Saneeswara Temple

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Saneeswara Temples

Arulmigu Naganatha Swamy Temple (Ketu Sthalam), Keelapperumpallam, Vanagiri

The downward lunar node is Ketu. Ketu is commonly referred to as a ‘ghost’ world in Hindu mythology. It is believed that it has a profound effect on human life, and even on the entire world. It makes someone reach the zenith of success in certain unique situations. Ketu is sometimes represented with a gem […]

Naganathar Temple, Tirunageswaram (Raghu Temple),Near Kumbakonam.

In Hindu mythology Rahu is a serpent that swallows the eclipses caused by the Sun or the Moon. In art he is represented as a dragon without a body leading a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is a dark planet in Vedic astrology, and one of the nine planets. The Rahu-time is held […]

Dharbaranyeswarar Temple, Tirunallar (Saneeswaran Temple – Saturn)

Known as Shaneeshwara, Shanaischara, Manda, Konastha, Pingala and Souri, Saturn (Shani) also has a blue complexion. He has a golden crown on his head and wears a bright garland and black pants. He is sitting at the vulture’s tail. He holds a bow, an arrow, and a trident in each of his three hands respectively, […]

Agniswarar Temple, (Sukkran Temple – Venus ), Kanjanur.

Venus is the Devil lord. According to the Mahabharat (Adiparva (78/39), not only was Shukracharya the lord of riches but he is also the master of medicinal plants, mantras and all sorts of tastes. By Lord Brahma ‘s influence he became an earth and began to preserve the lives of all the three worlds living […]

Apatsahayesvarar Temple, Alangudi ( Guru Temple – Jupiter,Thiruvarur District.

Devguru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter hold second-largest post-Sun location in the solar system. He was born to Angirasa and Suroopa as per Shivapurana. The brothers are Samvartana and Utathya. He is crowned on his head with a golden crown, and an exquisite garland in his hair. He is clad in yellow clothing, and sits on the […]

Swetharanyeswarar Temple, Thiruvenkadu, (Budhan Temple – Mercury),Sirkazhi

Mercury: Mercury is dressed in yellow dress and wears a rose-flowers garland. His body’s radiance and shine is like that of a flowering oleander. He has a sword, a mace shield in each of his three hands, respectively, and his fourth hand is held up in blessing pose. He’s got a golden crown on his […]

Vaitheeswaran Koil ( Chevvai Temple- Mars),Nagappatinam.

MANGAL or KUJA was born Tuesday in the month of Asadha. His birth star is Anuradha and was born in the 10th step of shukla. He was born into a gotra Bharadwaja, the four armed Kuja, also known as Mangala, is red in colour. Golden coronet on his crown, crimson garlands and red dress mark […]

Kailasanathar Temple, Thingalur (Moon Temple-Chandran),Tanjore.

The God of the Moon is of white skin. He is clad in white robes. His chariot colour and the horses that pull it up are white. He lies on the lotus pedestal, in a splendid chariot drawn by ten horses. He has a golden crown on his head, and a pearl garland on his […]

Suryanar Kovil ( Sun Temple – Suriyan ), Kumbakonam.

The Sun God has two palms, lies on lotus pedestal; both hands are embellished with lotus flowers. There’s a stunning, golden crown around on his head and his waist a garland of jewels. His radiance is much like the inner portion of a lotus flower and he’s supported by seven horses on the chariot pulled. […]