a grove, a pole, a garden, etc.  Saturn Orr is good for maintaining assets. Below are the times when Saturn Orr takes place.

Sunday Day 10-11, 5-6, Night 12-1

Monday day 7-8, 2-3, night 9-10,4-5

Tuesday Day 11-12, Night 6-7,1-2

Wednesday Day 8-9, 3-4, Night 10-11,5-6

Thursday Day 12-1, Night 7-8, 2-3

Friday day 9-10, 4-5, night 11-12

Saturday Day 6-7, 1-2, Night 8-9, 3-4

The duration of my Dasa intellect (Dasa Buddhi)

The duration of my Dasa mind is nineteen (19) years. In it, we can find out in what proportion the other planets, including myself, have received the duration of our intellects.


















































     Total Years





Not to be good for Mother and Father

  The horoscope that gets the moon before and after where I stand will not be good for his mother. Likewise, the horoscope of having the sun before and after the position where I stand will not be good for his father.

How do I deal with honor damage?

No matter what a male or female horoscope is, it is not good for Venus to be associated with me in that horoscope, or to be equal to me. If so, there may be a measure of past involvement in the matter of sexual intercourse & it leads to a loss of dignity. Even if Mercury gathers with me, or if Mercury is in my dominant stars Pusam Anusham and Uttaratadi, or if Mercury has got my vision, this horoscope will cause damage and loss of money by friends anyway. Only those with such a horoscope should associate with their friends outside the home. Compensation for friends should not even be bailed out.

If Venus and I were together

If Saturn and Venus and I are in the horoscope of a man or a woman, even if one looks symmetrically, that horoscope will be the one who is immersed in the world. He will behave as if he has no worries about ethics.

If I am in a position of profit

If I am in the 11th house for Zenana Lakhnam, I will necessarily cause loss and fall by friends to that horoscope. Every action of that horoscope will be in favor of the opponents. Many of his friends will be cunning and insidious. No joint efforts will be made for such people. In this way, it is good for them to be vigilant.

My aquatic dominance

Zodiac houses are the twelve zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and Aquarius. Even if I am in the 12th house or My look fall in the 12th house for a Zenana Lakkinam with such aquatic life, the fortunes of that person who will cross the sea and go to other countries will increase.

If I were at 2 for the Moon

In the Zen horoscope, if I am in the 2nd position for the position of the moon, it is called Sunaba Yagam. It is also known as ‘Sasayogam’. Sunaba Yoga II will make it impossible for the horoscope to acquire the assets of the Pithur way. However, the horoscope is a person who earns a lot of self and can live comfortably with the qualifications of a king. Sasi Yoga ‘brings a lot of income to the family. All of the income that comes in will soon be spent without knowing the trace it came from. Astrologers say that being in the zodiac – crap, vote, family position will definitely make a difference in any of these three categories. This can be seen to be true in practice.

Saturn in arithmetic

In arithmetic astrology the frequency is eight. It is worth noting that my number eight is moderately rewarding. They would have had a lot of difficulties by the time they rose in life.

Saturn in the fingerprint

The ridge under the middle finger in the fingerprint extract is my ‘Sanimedu’. If there is no black dot, scepter, zigzag or cross-section on this mat, it is a Saturn platform that can give yoga. If you go a long line from the palm towards the Sun, you should also know that it is the line of luck. Saturn in general can also be seen as hard workers.

Some beliefs about me

It is considered an evil omen for someone to be alive on my Saturday. They will also avoid burying the body on Saturday. The people of the country said, “Saturday the corpse is looking for a companion.” If the corpse happens to be buried on Saturday the corpse will be taken away as well as a chicken or coconut tied and hung. It comes as a remedy for not pursuing evil. Those who bury their dead on Fridays will not even say, ‘Sprinkle milk on Saturday, have milk with tomorrow.’ “This is one of my beliefs about Saturday after death. It is also said by some that if one lives in the Saturn star Uttar Pradesh, the house should be closed for a period of six months – also known as ‘Tanista Panchami’. This is also a case of fear of a kind of Saturn corpse looking for a companion. Since I am a caricaturist of the divisive rule of life, many such beliefs come and go in the case.

Saturn in Laknam – overworked. Any health problems will continue to appear from time to time. Who has a heavy physique? Administrator. Most of them have the power to frighten the enemy. There will be hemorrhoids. Moderate color and the ability to work silently. The one who finishes with zeal the thing taken. Expecting help and encouragement from others. Social service activist. Will keep the secret. The one who has amnesia.

Saturn in 2nd – Happiness and sorrow alternate in life. Sharp vision, dark complexion on the face. There will be no interest in family life. With an aged appearance One who has a lot of disruptions in education. Education will stand halfway. The one with the harsh wording. One who speaks the truth without blaspheming lies. Then we will gradually find what we need for life. The bad name occurs in public life. Will not speak the truth. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. There are chronic diseases. Two wives are likely.

Saturn in the 3rd – arrogant. He will engage in anything without being offended by the urgency. He will be Wealthy, Courageous, Hard-minded and resolute. Relatives are proud of him and he will have a good wife with divine & disciplines. Longevity lasts a long time. Person’s Horoscope presents Lack of Luck for his father and his sons. Having friendships with the bad guys and deserve to be actors.

Saturn in 4th – Unlucky to grow with own Mother. The stepmother is more likely to grow up. Pillow body language. One who can wash his hands of friends when the thing happens. There will be a failure in politics. The issue will be on the property such as house, land etc. Relative cooperation will not be correct. The old house will be residential. He will engage in evil deeds in the company of the wicked. Religions are something he does not like. Functions are irregular. Sesame, iron, machine, foreign employment will be better. The education and stationery sector will also be profitable

Saturn in the 5th – has the strength of life. He will behave without knowing the quality of human beings. Will interfere unnecessarily in the affairs of others. Will not respect anyone. Sluggish, anxious, confused, skeptical. There will be a cash crunch. The chances of winning a competitive race are slim. There will be chronic problems with family property. Parental support is not correct. Who has an evil friendship? The heir has a defect. One who makes others suffer without caring about their actions. Level of savings is low. The cost expense is high.

Saturn in the 6th is the most expensive and compassionate. Problem with brotherhood relatives. Facial ailments are caused by an unnamed disease that causes chronic anxiety. Treatment does not cure the disease. The one is hungrier who has a habit of over eating. Flatulence, rheumatism, neurological diseases, heart disease, stomach related diseases are often troublesome. There is no use by descendants. Fortune time will decrease for the Uncle (mother’s brother). Enemies will easily form. But those who oppose him will suffer. Case, problem, fight, quarrels often occur. Failure to do so will result in family property lawsuits. He will deceive the employees. Others will be devalued. Always stay away from women.

Saturn in the 7th – He will be a duty-bound & Hard worker. But the one who does not have a decent income for labor is the one who has patience, endurance, temperance, sluggishness. The one who is always anxious is the one who has the will to be alone without adjusting to anyone in family life. The enmity of others can easily occur. Problems can lead to failure. The marriage will take place late. Only his submissive wife will have a chance. Numerous wives or widow contact may occur. A marriage bond hostile to his clan will ensue. Marriage happens without will. The wife’s age, education or wealth may be greater than him. The wife will have some grievances. Wife and women are more likely to be the reason for his disappointments. Seeker of women other than wife. Home comforts are available late. Always late in reaches of friends companion. The joint venture will be better.

Saturn at 8 – Stay away from relatives. There is no fraternal compliance and visual impairments occur. Energetic, courageous, and full of votes. One who is patient, sober, and slow-moving. Will be full of bad association. He will create many problems with his speech. He is good at arguing. Will not accept the opinion of the other easily. The material will be wasted in bad ways. Occasionally there is a problem for basic regular food. Blessed with long live, but also being with a variety of diseases. He is addicted to drugs. So that Lack of children. Flatulence, paralysis of the limbs, Scratches on the Palm, disease over the secret Parts of the body. Treatment cost also more effective without improvement.

9th Saturn – Devotional minded. Lack of qualities like desire and affection to hate and exclude racism. There is no harmony with the brother either. Lover of the arts & do practice. He to be betrayed for gold and objects and gives them to others and loses them. It is full of anxiety and sadness. The mind keeps wandering. He will love to do hard exercises. Interested in sports, legs weakened. He is interested in science, music and drama. The horoscope is interested in determining the temple pools and dharma institutions. The strength of the father’s life is decisive.

Saturn in 10th- Hard-working, frugal. He who does not err on the side of justice is very selfish and selfish

Mother’s health will not be good. The attempt is successful. Father’s yoga will decrease Railways, mining, archeology, ferrous metals, leather goods. Oil seeds, Blessed with yoga would be in Industries like the minerals beneath the earth. Agriculture, leasing, etc. are also profitable. It will be a lucrative business every day. A better set of employees will be formed. There is also the possibility of war therapy, medicine, printing, and antique sales. He will act on his own without trusting others. There will be a level of dissatisfaction with nothing.

Saturn in the 11th – Wealth is very abundant. There is earth, there is vehicle yoga, only diseases or vulnerabilities can occur in the ears, there is higher status, influence, solution. Partners are not likely to be overwhelming. Elder brother yoga is also low. Heirs occur in old age. The level of friendship will not be right, the hostility of friends is due to the tireless work and courage caused by his actions. Get government positions, government rewards. There is profit in public welfare Agriculture, machinery, vehicles, printing, leasing industry is profitable, pious.

Saturn in the 12th – low performance. Reluctant. Lack of self-confidence. Money can be a barrier to progress. Too much forgetfulness. He will suffer more losses and losses due to anger. He will suffer after losing anything. Convenience cost reduction. He is often interrupted by others. Laziness and slow walking are native traits. If the enemies are harassing, the loss will be to them. Harasser of women. Foreign waves are high. Physical disability can occur. There is hatred of the state and therefore fear.

Saturn’s causality

We will see the details of Saturn’s cause of life. Servants Subordinates, Wicked, Night Born Pitur (Father) Karkar, Inferior, Hunting People, Cum, Merchant, Elderly, Poor, Mountaineer, Widows, Blue, Oil, Iron, Abrasive, Black, Tulle, 8th, Saturday, West Direction, wage, slavery, liquor, meat, crops, building, machine, computer, loans, donkey, buffalo, camel, furnace, nerves, prison cripple (disabled), life poverty, vile woman, persecution, humiliation, guilt sin, Sun, Karkar in conditions of grief, cloud disease, deceit, insanity, argument, bile, infertility, accidental death.

Saturn Dosh

Until one enjoys and solves one’s sinful accounts, Saturn, the life-saver who saves a life from leaving the body, causes problems in marriage by causing Saturn Dosh when he sits in 1,2,5,7,8,12 in the natal horoscope.

Benefits of Saturn Tosha

  1. Ageless appearance and ignorance when Saturn sits in the Zenana Laknam. It can also cause laziness. And looking at the sins of 3,7,10 will reduce the mood of marriage. Disagreement with the domain can lead to misery, difficult life and poor health for him.
  1. Prohibition of marriage, late marriage, disagreement between couples after marriage, harshness in speech, etc., which contributes to family unity when Saturn sits in the second sin, Seeing the 4th sin will have the benefit of restraining the journey, ill health, seeing the 8th sin will cause the hostility of the field to be distressed by the harsh words of the field, and seeing the 11th sin will contribute to the gain gained by the field.
  1. Saturn sitting in the fifth sin will delay the blessing of the Son. Peace of mind can be affected by children, Affecting intelligence. And seeing the seventh sin leads to marriage delay and hostility, Seeing the 11th sin will cause part of his credit to be available through the financial delay and Causing childless sadness as well. And seeing the second sin caused harshness in the vote, the prohibition of marriage, troubled marriage, and so on.
  1. When Saturn sits in the seventh place, there will definitely be a field of late marriage, where the age difference may be greater or more like the elderly in appearance. And seeing the ninth sin will affect the happiness and seeing the Lucky sin will affect the appearance and activities of the horoscope, and seeing the fourth sin will ruin the health of the horoscope. There will be disruptions in travel.
  1. When Saturn sits in the eighth, marriage prohibition, late marriage, troubled marriage, etc. will occur. And seeing the tenth sin will affect the well-being of the field, seeing the 2nd sin will lead to a chaotic family situation, financial difficulties, damage cause of words, and seeing the 5th sin will bring sadness to the childless situation and disturbing peace of mind by the sons.
  1. When Saturn sits in the twelfth place, there are obstacles to gaining marital life pleasure. Monasticism prevails. And seeing the 2nd sin will lead to an unhappy marriage, unexpected wastage through the domain, material loss by the domain and sons if the 6th sin is seen. 9-Seeing sin causes one to be submissive to the domain and share in the bliss.

The most important of the Navagrahas is Lord Saneeswara. Let’s watch a story behind the “Eeswara” graduate of Kutchanur Saneeswaran feel special. King Dinakaran ruled the country of Kalinga with Mani as its capital in the north. He had only one flaw even when he ruling the good governance. They have been married for a long time and have no child that’s only the flaw. One day King Dhinakaran heard something strange by the will of God. In it ‘A boy will come to your house. You have to adopt and nurture him so that your shortcomings will be resolved. ‘ King Dinakaran and his wife Venthuru were delighted and adopted and raised a son named Chandravathanan, according to Asariri.

A few months later King Dhinakaran’s wife Venthuru became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful son. His name is Sudhakan. As Sudhagan and his brother Chandravathanan grew up, their adopted son Chandravathanan excelled in skill and energy. Knowing this, father Dinakaran enjoyed crowning his adopted son Chandravathanan.

On some days, according to the fate of Father Dinakaran, his health deteriorated due to 7 ½ Saturn. Seeing this situation, the adopted son Chandravathanan went to the astrologer and asked for way of cure. The astrologer said, ‘Worship the Lord Saneeswara, and your father will be healed.’ Immediately Chandravathan went to the banks of the river Surabhi near Madurai, a beautiful place in the south, and imagined the shape of Lord Saturn made an iron statue of Lord Saneeswara.

Chandravathanan looked at his created Saturn Bhagavan and said, ‘God, give me all the sufferings of my father. I accept that. ‘ Lord Saturn melted for his voice so he appeared before him. ‘All the sorrows I have given to your father are only for the sins he committed at his past-congenital. Now accept your request and I will give you all the sufferings of the Father. It is enough if you count your good mind and accept suffering only for just 71/2 minutes. Even this was given for the sin you committed in the first place. Accordingly, Chandravathan lived the prosperous life of grace by the grace of Lord Saturn.

The statue of Lord Saturn, which originated on the banks of the Chandravathan Surabi River, became the source of the Kutchanur temple. It is still worshiped today. The village, also known as Shenbaganallur, was named Kuchanur after Chandravathan built a temple to the self-shaped Saneeswara Bhagavan by using Kuchupull. Although the temple appeared 2000 years ago, the consecration (kumbabisegam) has not taken place till today due to its spontaneous appearance.

The temple is located on the banks of the river Surabhi. The Surabhi River is running as a combination of  Periyar River and  Suruli River. In this temple, the Aruba shaped lingam is growing from the earth and a Turmeric Kaappu (Manjal Kaappu) has been tied to control it. Those who wish to worship Lord Kuchanur Saneeswara can visit this temple daily from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm

Special pujas will be held on Saturdays. The Saturn Shift (Sani Peyarchi) Ceremony is also specially held once in 2 1/2 years. In this temple, Lord Saneeswara, who has arisen spontaneously, can be worshiped with Black vase and Vanni leaves.  The Saneeswara’s vehicle – crow is to be fed and worshiped. You can get the blessings of Lord Saturn by lighting a sesame lamp, wearing a black dress, and offering sesame rice.

It is no exaggeration to say that many of us are very much afraid of seeing Lord Saturn. Saturn lord is showing angry even though, but he is more affectionate than other planets. Saturn is the most important and honest judge of the planets.

Lord Saturn, known as the King of Justice, will be angry with those who do wrong. At the same time, those who do only honest, right things that do no harm to others need not fear of Lord Saturn.

Lord Saturn, known as the King of Justice, will be angry with those who do wrong. At the same time, those who do only honest, right things that do no harm to others need not fear Saturn.

Chitragupta of Ema Dharman is writing all our account of sins. Even if he careless to write our sins, Lord Saneeswarar watches over each & everything we do. So that he will give its benefits to the zodiac while migrating to the particular zodiac. 

Usha Devi, the wife of Surya Bhagavan, is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He decides to do penance towards Shiva as he feels that his strength is declining. But since he has no mind to go after leave the Surya Bhagavan alone, he creates a woman named Sayadevi by using her own shadow. Telling Sayadevi that she has to do all her things whatever I have to do in my position, Then Usha Devi takes the form of a horse and goes to Shiva for penance. Surya Bhagavan also thinks that Sayadevi is Usha Devi and lives with her. They both have a son, Kritavarma (Saturn), and a daughter, Tabati. The mother’s hue is as dark as the shadow, as it came to the son Saturn, so he has been looks black.

Sun God does not like the actions Some of the Saturn from a young age. So, the sun bhagavan shows more love to other children than the lord Sani bhagavan.  Saturn lord who longs for the love of the father in the beginning hates his father as he grew up. At one point he begins to think of his father as his enemy. Thinking that he should be more powerful than his father, he goes to Kasi and creates a lingam there. Then for many years he is doing a severe penance towards Shiva. Seeing the devotion of Lord Shani bagavan, Lord Shiva appeared before him and said, “Ask what boon you want.”

must be one of the Navagrahas, His vision should be stronger than other Navagrahas, to be stronger than his father and those born with him, in short, he asked to give me the place next to you.

Because of Saturn’s penance, Eason gave him all the boons he asked for. From that day on he was called Saneeswaran. After that, Still, the present day, even Devati Devas to having feared Saturn as they received many miraculous boons from Easwaran. But many mythical stories saying that those who troubled Saturn was Hanuman and Ganesha.

His stars in the line of sinful planets are Pusam, Anusham, and Uttaratadi. It is said that after receiving the boon of Saneeswaran from Lord Shiva in Kashi, he came to the Darbaraneswarar Temple in Thirunallar and worshiped Lord Shiva. It is noteworthy that Saneeswaran now has a separate shrine in Thirunallar.

Saneeswara Bhagavan who is worshipped as one of the Navagrahas set up in Hindu places of worship also raised for devotees as a sub-temple of some temples, But Kutchanur is the one & only individual temple for Lord Saneeswara Baghavan in Tamil Nadu.

Kutchanur Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple is located on the west bank of the main canal, which is a tributary of the glorious Suruli River, also known as the Surabi River in the Kambam Valley of Theni District. If the affected people of Saturn Dosam come to this temple and pray fervently, they will be able to overcome the temptations and prosper in life. Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu also visit this temple to seek Sani Baghavan’s help to their newly started business, grow their business, and live well with their families. At present, believers of Hindu religion from other parts of India and from abroad such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and Nepal visit the Saneeswara Bhagwan Temple & worship to seek redressal of their grievances.

History of the Temple

A king named Dinakaran, who ruled the region, prayed daily to the Lord to give him a child as he was depressed without a child. One day while he was praying like this, heard some “Asareeri”. In that asareri it was said that a Brahmin boy would come to his house and He has to raise him and after that, he would have a child. According to the scripture, a Brahmin boy came in a few days. The king also named that boy Chandravathanan. After that, a boy child was born to the queen. The king and queen named the child Sadagan. Both children grew up and became adults. Chandravathanan was very intelligent. Though he was the adopted son of Chandravathan, he was crowned with the idea that it was right to make him king for his intellectual ability.

Cause of his kind worship, Lord Saneeswara appeared in front of him. He said, “Saturn dosa occurred in this birth, for the sins he committed in the previous life of him. According to their sinful deeds, Saturn doshas come to them for seven and a half hours, seven days, seven and a half months, and seven and a half years. Those who benefit from their misery in these times and those who do good with their duties will ultimately benefit according to their good deeds. Suffering comes to your father according to his Past zenma sins.

Chandra Vathanan also agreed to it.Chandravathanan who came as an orphan to the house and raised by his adopted father Dinakaran.  The adopted son begged him to alleviate his suffering by giving him the hardships that would befall him who made himself king of the country.  Satisfied with his request, Lord Saturn will replace him with his father for seven and a half hours and during that seven and a half hours he will suffer a lot.  He also warned that all of that suffering must be experienced.

Lord Saneeswara agreed and gave him many severe sufferings for seven and a half hours. Lord Saneeswara reappeared before Chandravathan, who accepted all the sufferings and disappeared, saying, “Even this seven-and-a-half-hour period of Saturn dosa bliss came to you according to the reactions of your fore birth. I will alleviate the suffering of anyone who comes to this place and worships me, realizing their grievances and receive ultimately make them benefits. Then he appeared as (suyambhu) spontaneously in that place.

At the place where the self-shaped Saneeswara Bhagavan appeared,  Chandravathanan, his worship, holding Saturn Dosa and thinking that it should be a guide for others who are suffering because of it, He built a small temple in Shenbaganallur by using “Kuchupul” and made it a place of worship.  After this, Shenbaganallur became known as Kutchanur. The history of this place is mentioned in an ancient book titled “Dinakaran Manmiyam”.

Worship and specialties

Although daily worship is conducted at the Kutchanur Arulmigu Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple, special worship is conducted on Saturdays. Every year on the coming Saturdays in the month of Audi is celebrated in a very special way under the name of “The Grand Audi Festival” (Aadi Perunthiruvizha). Especially the “Saturn Shift Festival” (Sani Peyarchi Thiruvizha) is also held 2 and a half years once during the biennial Saturn Shift like this. During these festivals, millions of people from Tamil Nadu and other states come to the temple to resolve their grievance.

In the self-contained Saneeswara Bhagavan temple, the “Vidattai tree” is the head tree, the “Karunguvalai flower” is the head flower and the “Vanni leaf” is the head leaf. For Saneeswara Bhagavan the “crow” is the vehicle and the “sesame” the grain. Devotees who come here worship with sesame lamps and feed food for crow.

The self-growing arubi-shaped lingam is here which has been restricted to the by the turmeric rope. This temple is also said to be the historical site where Lord Saneeswara Baghavan relieved from his brahmagathi Dosham.

In this temple, Arulmigu Sonai Karuppana Swami and Arulmigu Lada Sannyasi are being as the sub-deities.

Audi Festival

The festival will start with the flag hoisting ceremony on Saturdays in the Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple at Kuchanur. Special Puja, Tirukkalyanam, Audi festival will be celebrated on the third Saturday. There will be a special pooja, Swami’s departure, pooja at the Lada Siddhar Shrine, sprouting, karakam, Kalakkudhal, yellow bathing, Pongal for Sonai Karuppanasamy, The unfurling of the flag and special pooja for the Lord will happen.

There is a story as to why Lord Saturn does harm. Saturn was only involved in penance to the Lord. There is no interest in family life. Unaware of this, Chitradha married his daughter to Sani baghavan. Even after marriage, Saneeswaran did not love his wife and engaged in meditation. Lord Saturn, who had forgotten why I had married a woman, was cursed by his wife in agony.

“You who do not understand the desire of a woman, who do not know how to live as a husband, cannot attain the bliss of your penance.” the Lord Sani bhagavan was vexed by those cursed words. From that day on his vision became Perverted (“Vakram”). It is a myth that it can never be changed.

In the Agamams, there are reports of Saturn’s figure and dress. Dark-skinned. Always wear black dress, one paralyzed leg and two arms, a Baton on the right, and a Varadha Notes on the left hand. The one who is sit in the Padma Peedam. The one who is roaming in an iron chariot which is locked eight horses with the help of latitude garland.

There are two types of mantras for Sanibagavan. One is scripture. The Rishi for this is “Ilimili”. The name of the mantra is “Ushnik”. Another mantra is “Gayatri” chanting. Rishi for that – “Mitrarishi”.

In the book Navagraha Arathanam, Sanipaka would have sat on the seat like a rainbow. The owner of the beauty vehicle. Will be towards the west. Possessed of blue mane. Poor man. The scepter, the bow, the flood, the danger, the slow walker. Karunchanda is our painter. Lover of ebony, sapphire garland. Saturn is mentioned as having a black umbrella and a flag. For Saturn, the goddess Yaman. On the right, you have to invoke this. On the left, there will be Prajapati, the Pratyati angel.

If you hear his name, the cosmic universe will shiver. From the common man to the gods who have received all the treasures will tremble. Righteous, justice speaker. That is why Sani Bagavan, culminates in the zodiac of Libra.  The black-skinned Sani bhagavan was born into the Kasiba tribe. He is being as Ayul Karagan, which is said to be in a very important position in astrology, . The second son of Surya Bhagavan.

First Son is “Yeman”. If the latter prolongs life, the former one is engaged in the business of snatching life. Sister Yamuna. The one who has crow as the vehicle. Saturn is also one of them who got the name of Easwaran. In the month of Purattasi, on Saturday, on the auspicious day of Rohini star, Lord Saturn was born to father Surya Bhagavan and mother Sayadevi as “Poorva Ponku Sopana Puthiran Saneeswaran”.

We fast every Saturday of the month of Purattasi on his birthday. For what? To get longevity, to get the grace of the Lord Saneeswarar. It is true that this is the day for Govindan too. Sesame is the native grain of Saneeswarar. The sesame is said to have come from the sweat of Lord Vishnu. This is one thing to note here. No matter the other planets are in yoga position there is no chance of getting guesswork without the consent of the Sani Bhagavan. At the same time if the Sani Bhagavan decides to give, no one can stop him. Also Other planets will be away to avoid the Fuss.

It is said that, Sani Bhagavan is the only one who holds the Easwar degree in the Navagrahas. That is why he is called ‘Saneeswaran’. In each person’s life, he or she is destined to live in the grip of Saturn for seven and a half years according to the zodiac and to experience ups and downs. This is what is called ‘Ezharaichani’. ‘Giving is Saturn; also Spoils is Saturn ‘, ‘Whom has Saturn left’? There are so many proverbs.

Once Saneeswaran was conversing with Devendra in the devaloga. in a little while, Devendran looked at Saneeswaran and said, Is there anyone left whom not been caught and suffered by you? Saneeswaran replied, ‘Not yet. But, now comes to mind. I have never caught only one.

But now, is the time for that to!  Saying that & he left in a hurry. Indra asks, “Where are you going?”, Saneeswaran, “To see Shiva!” said & left from there. The one who went straight to the Kailayam, worshiped Goddess Shiva – Goddess Parvati. ”Saneeswara! What is the reason for coming to see us? ”Sivaperumaan asked.

” Shiva! According to your horoscope, since this second, Saturn period begins. I came to grab yourselves, ”said Saneeswaran. “Do I have Saturn Period?” What Saneeswara, are you kidding me? Are you going to catch me who determined the rotation of the planets? “ He asked.

” Yes Swami! I have come according to the rules you have set. Even if it is not seven and a half years, please allow me to hold you for seven and a half months or seven and a half days to do my duty, ”Saneeswaran asked.

“What? seven and a half days? you can not catch me even for seven and a half hours,” said Lord Shiva. Suddenly he disappeared into one of the Rudraksha of Goddess Parvati’s garland.

Beyond the divine power in Rudraksha, no other power can enter into it. How can Lord Saturn enter the Rudraksha where it is on the neck of Goddess Parvati?

But Saneeswaran sat there without any hesitation and start praying the name of and a half minutes passed. Lord Shiva came out of Rudraksha. He said to Saneeswaran, Saneeswara “Did you see?”. you, could not even approach me for seven and a half minutes.

”No Parameswara! I caught you for seven and a half hours. That is why you, the feeding origin to all the living beings in the world, disappeared in a Rudraksha, imprisoned for seven and a half hours, and enjoyed it. ” Lord Shiva congratulated Saneeswaran who pointed out that it was necessary for the person even who set the ‘rule of Saneeswaran’ to abide by that rule.

Mother Parvati also got the blessings of Lord shiva, because Lord Shiva stayed inside of her Rudraksha which is around her neck for seven and a half minutes. So goddess Parvati greeted Saneeswarar. Saturn did not leave Shiva as well. In the age of Dhrita, when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Sri Rama to destroy Dharma and establish Dharma. The Ramayana tells the story of an attempt to capture Lord Shiva, who incarnated as Hanuman to help him. Sri Raman was building a bridge across the sea to go to Sri Lanka with ape armies to destroy Ravana.

Sukrivan, Angadan, Hanuman and his ape armies were involved in this Sethupandhana work. Each of the monkeys came up with trees and rocks according to their power and threw them into the sea. Both Rama and Lakshman were blessing everyone and watching the bridge construction over the sea. Hanuman was breaking the rocks and carving the letters ‘Jai Shriram’ on them and throwing them into the sea. Then, Lord Saneeswara appeared there and worshiped Lord Rama Lakshman and said, “Prabhu! The period of seven and a half Saturn begins for Hanuman. Don’t get me wrong. Allow me to do my duty. ”

“We are doing our duty. Do your duty as well. If possible, try to catch Hanuman” said Sriraman. Immediately Saneeswaran appeared before Hanuman and said, “Anjaneya! I am Saneeswaran. Now you have the beginning of the seven and a half saturn period. Give a place in your body to haunt you.” ”Saneeswara! To rescue Sita Devi who is in the Srilanka prison of Ravana’s, we are accepting and involved in this sethupandhana work as the service of Sri Rama.” When this work is done, I will come to you myself. Then you can spread all over my body and occupied me.” said Hanuman.

”Anjaneya! I cannot exceed the time limit set by God; You too must not violate either. The time for me to catch you is near. Immediately say; In which part of your body could I occupy? ” Saneeswaran asked. “My hands are involved in Rama’s work. So, there is no space there. If I give space on my feet, it will be a great insult. ‘Head is the key to a healthy body! So, you sit on my head and do your duty, ”said Hanuman.

Hanuman bowed his head, then Saneeswaran climbed on his head and sat down. Hanuman, who had hitherto lifted ordinary rocks, After Saneeswaran sat on his head, He moved the huge boulders and put them on his head, walked towards the sea, and threw the rocks into the sea.

Instead of Hanuman carrying the weight of the big rocks, Saneeswaran who is sitting on his head had to carry the rocks. So, Saneeswaran himself is a little scared. ‘Has Saturn caught seven and a half of his own?’ He thought like that. He could not bear the load which loaded by Hanuman so jumped down from his head. “Saneeswara! You have to catch me for seven and a half years, why are you leaving so soon? ” Hanuman asked.

Saneeswaran replied, “Anjaneya! Holding you for a few seconds, I too was blessed for carry the rocks and engage in the work of Sethu Bandhana. You are the aspect of Sakshat Parameswaran. In the previous era, I tried to capture themselves and succeeded. Now I have failed ‘said Saneeswaran. “No, No.. you still won!” Seven and a half seconds instead of seven and a half years, you have caught me. Isn’t it? ‘ Said Hanuman. Saneeswaran was happy to hear that.

 ” Hanuman ..! I wish I could do you some good. Ask what you want. ” Hanuman asked, “You must protect by yourself those who recite the name of Rama with devotion from the miseries that occur during your seven and a half Saturn.” Sani Bhagavan also gave blessings. Usually the period of one’s seven and a half Saturn is divided into three parts

Manku Sani,

Thangu Sani,

Ponku Sani

It is defined by Astorlogy. Due to the boon of Hanuman, the mangu sani of the seventh Saturn, overcoming the troubles that befell the troubles that occur during the Tangusani period, In order to attain success, wealth, and prosperity in the end, we have been guided by elders who know the Shastras to chant the quality mantra “Sri Rama Jayarama Jaya Jaya Rama” with devotion.

There is no greater penance than patience. There is no greater pleasure than satisfaction. There is no higher virtue than Compassion. There is no more powerful weapon than forgiveness! Although surrounded by failures. Remove it like the sun illuminating the darkness and put on a step to the next victory. Not until you can, but until you reach your goal. Let this dawn in your life too! May the Lord bless you to wake up with a smile on your face and hope to start a new day! Hail & Live Wealthy!!

This is the remedy given by a Siddha Mahapurusha who lived in Thiruvannamalai.

Rare information like this, no matter how many crores you give, will only happen if you are fate destined to know. Is it enough just to know?

You should have a horoscope system to implement it. But only one thing is certain. If you do this correctly, the Saneeswara Bhagavan will give you the full view of his grace and ensure that you get the leadership position.

It is a great pleasure to share such a divine secret with our readers

Give the crow a handful of raisins daily (we use it to cook sugar Pongal) in the morning.

He says it has the power to change destiny, even if it is in the situation of death.

Apart from this, as we have already said, to the Vanni tree Ganesha, present Pacharisimavu prasadam & regular fasting on Saturdays then present sesame mixed curd rice, will protect you like a huge shield,

Whether it is an inside feel when you give prasadam to the crow every morning? or, really the blessings of the forefathers? doesn’t know!.

But, the unfortunate things that happen suddenly in your life, accidents, unwanted reproach, etc. will not come close to you.

(Seivinai) Magical Problems will not come to your home side. Worship of your ancestors plays a vital role in fulfilling the most important benefits, such as the incessant debt troubles and the blessings to have children, and your legitimate aspirations.

They perform this Kaanuppidi puja to keep their siblings healthy and happy and to be affectionate to them.

The floor is waxed clean in the open. Color Ranglolis will be drawn on the floor.

Spread the banana leaf there and serve the handfuls of color, colored foods in the amount of five, seven, nine, then the crows are called “Ka .. Ka”.

crows accept their invitation and fly to there. The crows that came there would call her mates as well. They Taste the nutrients in the banana leaf.

When it tastes like that, the crows often call out to their crowd, “Ka… ka”.

After the crows have eaten the food & left from there, they place the peanuts, bananas, betel nut on that banana leaf, and broken the coconut then worship.

Thus, it is the hope of women that unity will prevail with siblings.

Crow is the vehicle of Sani Bhagavan. Feeding the crow will make Saturn happy.

There are some species of crows such as Nupuram, Parimalam, Manikakkai and Andangakkai.

The trick of the crow is unmatched with any other bird. Emdarmarajan takes the form of a crow and goes to the habitat of humans and knows their condition.

So if feeding the crow Eman will be happy. Eman and Saturn are brothers. Therefore, Saturn & Eman are considered to be satisfied while feeding the crow.

Before we wake up in the morning, if we hear the sound of the crow, the thought will succeed. There is a good benefit if it dissolves near us or towards the door of the house. If the crows come in search of a home, they should be fed immediately.

Therefore, by worshipping the crow, one can live happily with the blessings of Lord Saturn, Yemen, and ancestors.

First, go to Nalathirtham and present the pool to the roam around right and should worship the idols Nalan and Tamayanti children in the middle of the pool. Sesame oil, stand facing north or east, and sink 9 times. Then spray water on Brahma Theertham and Saraswati Theertham.

After worshiping the Suvarna Ganapati inside the temple and worship the Subramanian Sannidhi, one should come to the right to visit Moolavar Darbaranyeswara and then Thiyakesar and visit the Amman Sannidhi. At last, should come and worship the Sani Bhagavan. Finally, one should come to the sanctum sanctorum and worship. Then crawl to the big Praharam. Archana, anointing, homam, darpanam, ratsai donation, preeti nava namaska ​​rum, nava pradatsanam can be done to Sanibagavan according to their living power.

You can worship Saneeswara in all days. Thirunallar temple has idols including Sanipagavan and Dharparanyeswarar. Some people mislead us into thinking that we should only worship here on Saturdays. This causes the devotees to stand in a queue for long time and see the Lord for only a few minutes.

Sani Bhagavan can be worshiped at the time of Sanihora, just as Raku is worshiped at the time of Ragu. Accordingly, Sunday morning 10-11, evening 5-6, Monday morning 7-8, Tuesday day 11-12, night 6-7, Wednesday morning 8-9, Thursday day 12-1, night 7-8, Friday morning 9- 10, 4-5 pm, Saturday 6-7 am, 1-2 pm, 8-9 pm, so you can worship receive his perfect grace in this week, day and time. the Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan.

Saturday fasting

Every Saturday, eat only once in all day and recite the mantras of the Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan. You can wrap a little sesame seeds in a bag and put it under your head every night and mix it with food and feed it to the crow the next morning. You can follow this as 9, 48, 108 weeks at our convenience.

Leave the good oil in the coconut shell and a small amount of sesame seeds as knotted, Or you can mount a sesame lamp (Tila lamp). You can anoint Lord Saturn with good oil and wear a black or blue robe and vada garland. Sesame rice can be feeded to the Priest, Brahamana & must be offering to the poor. Navagraha Shanti Homam, Abhishek Arathana Mandala Puja can be performed for Sanibagavan.

Sesame can be cleaned and roasted with jaggery, crushed with cardamom powder, and distributed to Venkatesh Perumal and Sani Bhagavan. One can worship the deities Anjaneyar and Dharmarajan. He can be ordained in his birth star or Rohini, the birth star of Sanibagavan. Worship Lord Sani Bhagavan every day on Sanihora time.

Raja Swaminatha Gurus, Chief Priest of Thirunallar Temple

What is the position of shifting to Libra: This time Saturn shifts from Virgo to Libra. Libra is the apex of Saturn. Therefore, he will be more energetic. Therefore, those who are going to experience Ezharai Sani(seven and a half  Saturn period), Ashtamathu Saturn, Arthasthama Saturn (half-difficulty level in Ashtamathu Saturn) Jeevanachani (difficulty in work, career) during this time should be careful.

Way to get rid of Saturn Dosham

The leaf of the lord Saneeswara Bhagavan is the Vanni leaf. This leaf is used to pay archana to Lord Saturn in the Navagraha Mandapam. You can arrange to place Vannimaram in the temples of your town. Also, devotees should lit up the sesame lamp on Saturdays and they can be offering a blue dress to the Saneeswarar in the Navagraha Mandapam. Devotees will get benefits, if they help those in need of Physically challenged people & abnormal people. You can visit & worship the temples at Thirunallar, Thirukollikadu (Thanjavur), and Kutchanur (Theni).

Method of dividing Seven and a half Saturn Period

“Ezharai Sani” usually occurs three times in one’s life. That means two and a half years he will dominate in one’s life. The first is Mangu Saturn, the second is Pongu Saturn and the third is Marana Saturn. So, those who are going to experience “Sani Peyarchi”(Saturn Shift) for the second time need not worry too much. Some will have good growth. Long-term dreams such as career advancement and house building are likely to take place during this period. For others, in his autobiography, the difficulties will be reduced on the basis of Dasabuddhii.

Saturn Benefiting Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius

Moderate benefiting zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius

Atonement Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

To whom is Ezharaichani

Virgo – last two and a half years, Pathachani, Vakkuchani

Libra – Phase II Genmachani

Scorpio- beginning of Ezharai Sani, Virayachani

Whom will Ashtamachani attack

Pisces – It is said to be more or less difficult for Saturn.

Saturn Dosham Remedy Song

Ashtamachani, Ezra Saturn, Arthashtama Saturn, Kandachani (Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces) will face unexpected difficulties due to this Saturn shift. This is the song to be read by the grace of the Lord to escape from it.

Thirunallar, the famous southern Shiva place known as the Darbaranyeswarar Temple, is a place where Saturn Dosha can be remedied. Special worship of Lord Saturn takes place in this temple which is visited by millions of people. It is believed that the devotees who see this will get additional benefits.

The crime committed by Nalan

Nalan, the king of Nita, is a salesman who exemplifies the specialty of his cuisine as Nala Bhagam. He married Tamayanthi, the daughter of Weerasena, the king of Vidarbha. The Devas also wanted to marry the beautiful princess Tamayanthi. Sani Bhagavan one of the Devas was furious, because Tamayanthi married Nalan.

Sani Bhagavan tried for twelve years with the idea that if Nalan committed any crime he could be caught and tortured. But He earned disappointments only. But, one day, when Nalan was washing his feet, the water did not slide on his hind legs. Saturn blamed him & caught him for this.

Nalan lost his happy life. separated from his wife. There was even a situation of running and hiding. Then Nalan began to governing again after suffering. According to the saying, “Even after rains stops, clouds fall raindrops” like that, Saturn’s misery also continued.

To get rid of these too, Nalan went on a Tirtha pilgrimage to on the advice of Narada. Sage Bharathwaja, who saw him on the way, advised him to worship Lord Shiva at the Thirunallar Darbaraneswarar Temple to remove Saturn Dosham.

Accordingly, Nalan to go inside the temple, Lord Saturn fearing to see Easwaran, so stood outside who could not follow Nalan. This event only took place here. Lord Saturn still stands still today presents the scene. It is said that, if you worship Lord Sani Bhagavan before visiting Lord Shiva, You will get relief from Saturn’s evil.

Tirupathikam – Sung by Thirugnanasambandar


In this revision, Lord Saturn is the auspicious deity. The history of this revision says that Thirumal, Brahman, Indran,  Dishai Balagars, Agathiyar, Pulastiyar, Archunan, and Nalan also received his blessings.

When you see Lord Saturn, you should stand side by side and worship him. Don’t fall for his direct vision for example there is a story about Ravana. The mighty Ravana defeated the Navagraha heroes. He ordered them to lie down in rows, and then step on their backs every day and ascend the throne.

Only Lord Saturn, one of the Navagrahas, asked Ravana to put himself down on the ground and step on his chest. He also made him believe that that was the pride of Ravana. To do the same Ravana, then Saturn saw him directly. Seeing this, Tosham Ravana abducted Sita. Later, He killed by the Kakuththan, as per the story.

Lord Saturn has the names ‘Manthan’ and ‘Sanicharan’. Sanicharan became Saneeswaran. Only Shiva and he have the title of ‘Easwara’. He has lame on one leg and has only one eye. The one who has the crow as his vehicle. He has four hands. His wife’s name was Jashta Devi.

He is the lifeblood of every horoscope, and since there is no one to stop him from giving, So is his other name “Vallal Piran” and it’s suited for him.

Thirunallar Special Worship Dharbaranyeswarar Temple Thirunallar Temple Thiru gnanasambandar.

An ardent devotee of Thirumal, Thirukkachi Nambigal used to do spiritual work for Kanchi Perumal. The time of his Seven and a half Saturn period has  Lord Saneeswarar has come & asked him “Swami! The time has come to catch you. I need your permission for that” Saturn Bhagavan said.

Nambikal say, “Lord, I will bear the hardships of your capture. But During that time there would be some disruption in the spiritual service I was doing to Perumal, So will you please reduce the seven and a half years into a certain period less?”

“Shall I catch you for seven and a half months?” Saneeswarar said. “seven and a half months is more” Nambi Said. “Then let it make seven and a half days?” Said Lord Saturn.

“If you want, hold on for seven and a half hours” Nambi requested. Sanibagavan also agreed. The next day Nambigal, waving the Alavattam for Perumal and returned to their location. Then the Sani Bhagavan caught the Nambigal.

Ezharai Sani has been started for Nambigal. At that time a priest started performing Thiruvarathana Pooja in the temple sanctum. Then the golden bowl that holds the Prasadam (neivethyam) was missing. The priest wondered and wondered who would have taken this. That’s when he remembered. At last, Perumal was decorated and worshipped by Thirukkachi Nambigal.  He, the great saint, would he have taken this plate?. The only confusion. The suspicion alone, however, was not resolved. The priest informed the temple official. The temple staff searched the entire temple. But it is not available. Finally, they decided to send a man to Nambi and summon him for questioning.

Nambigal were summoned. What happened to the gold bowl?

Everyone questioned him one by one.  Nambigal felt throbbed as like as The worm fell into the fire. “Perumale, should I get the reproach of being a thief for the spiritual work I did for you?”

Always you were talking to me, talk now, As you spoke with me in front of everyone speak now. But Perumal remained silent. Nambigal does not lose hope, “Perumal after all, let everything happen as you wish.”

Namby was taken on the road by the guards towards the palace to accept the sentence. People were looked at him very ridiculous. He was so embarrassed. By this time seven and a half hours had passed. Then the temple priests came by the run. Got the Swami bowl. The bowl was hidden under Swami’s pedestal. They apologized for the mistake they made unknowingly.

Sanibagavan also explained what had happened to Nambi, who had done spiritual work then apologized for that. finally, he left. Even if he is the great priest, Sani Bhagavan made him suffered, then no need to tell about the ordinary people.  So let’s worship Perumala and get rid of Sani Dhosa.

The period is from BC & AD. As history divides. As such, life in A.M. & A.P.  as astrology divides. That is, life ripens “before seven and a half Saturn” and “after seven and a half Saturn”. The clarity and sobriety that comes after seven and a half Saturn period will be amazing.

What will these seven and a half Saturn do?

71/2 Sani is the time period of Saturn travels in your zodiac sign, in your pre zodiac sign, and in your next zodiac sign. The first round that comes at a childhood age is called “Mangu Sani”, The second round, which comes in adolescence and middle age, is called “Pongu Sani”, The third round which comes while aging is also called “Gangu Sani”.

First Round

The “impact of Saturn” on children from birth to the age of twenty can be seen most clearly in children. Saturn made a mistake; No matter how many times shows up to the doctor, the nose will still be flowing cause of the cold.”  The health of the child born during the 71/2 Sani will be affected to the extent that the doctor will buy the signature of the parents.

In this round from childhood to adolescence, problems such as conflict of opinion, division, and suspicion will come and go. The important thing to note is that there will be no problem directly between the husband and wife. The problem only arises when a third person intervenes and says, “Someone told like that, someone told like this.”

More importantly, the conflict of opinion is exacerbated by those who become acquainted in a short period of time and become close friends. The family, which was being like a honeycomb, will act as a scorpion has bitten. Do not give cell phones to children who are from 13 to 19 on during “Ezharai Sani” period. They get caught up in unnecessarily bad friendships  & come out suffocating. Protect them like an eye-popping Snake.

There will be sluggishness, forgetfulness, sleepiness. The mindset of “Don’t Obey, ignore”! Then  “Already, Mom & Dad Told me, But I was refused to hear that,” Said Children.”Unobedient child at home will be the obedient one in Society.” This is Sanibagavan’s method of correction. Sani Bhagavan is the teacher who beats and corrects the child who does not listen wandering words.

If you say, “Pray for God,” they will say, “Did God, who is somewhere, waiting for my prayer?” But the mother’s words will come to mind when stuck in a trouble & slipped at the ground. But they in themselves “Don’t do it when Others say; do when you really want” This thought will make them do anything in delay.

The experiences, humiliations and wounds that can be received on the “Ezharisani Period” will be scarred and will be unforgettable for the rest of life. He will nurture life by keeping you sad like this, Sanibagavan. Then what have to do? “Let the children go on their way & you catch them when on time. Control your love with your heart & be strict in front of them & show them a way to understand “if you do this, this will be the result”.

Saturn will turn positive. Saturn Dharmadevan. He will turn out you to Adharma and test. Have to cross the web without a stuck. He will tell you some tricks for it. It is up to us to understand and hold on to these. ‘‘ Whether you study or not. Just go to that temple every week. Get up early in the morning. Sit with the Lord for ten minutes and just say the slogan I say. ” like train them these good habits.  The miracle of Saturn’s charcoal becoming a diamond occurs.

Second round

Anyone over the age of twenty-seven who has a seven and a half Saturn, which is called a blister Saturn. Expropriation, Preservation, Giving back after Multiplication process & This is the second round concept. The talents that lie within will blossom like a flower. Giving wealth. But, also spoil a little. That is why Saturn has two names they are “the giver who also spoils it; The spoiler then who giving it back”. “He simply came as nothing. Now he has gone to the top level. ” He will give you money, position, marriage, property, and comfort.

But, he will snatch in the middle. Why take it? He snatches away all the wealth of those who speak arrogantly, “I’m the one who’s doing everything, what’s left for me!” Because, during this second round they will create some problems for themselves due to some excess wealth. “Do you know who I am?” He would arrogantly dare to prove his influence. They will turn into an unruly mindset that he is the big guy. The very next minute Saturn will come down trying to make you watch the game. So be careful not to grow arrogant in speech or action.

Only with Saturn will we realize that there are many things beyond our knowledge and power. The surrender philosophy of “we have nothing in our hands” is also understandable. During 7 1/2 Saturn period, should not go as far as possible to the court case. You will spend twenty lakh rupees on Police and Advocate for ten lakh rupees worthy property. You know all the VIPs. But ‘‘ how could I ask this thing going! if he misjudges me…? ”

What should we be like then?

Do not load anything on the head when convenient. Drink even if you get pulp. Stay in the mood to drink the pulp even if you are at the Star Hotel. The Saneeswarar will not be idle when he started to think “everything is mine” tries to grab everything for himself. If he is quiet, he will raise the company he is working for a price-talking position. This is the second round of business development. So let’s start the business boldly.There is a sentence, “Second Round – Double Income.”

But, if the path changes, it is the abyss. “Sir, our brand has a separate market. So we will leave the duplicate ourselves. ” Saturn will send some people to check. Because he has no equal in testing a man’s mind. “He came with no way to eat. I added Sarin. I believed the idea he gave me.Now I’ve lost everything.

He showed the wrong way and betrayed me. “Inscribe the word honesty in your heart. At the end of the seven and a half Saturn, you are the leaders of that circle. Rich.

In Tirupati, where billions of diamonds and vitriol have accumulated, Venkatajalapathy is housed in a clay pot with curd rice. If Perumal is so simple, how should we all be? To think that.

One more thing. Do not look and tense on those who have betrayed you. Do not become tense. Affect health. Whoever eats your money on the seven and a half Saturn think that it is already a debt you owe. Assume that it was a Past-birth continuity. Mainly during this second round Janma Saturn, Reduce your fun level and avoid parties. One should not desire to experience everything for oneself.

Third round

This Seven and a half Saturn period comes over the age of above fifty. Don’t be afraid if someone scares you that this is your last Saturn. This is the round that gives panic and fear. Will try to disable you. In the meanwhile, you have to have control over yourself. If “I’ll eat four Idly in the morning” then it should be clear that three idly is enough and then stop. That’s it. An excessive movement must be controlled. Must be willing to humble himself through that he will improvise. If the bride is ready to go to the market you should go and buy it.

No matter what happens you should not be finding fault. Young circles will speak in mockery. Don’t expect first honors during this third Saturn period.  Often, Don’t say, “They don’t inform me, where they’re going.” He should not think that nothing should happen at home without his knowledge.

Don’t make the house an office by saying, “I was in a big post.” Remember that If you take off your clothes, you can become a Mahatma and you can become Buddha if you renunciation of desire.

Be helpful to everyone in all tasks. Saturn will put you in the highest place and see the beauty. Do you have doubts over and over again about how to behave on the 7.30 Saturn period? Fear the conscience at Seven and a half Saturn Period. Whatever you do against your conscience, you will be affected by Saturn. You know for yourself that Saneeswara Bhagavan is no different is equal to your conscience.