Saneeswara Temple

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Saneeswara Temples

Shani Dev Kokilavan Dham, Uttar Pradesh

The Kokilavan Dham is located in Kosi Kalan, near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh , India, where the famous Shani Dev Temple is. As the temple exists in the dense jungle (van), kokilavan is the name given to that place. Shani Dev and his guru Barkhandi baba are very ancient temples here. Here come the devotees from all over India to do pooja.

Shani Dev Temple, Lucknow, Uttarpradesh

Shani Temple is one of India’s sanctified and prestigious Temple in Lucknow. Shani Dev is the god who directs within the temple. Shani Temple is a celebrated Hindu travel settled in Qaiserbagh. Lord Shani Dev is a notable and acknowledged god in Hindu folklore. The Shrine put in the primary home is a dark marbled […]

Sangareddy, Medak Saneeswarar Telangana

Sri Sanieshwara Swami Temple At Shani Kshetra, in Sangareddy, Medak district, a Shani sanctuary is operated. About 25 km from Hyderabad, 7 km from outer ring road, 1 km from Mumbai Highway, 2 km from IIT, Medak. A 13 foot would be added, in comparison to Shani Idol, as the diety concept. Shani Idol sthapana […]

Saneeswara Warangal Telangana

The sanctuary is in the town of Vargal, some 48 kilometers from Hyderabad. Vargal has acknowledged the arranged sanctuary of Sri Vidya Saraswathi or the pictorial foundation in which there is one of a kind development of stone and a valley around this slope. Here is a sanctuary dedicated to Master Shani, with a major […]

Saneeswara Nandi Telangana

Nagar Kurnool Mandal is situated at Nandi Vaddeman, in the Mehabubnagar District, Telangana, Nandeeswara Saneeswara Swamy Temple. The village of Nandi Vaddeman is otherwise called Temples Settlement. Shani Bhagavan is offspring of god Sun and Devi Chaya. Sani Bagawan likes dark shading and his favorite day is Saturday, and is the brother of Yama Dharmaraja. […]

Shanidev Maharaj Mandir, Titwala, Maharashtra

If Thane in Maharashtra, this is another sanctuary at the locale. Titwala is noteworthy for two sacred places of travel. On 29 May 2011, this sanctuary’s Prana Pratisthta (sanctification) was completed. It is being established on its territories by Shri Prahlad Trayambak Kanhore. Once, however, he thought of establishing a Lord Sani Temple sanctuary, he […]

Shani Shingnapur Maharashtra

The history of the swayambhu sculpture conveyed by verbal from ancient times goes something like this: The stone began dying when the Shepherd hit the stone with a hard rock. The shepherds were dumbfounded. Before long the entire community crowded around to see the miracle. Lord Shanaishwara emerged that night in the good and devotedest […]

Malad Shani Dev Mumbai

The Temple of Shree Shaneeshwara is located at Laxman Nagar, Kurar Town, Malad East and Mumbai. It is an asylum committed to Lord Shaneeshwara, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Durgamata and Lord Shankara. The haven has a fantastic, more than 40-year, exacting and incredible past (established in 1974), which attracts countless darlings from far-off areas outside. The […]

Shani Dev, Deonar Maharashtra

This shrine is located in the area of the Deonar sculpture near Mumbai. It is otherwise called the Temple of Saneshwara and is also revered. Lord Shaneeswara is the guiding divinity of this sanctuary: This sanctuary is well established for resolving eviction and dark enchantment problems. Navagraha mandapam is also separated from Hanuman, Jagadeeswa, on […]

Morena Shani Dev Madhya Pradesh

                                                Antique shrine Shani Dev Temple is the most experienced Tretayugin sanctuary in the nation in Against town in Morena area near to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. Shani Dev’s blessed sculpture here is also remarkable for which it is agreed to be created using a shooting star separated from the sky. Marble gazers and space […]