Saneeswara Temple

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Saneeswara Temples

vithunni Saneeswara Temple, Palakkad, Kerala

Popular Sanee temple at Palakkad kerala .The temple is located right in the centre of the town.   The temple architecture is similar to Tamilnadu community. Priest conducting very comprehensive Pooja in this temple.  Other dieties like Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga, etc also available inside the same premises.

Saneeswara Raja Temple,Kozhippara Kerala

The planet Saturn is alluded to as Shani in Hindu folklore. In Indian culture Shani is referred to as ‘Ishwara’ or ‘Saneeswara’ because of the uncommon status concurred with the planet.The Shani word is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Shanaih Charaha’ which means ‘strong mover.’ Shani is the distinctive symbol of material world deprivation or […]

Saneeswaran Temple, Kerala-Kottayam

At Kuruppumthara the Shaneeswara Ksheathram, Kanjirathanam P.O.Kottayam Dist. Kerala. Where Lord Shaneedev has “Abhayahastham” as a blessing God There is a misconception that there are Shani Shrines situated in different places in Kerala. Shaneeswara Ksheathram’s greatness is attributed to Lord Shani ‘s special idol, as he stands blessing the devotee Abhayahastham. The planet Saturn is […]

Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple in Kerala

The Eramathoor Shaneeshwara Temple is Kerala ‘s oldest                                                                   temple, with Lord Shaneeshwara as its principal deity. The planet Saturn is referred to as Shani in Hindu mythology. Shani is referred to as ‘Ishwara’ or ‘Shaneeswara’ because of the unusual rank decided to by the world in Indian society. Saturn is deemed the most hostile planet in unfriendly places, but its wrath can be foreshadowed by outstanding poojas and […]

Shri Shani Kshetra Bannanje Karnataka

Shri Shani Kshetra is a Hindu temple built in Bannanje in Udupi (Karnataka State, India) and hosts the world’s largest landmark stone figure, 23 feet high. Masterminded almost two kilometers from the world-renowned Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt and only one kilometer from the Udupi City Bus Stall, Sri Shani Kshetra operates under His Holiness Sri […]

Neelamangalam Saneswarar temple Karnataka

Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple Sri Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanasawadi has located 14 Km from Nelamangala on Nelamangala-Doddaballapur Road in Doddaballapur taluk, Karnataka, a good way off. Additionally, this spot is called as Chikka Madhuri. Like Shaneshwara Temple at Pavagada in the Tumkur locale, the sanctuary is similarly significant and holy. Reasonable routes from Rajanukunte […]

Madapalli Saneeswarar

This territory was the sacred ashram of the sage Dhadhichi Maharshi, in long stretches of you re. This loner Dhadhichi has done an incomparable penance in giving his essential spinal card to the legendary Lord Indra’s Vajrayudha for the powerful and impressive arm. What was used for the execution of risky asuraas In the eight […]

Vada Thirunallaru, Chennai

Devi Nagamuthu Mariamman Temple is a Hindu temple located in Adambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. As a result of the proximity of Visvarupa Sarva, this temple is called Vada Thirunallaru.Mangala Sani Bhagavan is the place of worship in this temple. HistoryThe temple was built in the year 1984 and was consecrated. In 1997, six feet. The […]

Kutchanur Saneeswarar Temple

Saneeswara Bhagavan who is worshipped as one of the Navagrahas set up in Hindu places of worship also raised for devotees as a sub-temple of some temples, But Kutchanur is the one & only individual temple for Lord Saneeswara Baghavan in Tamil Nadu. Kutchanur Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple is located on the west bank of the […]

Thirunallar, saneeswarar temple

Thirunallar, the famous southern Shiva place known as the Darbaranyeswarar Temple, is a place where Saturn Dosha can be remedied. Special worship of Lord Saturn takes place in this temple which is visited by millions of people. It is believed that the devotees who see this will get additional benefits. The crime committed by Nalan […]