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Benefit of Saturn in the 3rd place

Saturn in the 3rd place – the one who has prowess, the one who has intellect (Bruhatjatakam) is selfish, the one who is virtuous is the one who eats in moderation, the one who has a good family (parijatakam) will be harmed. (Horoscope Parijatakam) His next born brother will die (Parasarar) Broad-minded, generous, Parya comfortable, […]

2nd place Saturn – Female horoscope

Insignificant, pushed, always insulted, separated, cruel-minded, always Poor family irresponsible (target) employer and husband. Friends and relatives will hate her for insulting and insulting others. (Barn) She will marry an old man (Quiz) She will live as a second generation.Saturn in Lucknow or Moon 2 The horoscope does not give pride to the house of […]

Benefit of Saturn in 2nd place

2nd Saturn, sick in the face, possessed by kings, possessed by kings, liars, deceivers, always wandering (horoscope barry horoscope), Will destroy the primitive property (Purvaparacariyam) will destroy the material that is strongly attached and will prosper abroad. Late marriage will be defamatory, he who goes to another country, he will be enslaved and get crap, […]

Planets from where Saturn stands The benefit of standing

Kurian at the center of Saturn 6, 8, 12 – harassment in business revenue. 2 – 12 Sun – Moon – Horoscope and father do not have a smooth relationship. Kari and Thantaikaka Mathi in two eras for Sathira and Manthan and Madurka in two eras for him. (Pros decoration) Not a smooth relationship with […]

Saturn + Rahu

Leprosy (astrology and medicine) Among those sinful organs are moles, wounds, disabilities, selfishness, petty instincts. Cuts occur on the head and face. (Astrology and Medicine) Vain disputes in the family, which are not beneficial in their entirety, (Sundara Sekaram) Frequent injuries to the limbs, fractures and ill health go to the hospital. Stonework, bladder disorder, […]

Guru + Saturn combination benefit

Cook, potter (beard), bearded mustache-bearer, jug-maker, angel cook (polytheist), fearful, materialistic, leader of the city, town, relatives, club, celebrity (saravali), hairdresser, sculptor Although Banana is lazy and speaks good stories and legends, it is rare to find him doing the right thing. (Astrological research article) Guru Muscle Normality, Saturn Yoga Yoga Guru Muscle Saturn Wisdom […]

Moon + Saturn

Brahmachari, monk Moon Standing Zodiac Adiyar – Laknathipathi Lord (a) Saturn Paramahamsaar, Kanchiperiyaval, Saturn’s enmity Saturn Enmity <- Lucknow Chief MinisterSaturn in the Navamsat of Mars – Suthanandabharati Moon in Saturn (a) Mars house in Nawamsat <-Saturn.Lucknow, Moon, Standing Zodiac Lord <- Guru Gobind Singh. Lucknow Lord, Moon – Lord of Saturn <- Adhisankar, Buddha […]

The benefit of Saturn’s conjunction with other planets

Sun – Saturn – Saturn Asthaman is a disease shame, loss of wife people, to be orphaned.Sun + Saturn in the same aspect of the same zodiac – ignorant, father, child, both will be upset and split. Sun – Saturn combination horoscope and his father will not have a smooth relationship in places other than […]